‘Teen Wolf’ 6×18 Recap: The Face of Fear

teen wolf genotype

The pack put the Hunters on hold to try to stop the Anuk-Ite before it became more dangerous than ever in the first installment of tonight’s Teen Wolf double-feature. “Genotype” revealed the Anuk-Ite’s second face (and its lethal new power) and took Scalia to the next level. Let’s break it down.

The Race to Find the Face

The pack regroups at the vet’s office, trying to figure out next steps for stopping the Anuk-Ite from uniting its two faces. While Theo and Mason go to search for Aaron, Scott and Liam will attempt to find the woman who sent a voicemail they found on a phone on one of the bodies of the Primal pack.

Mason and Theo’s search takes them down into the tunnels: the last place that they saw Faceless Body #1. As they look, fear starts to get the better of them – but just before a fight breaks out between them, they find what they’re looking for. Aaron attacks.

Liam and Scott call the number that sent the voicemail, which gets them to the high school’s switchboard. They realize that it must be someone from school, and Liam thinks he knows who it is: his bio teacher. Yep, the one who didn’t break up the Nolan vs. Liam beatdown. Liam braves the “Nazi Student Brigade” of Hunters to try to out his teacher as a supernatural in class, using emitters and wolfsbane. This doesn’t work, but it does raise her suspicions, causing her to dismiss the rest of the class to have a one-on-one chat with Liam.

Our bby Beta gets straight to the point and accuses Mrs. Finch of being a werewolf. She denies this, but when Scott comes into the room and plays the voicemail, it’s clear that she recognizes it. Mrs. Finch is still adamant that she doesn’t know anything about the Primal or werewolves – she just says that she was trying to reach her daughter. Scott breaks the news of the Primal’s deaths, which shocks her into revealing that she does know about the pack after all.

Mrs. Finch is totally taken aback and understandably very concerned about her daughter. There’s only one way to find out what happened for sure: to call her and see if she comes to the school. When Liam moves to make the phone call, he makes a startling discovery: Mrs. Finch’s daughter’s name is Quinn. As in Quinn, the werewolf Scott helped earlier this season. Looks like we just found the Anuk-Ite’s second face.

Sure enough, Quinn shows up at the school – but just as she moves to attack her mom, she’s seemingly struck by a strong blow. It wasn’t an attack on her, but on Aaron, down in the tunnels. They realize the connection and start to make their way toward each other.

Highway to Hellhound

While all of this is going on, Malia and Lydia are at the hospital, attempting to communicate with Halwyn. They’re hoping he can offer some insight on how to stop the Anuk-Ite. Lydia gets Malia to knock her out, because the last time she successfully communicated with Halwyn, she was unconscious. It’s not pretty, but it works. Lydia enters a vision, which causes her to realize that Halwyn is not dead after all – and that she knows how to save him.

This will apparently entail Lydia and Malia donning scrubs and putting Halwyn into an MRI. The machine will pull the bullet out of Halwyn and cause him to heal. But unfortunately, Lydia quickly realizes that this won’t actually help the Hellhound – it will kill him for good. Scans show that the bullet was coated with silver. When Halwyn starts to heal, he will heat up, melting the silver and causing him to die.

The ladies are understandably conflicted about this decision, but time is of the essence. They decide to move forward since all of Halwyn’s actions have been to stop the Anuk-Ite, and this might help them complete that mission. Lydia and Malia manage to revive Halwyn, who tells them they won’t be able to stop the creature. If the two halves merge, it’ll be all over. And even worse, the Anuk-Ite will then be able to kill them with a look. This is getting worse and worse… and with that last piece of info, Halwyn dies for good.

Two Become One

Oh, and the two halves? They found each other. Quinn and Aaron unite in the library and fight for dominance. Aaron snaps Quinn’s neck and then seemingly absorbs her essence before transforming into something else entirely (see creepy photo above). Liam is bravely ready to attack, but Lydia pulls him out of the way just in time so he doesn’t fall to the killing gaze.

Gabe overhears Lydia giving Liam the warning about the Anuk-Ite’s new power and manages to dodge it, while two other Hunters aren’t so lucky. They seemingly turn to stone when they meet the creature’s eyes, and it walks out of the school to cause more havoc. The pack realizes that they’ll need to learn to fight without seeing. Time to train with Deucalion.

Back at home, Scott is cleaning himself up from the encounter with Quinn and helping Mrs. Finch (who’s apparently an Alpha). Malia – ever the utilitarian – tells him that there’s too much blood, so he should probably just get in the shower. This quickly leads to some A++ shower sex, which is easily the best part of this episode.

The episode wraps up with the Anuk-Ite examining Halwyn’s body in the hospital morgue… where he runs into Gerard, who tries to make a deal with the creature. He’ll weaken Scott and let the Anuk-Ite finish the job. This will give the creature all the fear he needs to never be caught again. Three words: NO THANK YOU.

The Verdict: This episode brought some surprising reveals – Mrs. Finch is an Alpha! Halwyn isn’t dead! Quinn is the other half of the Anuk-Ite! – and gave the creature of fear even more terrifying powers. Despite that, it kept the focus on the mythology when I’d rather see interactions and development with the pack. Stop splitting our babes up and let them be together while we still have time, please. I’m intrigued, but the clock is ticking.

Best Scene: Scott and Malia’s sexy shower interlude. Getting clean never looked so good. First runner-up would be Lydia and Malia’s interactions in the morgue as they tried to make contact with Halwyn. They are quite the odd couple, and it really works.

Best Line: “Shouldn’t we be looking around the school? Somewhere with better lighting?” – Theo

Tune in to MTV next Sunday at 8:00pm for Teen Wolf‘s 100th and FINAL episode. (You might want to bring tissues.)

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