‘Teen Wolf’ 6×15 Recap: No More Running

teen wolf mtv pressure test

Capping off an evening of back-to-back Teen Wolf, “Pressure Test” raised the stakes yet again with a serious showdown at the Sheriff’s station, a surprising return, and some emotional goodbyes. Let’s break it down.

The first episode of the night saw the pack realizing that the Hunters just gained a whole bunch of new recruits – like basically the entire lacrosse team. With enemies growing in numbers and closing in by the day, the pack is not in a great place.

Neither, apparently, is Theo. He survived the Hunters’ bullets, but has wound up chained to a fence with two other werewolves (the remnants of Satomi’s pack) in a basement, being interrogated and tortured. And the Hunter roughing them up is no stranger. It’s the creepy orderly from Eichen House, who should be locked up in there IMHO.

Theo manages to break free, overpower the creep, and score the keys to a car – in exchange for leading the other two werewolves (Jiang and Tierney) to Scott. Unfortunately, they’re intercepted by Sheriff Stilinski – who arrests them for murder. Things just got interesting.

Showdown at the Sheriff’s Station

Theo is actually innocent in this case, so he gets aggressive with Jiang and Tierney to find out what happened. We learn that it was self-defense against Hunters, but even with that knowledge, the Sheriff is unwilling to let them go. In Stilinski’s mind, it’s still murder – and the wolves will probably be safer in a cell. The pack advocates for the release of the werewolves, arguing that they won’t be safe from Hunters if they’re already on the inside. (Remember the deputy who shot Quinn? Yeah, still around.)

Scott wants to take Jiang and Tierney to safety before anyone realizes they’re at the station – but they lose their window of opportunity. The Hunters surround the station, with a whole lot of firepower in-hand. While Parrish holds down the fort inside, Stilinski goes out to negotiate. Not willing to wait around to die, Scott & Co. decide to make a break for it with Jiang and Tierney.

teen wolf mtv pressure test

Outside, Monroe talks to the Sheriff about subduction zones – a phenomenon that occurs when tectonic plates are under pressure. You can either release the pressure with a series of small quakes or one devastating one. In either case, it sounds like bad news for Beacon Hills – particularly the supernatural population. Monroe says that she wants Jiang and Tierney – dead or alive.

Just as the supernaturals are about to run, Stilinski stops them. They have until midnight to decide what to do with Jiang and Tierney. As the force starts to barricade the station, Lydia and Quinn realize that someone is jamming cellphones and even the law enforcement scanners – which means someone on the inside is making trouble. The power cuts out, and Nolan appears inside the building – before he’s swiftly locked up in the cell next to the two wolves. JUSTICE.

teen wolf mtv pressure test

Shit starts to go down for real as someone throws a smoke grenade in the station. Nolan is freed from his cuffs – he’s been sent inside to murder Jiang and Tierney. Though he seems conflicted because he knew Jiang before he was a supernatural, he’s going to do it anyway. Liam manages to intervene, but there’s more trouble as Scott forces the two werewolves to show him their eyes. They’re ice blue: the sign of murderers.

Scott gives them a chance to explain, and the two werewolves explain how Satomi and the rest of her pack fell to Hunters. They killed these Hunters in return. Scott is super conflicted about this, but the Sheriff reminds him that if he ends up in a war, he’s going to have to kill people. Taking prisoners isn’t always an option.

Things escalate even further as the Hunters shoot Brett’s bloodstained lacrosse number into the building with a crossbow bolt. Oh, and the Meat Man is apparently on the loose again – causing one of the deputies to hang himself. Another deputy panics at the time ticking away until the Hunters’ deadline and shoots herself.

While these deaths are tragic, they do present an opportunity. Monroe hasn’t seen Tierney and Jiang, so they can give her the two deputies’ bodies and try to end the standoff. Unfortunately, Monroe is one smart cookie. She asks to see the pack tattoos on the bodies, which of course they don’t have.

Thankfully, someone else steps in just in time: Scott’s dad, Agent McCall. He’s here to negotiate and de-escalate. We’re glad no one’s dying tonight, but we don’t like the solution either. Jiang and Tierney are driven away in a government van, while Scott and the other supernaturals prepare to leave town.

The Nature of Fear

Off doing his own thing, Deaton is making an Eichen House visit. He can feel the fear as soon as he steps into the closed unit – and while he tries to reassure himself that he isn’t real, the terror is palpable. Looks like the Meat Man was just a symptom of a larger disease. Stepping into one of the cells, Deaton traces a crack up the wall and starts ripping off the tiles. He finds a mysterious drawing on a piece of rock – not sure what it is, but it seems important.

Meanwhile, Mason and Corey are feeling helpless – so they decide to try to trace the root cause of the fear terrorizing Beacon Hills. They’ll start with the wolves (the real ones)… which takes them to the clinic. The boys run into Deaton and explain what they’re trying to do – only to learn that Deaton is way ahead of them. We learn that Deaton was tracking down info on the Hellhound who was looking for the creature, which led him to the drawing – seemingly another dead-end.

Or is it? Corey asks whether having the other half would help, which takes Deaton by surprise. Using his powers, Corey manages to reveal a mirror image on the tablet. Thanks to this, Deaton realizes what they’re probably dealing with: an ancient shapeshifter and creature of disharmony. Fear is its weapon – paranoia that turns to anger, that turns to violence.

The creature’s name? Anuk Ité, or Double-Face. This could literally mean two faces… or two people. Deaton theorizes that we’re looking at two creatures – and that when they come together, they’ll be unstoppable. We’re betting the Meat Man is one… which means that we really don’t want to meet the other.

The Aftermath

We get emotional goodbye scenes – Scott and Malia preparing to leave together (so happy!), and Corey convincing Mason that he needs to go in order to protect him (so sad!). And then a much more permanent goodbye, as Tierney and Jiang’s van is intercepted and they are killed by Hunters. Enough bodies, already!

Nolan is also in a tricky spot, as Monroe reassures him that he didn’t fail at the station – but that he’ll need to prove that it won’t happen again. That can’t be good.

Distraught in class, Mason notices something odd about the chalkboard as he tries to do a math problem – a message reading “Animal Clinic NOW.” He drops everything and leaves, finding Corey and the rest of the pack. They lied about leaving to fly under the radar, and now they’re ready to fight back.

teen wolf mtv pressure test

The Verdict: We’re finally getting some answers! It’s good to see more of the pieces coming together and to find out more about what is bringing the fear in Beacon Hills. Not totally thrilled that it took half of the final season to find out what we’re dealing with, but seeing the effects of Double-Face (whatever it may be) in action has also been interesting. It’s clear that the Hunters are getting more dangerous by the day as their numbers continue to grow, and clearly they aren’t shy about making a scene – or dropping bodies. How much higher can the stakes get? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Best Scene: Corey’s emotional goodbye to Mason before he “leaves town.” We know how much Mason loves being involved with the pack – and cares for Corey – so watching him get left behind really packed a punch. Even though Corey didn’t actually leave Beacon Hills, we loved seeing him step up to protect our boy. More, please.

Best Line: “By the way. I’m still working on my anger.” – Liam, punching Theo in the face
“Good to know.” – Theo

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8:00pm on MTV.

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