‘Teen Wolf’ 6×19 Recap: One Hale of an Episode

teen wolf broken glass

The end is almost here… but before Teen Wolf‘s series finale next week, we’ve got one more episode to talk about. The second half of tonight’s double-feature, “Broken Glass,” saw the pack preparing to fight without their eyes… while the Hunters made their next move and none other than Derek Hale reentered the scene. Let’s talk about it.

Oh Hale No

The beginning of the episode takes us out of Beacon Hills altogether – to Brazil, where Argent is looking for Derek Hale. We get some backstory on what our lone wolf has been up to, which seems to be some detective work of his own. Gerard has been sending Hunters to kill werewolves and find Derek. While Derek managed to get the one-up on the Hunters and escape with a sweet ride, he got framed for the murder of 12 werewolves in the process – hence, the FBI Most Wanted video Stiles saw in the season premiere. But interestingly, the bodies were killed with Kate’s MO (i.e. burned beyond recognition) and left in a building with BEACON HILLS written in blood on the wall.

Argent manages to track down Derek in South Carolina, where Derek is paying a visit to another Hale vault – apparently to safely stow some wolfsbane, which is what whoever killed the pack in Brazil was looking for. But while he and Argent are discussing the situation with Gerard, they’re confronted by the FBI. Most of the group is quickly taken out by none other than Kate Argent, who seems to have infiltrated their ranks to get to the wolfsbane. Why? To go in a bullet meant for Scott. As Kate leaves, Derek goes after her, telling Argent to go back to Beacon Hills and warn Scott.

You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Back in Beacon Hills, we check in with Ethan, who is still chained up and being tortured by Monroe in the armory. Now, she’s using him for a little show and tell to motivate her new crowd of amateur Hunters. We see that the Anuk-Ite is watching (presumably amplifying their fear, and thus the violence of the situation). Monroe arms her army but lets Ethan go, though we’re left wondering where Jackson has been taken. Lydia also seems to be pondering this question in her dreams / a vision. She wakes up saying, Where’s Jackson? 

Liam meets up with Nolan at school the next day. The vibe is understandably aggressive, but it seems that Nolan wants to help. He’s going to take Liam to the hospital to show him something that will help with the fight against the Hunters. This turns out to be several people hooked up to wolfsbane drips. It’s too dangerous to remove them, so Liam decides to stay nearby at the hospital. Nolan runs into Gabe on his way out and learns that leading Liam to the hospital was Monroe’s the plan all along – another trap – before he gets the shit beat out of him by the other Hunter.

Fire Away

Meanwhile, Lydia runs into Peter at Scott’s house. He’s looking for Malia; she’s looking for Scott. They aren’t able to reach anyone – and more than that, several cell towers in the area are down. The Hunters are cutting Beacon Hills off from the outside world. But the pressure is on to find the pack is on, because we learn that Lydia’s dream also involved seeing Peter, Malia, Derek, Ethan, and Scott turned to stone. If they don’t come up with something quickly, the Anuk-Ite is going to win. Luckily, a detail of Lydia’s vision makes Peter realize where their friends might be.

Scott and Malia are hoping to get a crash course in fighting blind from Deucalion, meeting up in a block of shipping containers. There isn’t really enough time, but it’s the only chance they’ve got. It won’t be as easy as just closing their eyes either, because the auto-response to fear is opening one’s eyes wide – which would mean auto-death from the Anuk-Ite. The two don blindfolds and prepare to get to work… and they aren’t exactly naturals.

While those two train, Mason and Corey come to a realization: the Hunters are preparing to make a major strike against the supernaturals, and it’s happening that night. They end up in the hospital, separate from Liam and trying to stay alive. Meanwhile, Scott has a breakthrough in fighting blind – just as Lydia and Peter run up, warning that the Hunters are on the way. This comes right before Deucalion is struck by multiple bullets. Monroe is already here, with more Hunters in tow.

Where’s Stiles with a baseball bat (or the Jeep) when you need him?

The Verdict: Teen Wolf‘s penultimate hour brought Derek back into the fold and saw Scott and Malia learn to fight blind while the Hunters made their next move. It was wonderful to see Derek again, from his joyride to his interactions with the Argents. Scott and Malia also had some badass scenes as they trained with Deucalion. Other than that, it’s still a lot of action that presents the promise of being personal (with the pack turning to stone), without quite delivering just yet. Here’s hoping that we’ll get lots of time with the pack in the season / series finale next week.

Best Scene: Malia and Scott training with Deucalion. Their competitiveness is pretty damn cute, and Malia in particular has some great comedic material. It’s awesome to see them train Daredevil-style. Deucalion mentors them with sassy perfection.

Best Line: “I believe in Derek Hale.” – Argent

Runner-Up: “How dead are we now?” “Quite.” – Malia and Deucalion

Tune in to MTV next Sunday at 8:00pm for Teen Wolf‘s 100th and FINAL episode.

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