‘Teen Wolf’ 6×20 Roundtable: “The Wolves of War”

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Teen Wolf may have ended, but we’re nowhere near done talking about it. Before we get to discussing the series as a whole, our roundtable is back for one last discussion on their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Today, we’re talking all things “The Wolves of War.” Teen Wolf‘s 100th and final episode was a supersized adventure that saw the downfall of the Anuk-Ite and Gerard, the temporary defeat of Monroe, and a new mission for the pack.

There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it.

Please give us your five word review for “The Wolves of War.”

Chloe: Void and Sterek were everything.

Liz: Wow, what are these feelings?

Caryn: Thank God, Stiles is back.

Gwen: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Nora: I missed Stiles so much.

The pack had to divide and conquer this episode – rescuing their friends, taking back the hospital, and facing off against the Hunters and the Anuk-Ite. Let’s give their efforts an overall letter grade and name an MVP for the episode.

Chloe: I’m going to agree with the ladies below in giving their efforts a solid B. As the pack’s plans go, this one had relatively few unforeseen hiccups. They knew where they needed to be (the armory, the school) and who could handle themselves (the Betas and Mama McCall at the hospital). I’d name Scott the MVP – I mean, the boy literally clawed his eyes out to save the day – but give a bonus nod to Derek, whose quick action saved Scott from dying before he could even face the Anuk-Ite.

Liz: I have to agree with everyone else – a ‘B’ is a pretty solid grade. They got it done haha. And my MVP is obviously Scott because he did it all. He fought the battle, he made the sacrifice, and he saved the day.

Caryn: I would give it a ‘B’, mainly because it felt like a good effort but didn’t truly reach its full potential. My MVP would have to go to the boy who started it all, Scott – he was willing to go blind in order to save Beacon Hills.

Gwen: I’m gonna also give it a B. It panned out the way I thought, but maybe it was the pacing of the episode or whatever but it felt so rushed and that everything wasn’t as nearly thought out as it should’ve been. My MVP goes out to Scott because man… he knew what he had to do and he did it…

Nora: I’d also give it a B. It all eventually worked out, but I think it could’ve gone better. I wish they came back together to finish everything off and help Scott in the school. Instead, everything felt a little rushed to me. I also have to say the MVP was Scott and the original team. For god sakes, he clawed his eyes out to save Beacon Hills.

We had several big returns – some expected, like Derek and Stiles, and others more shocking (here’s looking at you, Jennifer Blake and Void Stiles). Did you have a favorite? Any thoughts to share?

Chloe: It was so good to have Stiles back – and some of that Sterek dynamic – but we didn’t get as much of him as I would have liked in this episode. The surprise appearance of Void Stiles almost made up for it. That’s one return I was not expecting at all and a character that has always been so powerful and compelling, so I was 100% on-board.

Liz: VOID STILES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed with glee. It was so great. 10/10 and then tied with Derek’s return. I loved seeing all my former faves, and it was such a nice way to end the series. I loved the little callbacks cause it made me remember why I fell in love with the show.

Caryn: It has to be Stiles though, his absence this season was felt and him returning in the finale gave it that uniquely Teen Wolf feeling the show was missing this season. He also saved the day with regards to the Anuk-Ite and made some excellent comments throughout the whole ordeal.

Gwen: I’d been waiting on Derek since he left, and when I saw him back I was so happy. Yes, Scott was the beginning but Derek was there too to guide him, and his absence was so heavy for me. I would have loved to see Isaac and Danny both make a comeback, seeing as how they both left and weren’t actually killed off, but I’m okay with what we got.

Nora: Derek and Stiles were the big returns I was waiting for, and I’m so happy we got them. I missed their sense of humor with each other, I missed Stydia, I missed Sterek, and I really missed Derek and Scott’s bond. It was all so great. Also, Void Stiles is by far my favorite season of the series so I’m so happy we got to see Dylan slip into that role one last time!

Let’s talk about the final showdown with the Anuk-Ite. Was it what you expected? Were you satisfied with how it went down? What about where we landed with Gerard, Monroe, and the Hunters?

Chloe: I’m not sure exactly what I expected from the final showdown, beyond that the pack would be successful. While the pacing felt rushed at the end especially, I thought that the Anuk-Ite taking the form of Scott’s pack and fears – especially Void Stiles – was a cool touch that tied everything together, vs. it feeling like a villain that could have appeared in any other season. I guess where we landed with Monroe feels realistic, because Scott & Co. couldn’t have stopped all the Hunters that night, but I’ll echo Liz here – can’t they all just be happy already?!?! Seeing Kate take Gerard out was super satisfying, though.

Liz: Meh. The wrap up seemed hasty and just like it needed to be done. I hated that Monroe got away and left us with a “they still have to fight” feeling, like can’t they just be happy?? I’m really only happy that Gerard was killed like FINALLY!!!

Caryn: The actual death of the Anuk-Ite felt a little too coincidental and untidy, although I understand that they needed to get rid of it quickly so they could deal with their other threats. I loved the death of Gerard by Kate – it felt almost poetic that he should be killed by a monster, especially his own child. Sigh, I suppose Monroe and the Hunters escaping I should have expected, but I’m still disappointed with Peter for not killing her.

Gwen: The Anuk-Ite really sort of felt like a cop-out to me this whole season. I much more saw Monroe and Gerard at the actual threats, with the Anuk-Ite just being another forced supernatural threat we didn’t really need. It dying had no effect on me. Gerard dying was great. I was hoping he would because he seriously got on my nerves. Monroe also got on my nerves, so the fact that we have to probably see her again (if we get this reboot show) kinda turns me off to the whole thing. While I did see her as a good villain, a nice clean finish to everyone at the very end would have been lovely.

Nora: Yeah I agree, the final death of the Anuk-ite felt very rushed to me. I did love how it took the forms of everything Scott was afraid of. I would’ve loved to have seen Crystal Reed make a surprise appearance here, but I think they did a good job making you feel her death again and how much Scott blamed himself for it. Kate killing Gerard was epic, and I’m glad one of the Argents finally took him down. As for Monroe, I kind of feel like that was a bit rushed and all of a sudden letting her walk free and still be hunting people felt too open ended for me.

I want to touch on a few relationship-oriented scenes: namely, the long-awaited Jackson / Stydia reunion and Scott and Malia’s eyeball-regrowing kiss (soooo romantic when you put it that way). Thoughts? Feelings?

Chloe: The Stydia scene was not what I expected – which was Jackson reacting to Stiles and Lydia being together, rather than Stiles awkwardly interrupting Lydia and Jackson’s reunion. While I would have much preferred the former, I still think this was a really fun scene that was one of the highlights of the episode for me. The “true love heals all” kiss felt like a bit of a stretch, but it was a cute moment. The Stydia shipper in me liked the parallels to Stiles and Lydia’s kiss and how it reaffirms that whole relationship (it may be a stretch but let me have this okay?!).

Liz: I REALLY WANTED THE PACK AS A WHOLE TO TAKE SCOTT’S PAIN THAT WOULD BE SO POETIC AND NICE!!!!!!! But I’ll settle lol. The Jackson/Lydia/Stiles reunion was basically the best and honestly I loved seeing how grown these characters were like in their abilities and their relationship. It was so great.

Caryn: I thought the Once Upon A Time-esque true love’s kiss being able to solve everything was a little bit farfetched – even for this show as it was not something that was established in the mythology before. I did adore the Jackson/Lydia/Stiles scene though, it was so poignant, although I would have loved a scene where Jackson reacted to Stiles and Lydia being together.

Gwen: Jackson and Lydia getting together again was so great. The fact that she also knew he was obviously not straight was amazing (did that joke also resonate with their supposed actual real life relationship? I’d like to think it was and it was a proper jab). While I do love Malia and Scott being together at the end, I thought the kiss was bleh even though I *guess* it makes sense.

Nora: Jackson and Lydia together is something I’ve been waiting for all season and I loved it. It was so perfect, and I loved Stiles’ reaction as well. It was a great reunion and romantic scene for Jackson, Lydia, and Stiles. The Scalia scene felt like I had stepped into an episode of Once Upon A Time. It felt a little cheesy to me and out of place, but heck I rolled with it.

This was a super-sized episode that not only had to wrap up the major villain arcs, but also Teen Wolf as a whole. I want to open the floor up here. We’ll discuss the series as a whole in a separate roundtable very soon, but were you satisfied with how it all ended? Is there anything else you’d like to talk about concerning this finale?

Chloe: The finale has grown on me. It felt a bit rushed, but it tied things up relatively neatly and left us with a happy enough ending. That said, it wasn’t everything I wanted it to be – but combined with the last two season finales (which many said felt like series finales in their own right), I think all the bases are covered. This episode focused more on tying up villain arcs and giving the pack a new mission, rather than highlighting character moments or the pack dynamic. I would have liked more of that personal side, as well as a real time jump to see what everyone’s doing in the future more specifically.

Liz: I wish there was more of a time jump to a happier time. I didn’t like how it was still like “we’ve got more people to fight!” I mean I get it, but ugh. I did love that slo-mo walk off with the whole pack, it made my heart so warm. Overall, I was satisfied.

Caryn: I am satisfied with the ending, not to say that I didn’t wish that there was more to it, that more loose ends were tied up and more previous characters made an appearance. The damage was minimal and the ending gave way for a new beginning while still ending that course in our characters’ lives. I am hella glad that Chris and Melissa got their happy ending though, she deserves a hot guy at the very least.

Gwen: All I wanted was to make it to the end with no important casualties. While I’m still mad Deucalion got killed, it’s not the main cast. I think upon ending, I had the most feelings for Theo. He, to me, had some of the best character development towards the end. The way he and Liam grew close and how Theo finally changed his arrogant ways really made me love him even more (speaking as someone who loved him even when he was a baddie). I was happy to see that Theo, despite not officially joining the pack, ended up being a great gem of a guy.

Nora: I am satisfied with the ending as well! I think some aspects felt a little rushed, just because we had to accomplish a lot in the final hour. The only wish I had was that they all came together when Scott eventually defeated the Anuk-Ite. With this being the final episode, I wanted to see them together more. Also Theo joining the final pack moment in the parking lot. I felt like him not being there undid all the character development that occurred in the finale. I also had a soft spot for Theo and I think leaving him out of that was a little odd.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: The Stiles/Derek scene – the fact that we got to see that two ways is incredible – and the return of Void Stiles. Both were unexpected in the best way.

Liz: A toss up between the Stiles/Derek scene in the vet’s office and the Jackson/Lydia reunion scene! I thought they were classic throwback moments.

Caryn: Definitely the scene where Derek and Stiles return and they were talking about how they reunited and returned to Beacon Hills. It had the lightness which made their interaction and the first few seasons of Teen Wolf so special.

Gwen: It’s a tie between the Lydia and Jackson reunion and the scene in which Theo takes away Gabe’s pain as he died. Like, that was the moment he became my most precious bean.

Nora: Definitely Derek and Stiles return and the Jackson/Stydia scene. Both were so great!! I just missed them and having them back just felt like old times. It was a great nostalgia feeling for the finale of Teen Wolf.

That may be a series wrap on Teen Wolf, but we still have a lot more to talk about. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the season and series as a whole, and let us know what you think in the comments.

What was your favorite moment from “The Wolves of War”?

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