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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×17 Recap: The Boys Are Back in Town

The latest episode of Teen Wolf delivered on several highly anticipated character returns that fans have been excited for since the season trailer was released. Not even the dramatic aftermath of the shooting at Scott’s house could put a damper on seeing the likes of Ethan, Jackson, Deucalion, or even Peter Hale again. “Werewolves of London” continued to escalate the tension between the Hunters and supernaturals in Beacon Hills, while bringing some very fun scenes with these familiar faces into play in the process.

The Werewolves of London

Despite all of the recent incidents and danger in Beacon Hills, when the episode opens, we aren’t in town at all – or even in the U.S. No, we’re across the pond in London, where Ethan (Charlie Carver) – the living half of Season 3A’s Alpha twins – is pissed. Why? Because his boyfriend Jackson (Colton Haynes) – another favorite who hasn’t been on the show since Season 2 – seems to have forgotten their anniversary.

We soon learn that Jackson is late through no fault of his own. He’s been attacked by Hunters, who burst into the boys’ apartment and start smashing things to bits. Thanks to Jackson’s remaining Kanima DNA, he’s able to free himself from the hold of wolfsbane and get the one-up on the two Hunters. Despite the smashed up apartment and the fact that they’re both covered in cuts and bruises, Ethan and Jackson kiss, and all is right in the world.

As Jackson and Ethan restrain and interrogate their two new captives, we find out that the boys have been tracking other werewolves, trying to protect them. Now that they know Gerard is the one behind the Hunters’ increased activity, it’s time for them to make their way back to Beacon Hills to join the fray.

An Army of One’s Own

Back in Beacon Hills, Scott and Malia are waiting tensely in the hospital while Melissa is in surgery. We learn that she, Lydia, Mason, and Agent McCall received treatment after the shooting at the McCall house – and we are NOT OKAY. Thankfully, all of the injured parties will be.

Scott is able to talk to his mom for a minute, and she tells him to fight, not run. Scott takes the message to heart – he’s ready to fight back. But in order to do so, the supernaturals are going to need an army of their own.

Enter: Deucalion (Gideon Emery). Here’s another face we haven’t seen in a while. Though Deucalion says his fighting days are over, he’s willing to help Scott by offering guidance. But the dude formerly known as the Demon Wolf also raises a very important point – one that Scott hasn’t been willing to acknowledge thus far. Stopping Gerard now will mean killing him. That’s going to be an issue for our True Alpha.

Deucalion also advises Scott to lower his standards for allies. Which means we’re back to the one and only Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). Peter agrees to meet Scott and Malia at Eichen House, out of curiosity if nothing else.

Scott tries to appeal to Peter’s ego to get him to help, but as Peter quickly points out, his ego is already very healthy – on top of his preexisting narcissism, he’s got a penthouse apartment, a very full passport, and two extremely fancy cars. It’s going to take more than that to get him to fight – especially when it’s a fight Scott’s not willing to win.

Peter flips on the lights in one of the cells in Eichen, where he’s captured one of Gerard’s men. He gives the guy bullets for his semi-automatic weapon, wanting to prove that Scott is still not willing do to what’s necessary to win a war: kill. Peter’s right – Scott knocks the Hunter out, but doesn’t kill him. And if our True Alpha won’t kill, he needs to surround himself with people who will. People like Peter.

With this in mind, Malia tries one last thing to get Peter on-board. Over at the school, she puts his claws in the back of her neck so he can see the Anuk-Ite in all of its Meat Man glory and understand the fear it’s spreading in Beacon Hills. But rather than convincing Peter, this makes him run back to his fancy car. (He says the other fancy car is for Malia, but she doesn’t want it.)

The Hunters and the Anuk-Ite

After the shooting, Sheriff Stilinski is more determined than ever to act – even though his hands are basically tied. They know who was responsible, but they can’t really do much about it. Nevertheless, Stilinski confronts Monroe, determined to show her the kind of monster Gerard really is. Unfortunately, this plan backfires when Monroe turns the Sheriff’s own deputies against him. Stilinski leaves, but he warns the Hunters that this isn’t over yet. As he puts it, “I never said Gerard wouldn’t beat me. I said he wouldn’t beat Scott.”

Liam is also striking back at the Hunters, violently confronting Gabe for information about the shooting at Scott’s. Theo jumps in as Liam’s murder sensei, pointing out the obvious flaws in the plan should the Beta go through with his threats to kill the wannabe Hunter. They ultimately decide not to kill him – which is just as well, because Gabe tips them off about some other bodies. (But you should know that while Gabe denies knowing about the shooting, we learn later that he was in fact the one who shot up Scott’s house – though he told Monroe that Nolan did it in order to keep him alive.)

Which brings us back to Lydia. She wakes up in the hospital… only it’s frozen over. It’s another vision. In it, Lydia makes her way to the morgue, where Halwyn’s drawer is on fire. He somehow leads her into the woods to the home of The Primal, a wilder werewolf pack that Scott and Malia were hoping to recruit for their army. However, this won’t be possible because the entire pack is dead – thanks to those spiders we’ve been seeing so much of lately.

Why is this a thing? Because the Anuk-Ite is still searching for its other half. It has two faces, one of them being Aaron (a.k.a. Spider Helmet Guy), who has been “testing” people to see if they’re supernatural. If they are supernatural, he lets the spiders loose. If the spiders kill the supernatural, they aren’t a proper host for the Anuk-Ite’s other half – and things get ugly. If they live, things still get ugly: the Anuk-Ite takes over their face, body, everything, leaving behind one of those Meat Man corpses.

This brings us back to Scott, Lydia, and Malia. Even though he’s dead, Halwyn manages to guide them through Lydia until they find the other faceless corpse in the woods. We don’t know who it is, but we know that the Anuk-Ite has found its second face – and that it’s a werewolf. Now the clock is ticking to identify the second face and stop them from merging with Aaron.

A Shocking Conclusion

This Anuk-Ite stuff is seriously bad news, but thankfully Scott & Co. won’t have to face it alone. Gerard and his Hunters blew up both of Peter’s very fancy cars, leaving him pissed off and ready for revenge. But that’s not really why he’s helping – and Malia quickly calls him out on it.

When this happens, we get to see more of what Peter witnessed inside Malia’s head: he watches his daughter fall in love with Scott. Peter warns Malia not to fall in love with a dead man – but she tells him it’s too late. Scott may not be willing to kill, but he’s come this far, so we won’t count him out just yet. (Also, our emotions!!)

Back at the high school, we see Jackson and Ethan, who have made it back to Beacon Hills. They have a magnificent entrance scene, walking the halls like the coolest kids in school – but it’s unfortunately cut short when they choose the very worst person to ask for directions to Scott: Monroe. The episode ends with them in the basement, chained up and being electrocuted. Not exactly the best scenario, but we’re sure we haven’t seen the last of these guys yet.

The Verdict: This is easily my favorite episode of the season thus far. The character returns all worked wonderfully, bringing both lightness and emotional weight to everything that’s going on. Jackson, Ethan, and Peter especially get such fun dialogue, and you really feel for them when they’re in danger (Jethan) or having emotional breakthroughs (Peter). Deucalion didn’t have too much going on just yet, but it was good to see his face as well. While the scenes with the Hunters didn’t do too much for me, I love the pack dynamics that we’re getting and am excited to see everyone coming together. It’s endgame time.

Best Scene: The cold open, with Jackson and Ethan being attacked by Hunters. This is another couple I didn’t expect but am absolutely living for now. It’s so good to see Charlie Carver and Colton Haynes back on the show – they are so much fun, and their dynamic really reminded me of the perfect camp of Season 2. Down to the music (“Once Upon a Dream”), Jackson’s sass, and Ethan’s wolf cufflinks, every second was flawless.

Best Line: “He’s not just part werewolf. He’s part Kanima.” – Ethan
“And both parts are pissed.” – Jackson

Runner-Up: “So what, you moved into a cave and took a vow of uselessness?” – Malia, to Deucalion

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