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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×16 Roundtable: “Triggers”

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills. Before tonight’s new episode, we’re talking all things “Triggers.” This was an adrenaline-fueled episode that saw the pack face down Hunters in an abandoned zoo and play right into Gerard’s hands at the bunker, before an explosive ending with Scott and Malia kissing (yay!!) and the McCall house falling under attack (not yay!!). There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

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Chloe: Guns and kids don’t mix.

teen wolf mtv triggers



teen wolf mtv triggers


Nora: So much Scalia I’m dying!

teen wolf mtv triggers


This episode saw the pack start to strike back at the Hunters by invading Gerard’s armory. Let’s discuss the diversion first. How did you feel about Liam and Theo’s team-up?

Chloe: I feel like Theo + anyone becomes a dream team. Cody Christian just brings out such a fun dynamic with that layer of smug antagonism. I love that we’re getting to see Theo truly work with the pack now, too. Even though he attacked Liam, it was all in the name of getting the one-up on the Hunters. Liam pulled his weight, too, picking a great location to pull off their diversion. Their plans are getting better, and I enjoyed seeing the zoo scenes play out. (How cool of a location was that?!)

Gwen: I am loving Liam and Theo so much together. Them bonding ever so slowly is the highlight to these dark, depressing episodes haha. I thought Liam’s idea seemed sound, but obviously he let his emotions get the better of him and they couldn’t execute it. But I really think Liam could be a great leader if he tried (maybe with Theo at his side?).

Nora: I absolutely loved Liam and Theo’s team up. They had the perfect balance of comedy and heart, which was really great to see with these two characters. Liam has always reminded me of Theo, but Liam found Scott earlier and was able to straighten out. I love seeing them bond, because I think they have a lot in common. Liam is starting to become a great leader, and maybe he can lead the pack with Theo by his side? I’m excited to see the little bit of this friendship we get in the final episodes.

Next up: the strike team. Let’s talk about Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Argent’s part in the armory invasion. How did you feel about their plan of attack? Should they have called it off?

Chloe: This team faced a really hard choice. They probably should have called off their mission, but they also couldn’t really afford to do so – they needed to get in there. I’m glad the consequences weren’t worse. Again, the plans are getting better – it was a close call with Scott and Malia, but the group split up, had eyes on the security system, and worked together to get all of their people out alive. That said, I agree with Gwen – these guys should know better than to underestimate Gerard by now.

Gwen: I was rooting for them! So I am glad they were able to escape. I don’t think it was smart of them to go in, though. You’d think Chris would know his dad well enough to know that even if he’s gone, he’s still a million steps ahead of them. They tried though, and that’s all that matters. Plus they got the map.

Nora: I’ll always root for these plans to work, so I’m glad they were able to escape relatively unharmed. It was a tough decision to decide to go in, but I think Scott is realizing that they don’t have much time to just sit and wait. Gerard and his army are getting stronger by the minute, and I think Scott realizes they need to act fast. He may not be thinking clearly, but he’s thinking about having to save as many people as possible. Maybe they should’ve called it off, but I don’t think they have the luxury of time to do just that.

We soon learn that Gerard led the pack straight into a trap. They made it out, but Gerard is still determined to kill Liam in order to take down Scott. Was this plan a surprise to you? Do you think Gerard’s reasoning is sound – or that he has a chance to succeed?

Chloe: This is one of Gerard’s more solid plans, I think. It would be easier to take out a member of Scott’s pack over Scott himself, and were any of them to die – especially Liam, given the Beta connection – it would be devastating to our True Alpha. That said, I don’t think it will be as easy to kill Liam as Gerard may think. The Hunters missed their opportunity at the zoo, and the pack isn’t going to make the mistake of going anywhere alone or off their game. I hope that the Hunters will fail, in this and all aspects.

Gwen: I honestly think Liam’s temper right now is going to be his downfall. It’s sad to think about the fact that he could possibly be killed by Gerard, but he’s been really off his game. Gerard has a chance, but hopefully Liam along with Theo or maybe even just the pack will get it all together before he can act.

Nora: I agree with Gwen – it’s looking more and more like Liam’s temper will be his downfall. With Stiles not here, Liam is one of Scott’s greatest weaknesses. Gerard recognizes this and will do anything to keep pushing that pressure point. I hate to think about Liam possibly dying, because he’s come so far. I think with the help of Theo and Scott, Liam will hopefully get his anger under control and the pack can use it to their advantage.

We need to talk about Scalia. How did you feel about Scott and Malia in this episode – and that kiss?!

Chloe: My heart!! I’m still a Stydia girl through and through, but I am so here for Scott and Malia as well. They have both come so far, and they really just work together. I loved how they were there for each other when the oxygen was running out, and how that experience made Malia more determined than ever to live life to the fullest – starting by acting on her feelings for Scott. I was never a fan of Stalia, but Scalia has me all-in.

Gwen: I am here for it. I didn’t think I wanted or needed it to happen, but here we go! I could sort of see how this happened and I love the slow burn of it. It’s more believable to me than her and Stiles or him and Kira. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Nora: I have become Scalia trash VERY quickly, and I am so here for this relationship! I love the slow burn of Scalia, how they became great friends and Malia recognizes there was something more there. They were adorable in this episode. First off, them trying to get out of the room was heartbreaking and so good. Leave it to a perilous situation to get Malia to admit her feelings for Scott. Then, that KISS!! Absolutely loved it!! I’m excited to see this romance blossom in the final episodes. I think they are a great match for each other. I was never a fan of Malia and Stiles or Scott and Kira, and I think this relationship makes more sense for me already. I’m ready for Scalia.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: Other than the Scott and Malia kiss, I have to go with Theo and Liam’s banter in the zoo. Breaking Theo’s nose three times? Probably unnecessary, but also hilarious.

Gwen: Malia and Scott for sure. Runner-up: Papa Argent and Lydia kicking ass going to save Scott and Malia.

Nora: Malia and Scott being adorable and finally getting together was one of my favorite moments this episode. I also LOVED seeing Lydia using her Banshee powers and saving Scott and Malia. And of course, the BROTP between Liam and Theo was great to see.

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What was your favorite moment from “Triggers”?

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