‘Teen Wolf’ 6×16 Recap: Shot Through the Heart

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After a week with no Teen Wolf, we were more than ready to get back to Beacon Hills – and the latest episode did not disappoint. “Triggers” saw the pack start to fight back as they took action against the Hunters, before an adrenaline-fueled ending (and we’re not just talking about that Scalia kiss).

Boiling Point

The tension could not be higher as the episode opens. Gabe and Spider Helmet Boy have been testing their fellow students for supernatural abilities by cutting their hands. We see a bunch of students with bloody bandages wrapped around their hands – and then we see what happens when the wannabe Hunters find what they’re looking for. Spider Helmet Boy gets his hands on a Werecoyote and seems to transfer one of his spiders over. This cannot be good.

Meanwhile, Agent McCall is investigating Jiang and Tierney’s “disappearance” from the transit van by questioning Nolan in Monroe’s office. He doesn’t get very far – but we do learn that McCall is apparently more in the know about the supernatural than we previously thought. He seems to be running his own investigation under the radar.

Leaving the meeting, Nolan heads to the locker room – where he finds Edgar (the Werecoyote) twitching on the floor. Spiders burst from his mouth and eyes. We don’t know what’s happening and we don’t want to know. Monroe tells the boys to put “it” out of its misery, and Gabe suffocates him to death. IN THE HIGH SCHOOL. This has officially gone too far.

Agent McCall continues his investigation at Gerard’s armory, where the Hunter explains the very intense security measures in the building – which is housing enough firepower to arm a small country. McCall goes to Melissa to ask where Scott is so he can warn him. Melissa refuses to reveal the pack’s whereabouts, but reassures McCall that Scott has a plan.

Divide and Conquer

Monroe manipulates Nolan into a desperation to prove his loyalty. Nolan follows Mason away from school to the abandoned Hill Valley Zoo, trying to track down Scott and the others. Thankfully, Nolan is bad at stealth and Mason is leading him into a diversion.

Mason meets up with Liam and Theo at the zoo, before heading off as the plan is set into motion. While Liam and Theo run interference, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Argent will break into the armory. The boys stage a loud argument in the zoo to make Nolan and the two Hunters with him call for backup to clear the way for the strike team.

It works. Gerard and Monroe show up with a whole crew of Hunters in tow, and Theo and Liam continue to run diversionary measures. Gerard sends Nolan in after them, with instructions to shoot to kill. The boys corner him, and Liam wolfs out and nearly kills Nolan – though he breaks his hands trying not to, and Theo helps hold him back before telling Nolan to run.

Inside the Armory

While Scott, Malia, and Argent debate whether to go inside, Lydia is distracted by a vision of their car windshield cracking. That can’t be a good sign.

When the coast is clear, the strike team makes their move. They easily incapacitate the few remaining Hunters, but Lydia’s Banshee senses are still tingling. Time is short and the risk is high.

teen wolf

Scott and Malia quickly discover that the weapons are gone – which means the Hunters knew they were coming, and the pack likely just walked into a trap. Argent warns them to get out from the security room, but Scott and Malia catch Jiang and Tierney’s scent and break into an adjacent room.

This is a trap. Scott and Malia find bits of skin that are all that’s left of Jiang and Tierney. They’re locked in, and if they trip the motion sensors, the fire suppression system will kick in and suck all the oxygen from the room. The two are forced into really close quarters to avoid the sensors, and the tension is high in all sorts of ways.

The Hunters get the alert for the lockdown at the armory, but Gerard isn’t concerned. His plan all along has been to take out Liam, so that he can deal a serious blow to Scott. Gerard sums it up pretty succinctly: when Scott falls, the rest of the pack will fall apart.

Malia channels her inner Spider-Man to break them out through the ceiling, but when she shatters the lock, it falls and triggers one of the sensors. Now time is really running out, as Scott and Malia have to hang in there without oxygen. Argent and Lydia move in, taking out more Hunters before Lydia Banshee-screams the door down.

Plans of Attack

The pack escapes intact – with a map from the armory. Monroe is concerned that the pack will figure out what they’re planning.

Back at Scott’s house, things are slightly less tense (at least for the moment). Malia reminds Scott of their conversation in the armory and all the things she still wants to do – before doing one of them by kissing Scott. Hello, all the feels.

Downstairs, Argent, Melissa, Lydia, and Mason are poring over the stolen map. They realize that the Hunters are targeting the Nemetons – all of them. They won’t stop at Beacon Hills – they’re coming for all the supernaturals in the world.

Moments after this startling revelation, Agent McCall bursts in. He says Scott and the others can’t leave, because Gerard’s weapons have been distributed legally to the citizens of Beacon Hills – at no charge. Gerard has armed his army, and they’re coming for the pack.

Lydia’s premonitions of shell casings and shots fired merge with reality as Scott’s house is attacked. The pack ducks for cover, but Scott and Malia turn with horror to see someone raise a bloody hand – just as the episode ends. Talk about a cliffhanger.

The Verdict: Shit has really hit the fan in Beacon Hills. We’re seeing Gerard at his deadliest – and enabling others to be deadly, too – as the Hunters strike without subtlety or remorse. I just hope that the pack can survive, since they’re fighting with morals, which means they have to hold back somewhat. I loved the new sets in this episode – particularly the zoo, which is an iconic place in LA and translated beautifully as Liam and Theo’s hideout. I was also a big fan of the Scalia moments. Scott and Malia continue to be an unexpectedly wonderful pairing. I’m most looking forward to the character returns – starting next week with Jackson and Ethan – but in the meantime, the season is definitely stepping it up.

Best Scene: The tense moments as Scott and Malia are trapped in the armory without oxygen. Malia admits that she doesn’t want to die like that, using some of their last remaining oxygen to express her determination to live and do all the things she’s been wanting to do. As intense as the scene is, it’s also a sweet character moment that spotlights the growing relationship between Scott and Malia – which is taken to the next level with their kiss later in the episode.

Best Line: “You broke my nose. Twice. It healed, you broke it again. Two times.” – Theo
*Liam punches Theo in the face* “Three times.” – Liam

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8:00pm on MTV.

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