‘Teen Wolf’ 6×20 Recap: The Pack’s Last Stand

teen wolf wolves of war

Are we all still alive? It’s hard to believe (and harder to type), but Teen Wolf has come to an end. MTV aired the 100th and final episode, “The Wolves of War,” yesterday – complete with shocking deaths, long-awaited returns, and one last appearance of Void Stiles. It was a super-sized episode, and one that I’m excited to talk about with you. Let’s break it down.

The episode opens on Scott – an appropriate beginning of the end. It soon becomes clear that this scene is taking place some time in the future, with Scott narrating his own story to an unseen person – a story very similar to that of a new werewolf, Alec, who is fleeing Hunters on-screen. Scott and Argent come to his rescue, and we learn that Alec is the one hearing the story. We’re about to find out how Scott’s ends.

This Means War

We jump right back to the shipping yard, where the Hunters are firing on the pack. Just when all seems lost, it’s Stiles to the rescue. He and Derek roll up in the Jeep and run down a Hunter who’s about to shoot Scott, before Derek joins the attack. They manage to fight off the Hunters, who quickly flee. We get a quick (very quick) Stydia reunion, before cutting over to a bloody Deucalion. With his dying breath, he reassures Scott and Gerard can’t beat him – and he knows it.

The war is officially on. Gerard breaks up the family reunion on the Jeep’s police scanner, filling the pack in on his evil plan. He’s got Jackson at the armory, Parrish at Eichen House, Agent McCall at the sheriff’s station, and Hunters in place at the hospital (where Mama McCall, Liam, Mason, and Corey are). Scott might be able to save some of them, but it will be hard to get to them all. This is some serious Dark Knight maneuvering. He also gives Monroe a bullet full of yellow wolfsbane, meant to kill Scott.

Divide and Conquer

The pack decides to divide and conquer. Their plan is to stop the Anuk-Ite, and in doing so to stop most of Gerard’s army – the ones whose fight is coming from a place of fear. Scott, Derek, Malia, and Peter head to the high school to meet the Anuk-Ite, while Stiles and Lydia go to find Jackson and buy the others some time. Peter is quickly frozen to stone by the Anuk-Ite – that’s one down. He still has a heartbeat, so the clock is on to beat this thing and save its victims.

Over at the armory, Jackson tricks his own way free of his handcuffs, before Lydia does the rest of the work, breaking down the door with her screams. We get that long-awaited Jackson/Stydia reunion scene, which turns out to be Lydia ecstatic over seeing Jackson and Stiles awkwardly breaking up their hug, before Jackson fills them in on his new relationship status. They retrieve Ethan, and Scott has Stiles pick up one more thing before they leave for the high school.

Meanwhile, Liam, Melissa, Mason, Corey, and even Nolan work to take back the hospital – with a little help from Theo – and the Sheriff kicks some rogue deputy ass at Eichen before saving Parrish. We get a nice Theo redemption scene as he takes away Gabe’s pain while the young Hunter is dying of wounds inflicted by one of his comrades. He does care!

Here Comes the End Game

Back at the high school, Monroe manages to shoot Scott with the yellow wolfsbane in the hallway. Thankfully, Derek moves fast and is able to save his life by burning out the wolfsbane. Unfortunately, he’s not so quick-thinking when the Anuk-Ite turns up – in the form of Jennifer Blake. The Anuk-Ite has been working fast, and in addition to Derek, Malia, Jackson, and Ethan all end up frozen to stone.

Meanwhile in Hunter land, Kate confronts Gerard at the armory, angry that her father gave Monroe all the yellow wolfsbane. Well, it turns out he kept enough for one last bullet – which he shoots into her. So much for family loyalty. Chris Argent shows up to complete this little family reunion, taunting Gerard since Scott knows how to beat the Anuk-Ite.

The Final Fight

Scott, still healing from the wolfsbane injury, heads to the library. That’s where the Anuk-Ite finds him – in the form of Void Stiles. Now THAT is a throwback I didn’t expect. Void tells Scott that he failed everyone, especially Allison. Ouch. It cycles through the forms of Scott’s pack and villains from over the years, telling Scott to open his eyes. Scott knows he has to fight blind – so he claws his own eyes out. Double-ouch.

Stiles shows up with the mystery item he retrieved for Scott, which turns out to be mountain ash. He uses it to trap the Anuk-Ite, who is bound by shapeshifter rules now that he has taken on Quinn’s essence. It works, and all the frozen supernaturals are freed. The remaining Hunters are beaten down or chased off, with Coach knocking out one in an especially satisfying locker room scene – right in front of Jackson and Ethan.

Wrapping things up! Back at the armory, Chris walks away as Gerard points a gun at him – and a dying Kate shifts into Werejaguar form before attacking her father. Looks like we’ve finally seen the end of Gerard. Parrish, Stilinski, and Agent McCall finish retaking the hospital. And at the school, Scott answers Monroe’s call for an update on the radio, informing her that she lost. The Hunter makes a run for it.

But not all is well. The pack regroups at the library, where Scott hasn’t been able to heal his eyes. If he can’t do it fast, the damage will be permanent. Lydia tells Malia to kiss Scott so he can focus – while looking at Stiles, which is a sweet callback to their own similar situation in Season 3. It works – Scott’s eyes regrow and he shares a more passionate kiss with Malia.

What Comes Next

So, we come to an end. We learn that the Hunters ran that night, but that wasn’t the end of them. Back in the present day, Scott finishes his story. The pack has been looking for other supernaturals – like Alec. We learn that Monroe is still leading Hunters – now numbering thousands and based worldwide. Scott calls most of the pack together in downtown LA – including Derek, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, and Liam. He says that Alec can join them, but he’ll have to fight against Monroe and all of her followers. Alec seems to be on-board, and the pack walks off into the rainy night side by side. We end where we started – on Scott, who looks forward with hope in his eyes – and a shot of the full moon.

A few other things you should know: more people know the supernatural secret now, but more of them are on their side. Liam and Nolan became friends – and lacrosse co-captains. Argent and Melissa ended up together – very cute. And Jackson and Ethan finally got to celebrate their anniversary.

The Verdict: This was a jam-packed series finale that did pretty much everything it needed to do. We wrapped up the Anuk-Ite villain arc with an interesting final battle, finally (FINALLY!) saw the end of Gerard, and found out what became of the legions of Hunters led by Monroe. We saw returning friends and got to enjoy the pack being together one last time.

While I think there were some dynamics that didn’t get their moment in this episode – particularly Scott and Stiles, Stiles and Lydia, and Scott and his mom – it would have been hard to fit everything in without making this extended episode much longer. If you ask me, this finale didn’t do everything I wanted it to do, but it was still a solid episode – and combined with the last two season finales, the three of them do pretty much touch every base. We ended with the pack together and still fighting, and there’s not much more we can ask for.

Best Scene: Stiles filling the pack in on how he found Derek and had to “save his life.” We not only got the long-awaited Stiles FBI scene, but we got it two ways. It turns out that Stiles’ toe was actually shot, so we get Stiles supporting Derek and then Derek carrying Stiles. HERE. FOR. IT.

Runner-Up: Mason and Corey’s “I love you” moment in the hospital. So high-stakes and so, so sweet.

Best Line: “I used to drive a Porsche, but I can’t drive sports cars anymore. There’s no room for my tail.” – Jackson

That’s a series wrap on Teen Wolf. Stay tuned for our roundtable discussion of the finale and some additional thoughts on the series as a whole right here on Fangirlish.

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