‘Teen Wolf’ 6×17 Roundtable: “Werewolves of London”

teen wolf werewolves of london

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before diving into tonight’s double dose of new Teen Wolf, we’re breaking down last week’s episode: “Werewolves of London.”  From the return of Jackson and Ethan to a major game-changer with the Anuk-Ite, there’s a lot to discuss.

Here we go.

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Chloe: Time to bring in reinforcements.

teen wolf werewolves of london

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Nora: Best return of characters ever.

teen wolf werewolves of london

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Let’s begin at the beginning: with Jackson and Ethan. How do you feel about their return and their status as a couple? What do you think we can expect from them for the rest of the season?

Chloe: I am SO HERE FOR IT. It’s so good to have these two back – they bring such great chemistry and a wonderful dynamic that reminded me of Season 2’s camp and humor in the best way. Their couple status wasn’t something I expected, but I’m all-in. I’m glad Jackson and Ethan are making their way back to Beacon Hills, and while their return didn’t get off to the smoothest start, I expect that we’ll see them help the pack kick some Hunter ass before too long. (I’m also very eagerly anticipating that Jackson / Stydia reunion scene we’ve heard so much about.)

Nora: Anyone who knows me knows that Colton Haynes is literally my favorite person ever. So, his return to Teen Wolf this week was everything I ever wanted. I LOVE that Jackson and Ethan are a couple and living in London. I think it’s such a great character arc for both of them. Jackson learned to be himself while Ethan has learned to come out of his shell after the loss of his brother. I think it’s a great pairing! I’m already obsessed, if you couldn’t tell.

Well first Jackson is going to kick Monroe’s ass and then him and Ethan are going to find Scott and the gang. They are now part of this massive war that Gerard has started and I’m excited to see them kick some butt. I’m also hoping Jackson makes some amends while back in Beacon Hills, particularly with Lydia. I’m excited for Jackson and Ethan to be in town and a couple. We need them!

We had two other major returns in this episode as well, in the form of Peter and Deucalion. Again, how are we feeling, and what do we think we’ll see from these two going forward?

Chloe: I’ve never quite been able to figure out how I feel about Peter, but I think he does bring out a different side of several of our faves – especially Malia and Scott. I have enjoyed seeing the relationship between Peter and Malia develop over the last few seasons, and I’m excited to see where that lands before this is all over.

Both Peter and Deucalion are experienced fighters (and killers) – much more so than Scott. It’s great to see them coming into play now when the fight is really heating up. I think we’ll see both werewolves advise Scott as he prepares for a big showdown – and continue to remind him that this fight might have to get deadly.

Nora: I absolutely love Peter and I love the relationship that’s slowly been growing for the past two seasons with him and Malia. They are so similar and it’s so great to see them together. I’m hoping for more moments with Peter and Malia as we see their relationship continue to grow, especially now that Peter realizes that Malia likes Scott.

I’m excited for both Peter and Deucalion to be brought into the fold as Scott and the pack battle Gerard. I think an important thing that Peter and Deucalion brought up is that Scott still isn’t willing to kill. If he wants to win this war, I think blood will have to be shed. This is going to be something I think Deucalion and Peter are gonna have to get Scott to realize going forward.

Peter raises a very important point in this episode: Scott’s in a war, but he’s still not willing to kill. Can he win without getting his hands dirty? Should he? What morals should we be holding to here?

Chloe: It’s hard to imagine Scott getting to the point where he would willfully kill someone – but that said, I think it’s also very possible that this fight will get deadly. Scott has surrounded himself with people who are more experienced on the killing front (even if subconsciously), so we’ll see if it comes to that. The Hunters aren’t playing by anyone’s rules, so I don’t think the pack should have to either – but I feel like they’ll manage to avoid excess bloodshed anyway.

Nora: As I mentioned above, I don’t think this war can be won without some blood being spilt. I admire Scott upholding his morals and wanting to preserve everyone, but I just don’t think that will work. He’s fighting Gerard and a team of Hunters that will kill at any chance they get. Scott and the pack might have to listen to Peter on this one and get their hands dirty. I’d like to see this be a last resort, though. I don’t want to see Scott all of a sudden killing. I think the only way Scott will kill in this war will be if, sadly, someone from his pack dies at the hands of Gerard or as a result of the war.

It looks like the Anuk-Ite has found its second face, though the two haven’t been united just yet. What did you think of the additional mythology behind the creature that was revealed in this episode? Any theories as far as the identity of the second face or what happens next?

Chloe: Two words: bad news. I’m glad we’re finally learning more about the Anuk-Ite and how it operates, but I still have so many questions – and tbh, I’d rather we were spending more time focusing on the pack. Here’s hoping that whatever the Anuk-Ite is up to, it takes out some Hunters in the process.

Nora: I loved getting the added mythology in this episode! I think it came at a perfect time, and now we can move forward wondering who the Anuk-Ite’s second face is. I still have no idea what’s going on and how this will work itself out, but I think it’s a great mythology to introduce in the final season! I’m curious what will happen when the Anuk-Ite’s two faces are united. Nothing can be good!!

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: The opening scene with Jackson and Ethan, hands-down. It was a pitch-perfect scene, from the music to the humor to the nostalgia. More, please.

Nora: Definitely the opening with Jackson and Ethan! I’m so excited they are back for these final episodes. I can’t wait to see more of their relationship and their work with Scott and the pack! I’m so pumped!

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What was your favorite moment from “Werewolves of London”?

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