#TeenWolf: No Coach in S5, New Character, & 5 More Things We Learned at @CreationEnt’s #DOTWLA


We had the pleasure of attending Creation Entertainment’s Days of the Wolf – Burbank convention over the weekend, with Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey, Arden Cho, Dylan Sprayberry, Ian Bohen, Linden Ashby, and Orny Adams in attendance. We had an amazing time live tweeting from the panels, and now we’re breaking down the seven most important things we learned during the convention.

1. Coach Will Not Appear in Season 5

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

Our host, the hilarious Orny Adams, inspired a lot of laughter over the course of the weekend, but he also revealed some sad news at the beginning of the convention: he will not be reprising his role as Coach for Season 5. As many fans know, Adams is also a standup comedian–with standup dates in place that he couldn’t cancel, he had to make a choice, and his scheduling ultimately did not allow him to return to Teen Wolf. Orny’s news was met with sad reactions from fans–understandably, as Coach is undeniably a fan-favorite character–however, he didn’t absolutely rule out a return to Beacon Hills. In the meantime, he joked that he sees Coach leaving to take on a college basketball team–and that Greenberg will be his replacement.

Though we’ll miss Coach on Teen Wolf, you still have plenty of chances to see Orny live. He has standup dates coming up around the country and internationally, and will also be appearing at Bitecon and Creation’s remaining Days of the Wolf shows in Chicago and Whippany, New Jersey. He also teased that a Netflix comedy special may be in the works, but is not confirmed yet. If you have the chance to see Orny live, just remember: do not bring him a green apple.

2. There’s a New Student at Beacon Hills High

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

Dylan Sprayberry (Liam) talked a lot about how much he enjoys working with Khylin Rhambo (Mason)–their characters are best friends, and part of their great chemistry comes from the fact that Dylan and Khylin were friends before working on Teen Wolf. While Dylan said that we’ll get a bit more backstory on Liam and Mason’s friendship this season, he also mentioned that we’ll be meeting a new student in their grade (who may or may not be a love interest for Liam): Victoria. Now, while this could be the name of the character, it could also indicate that fan speculation on the casting of Victoria Moroles is indeed correct. We shall see!

3. Linden Ashby Will Direct & Choreograph Fight Scenes This Season

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

Several Mortal Kombat fans in the audience asked Linden Ashby if we’ll ever see Sheriff Stilinski get in on an action scene in Teen Wolf. While Linden did say that he always asks for them–and will probably have something this season–he also revealed that he will be directing and choreographing a few of the fight scenes for the upcoming season.

Speaking of action, we also learned that Lydia will be doing her first action scene this season, and that Holland Roden is excited about doing her first stunt. Linden also mentioned that Lydia seems to be spending a lot of time at the station with Parrish and will continue to help solve crimes in Season 5. Kira has also been getting in on the action–Arden recently injured herself on set by taking a werewolf claw to the palm.

4. We’ll Get More Pack Time in Season 5

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

Our #1 wish for Season 5 is more pack time, and it sounds as though we may be getting just that. Arden Cho talked about the difficulties of filming scenes with the whole pack on a tight TV schedule, but shared that they did film a scene all together just last week, which was a lot of fun. She also teased more girl time in Season 5, which we can’t wait to see. Dylan Sprayberry said that Liam has accepted his fate as a werewolf and will be more a part of the pack this season. He likes seeing Liam grow into the group. And what about our favorite Alpha? Tyler Posey shared that Scott has really come into his powers and is very calm when this season opens. He’s trying to be a sort of “zen master” and keep the peace, which may not go so well for him.

Unfortunately, one thing we may not be seeing (at least not yet) is a pack beach day, senior beach bonfire, or any of the other amazing beach scenarios our brains have concocted since we saw those Malibu beach pictures. We asked Tyler Posey if he could say anything about them, and he clarified that the beach in question is just located next to the high school that serves as Beacon Hills High. There go our beach day dreams… Somebody please link us to a fan fiction to fill this void, fast.

5. Everyone Wants to be James Bond

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

The theme of the weekend? Everyone wants to be James Bond. Many of the actors were asked about their dream roles, and Linden Ashby, Arden Cho, and Ian Bohen all revealed that they would love the chance to be 007. All of the Teen Wolf spy feels, guys. Arden elaborated, sharing that one of her goals is to be in an action movie, whether as a James Bond-type character or as her other dream role, Black Widow (she, like all of us, has a girl crush on Scarlett Johansson). She would also love to see Kira get her own Buffy-esque spin-off and really come into her powers–a regular girl by day, saving people by night sort of thing.

6. Ian Bohen Ships Stydia

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

Shipping is a major element of the Teen Wolf fandom, so it was no surprise that several questions on the matter were posed during Days of the Wolf. Ian Bohen was very outspoken about the two characters he would most like to be together on the show: Stiles and Lydia. Bohen said that he is a fan of big arc storylines, and, like many of us, feels that they HAVE to be together in the end.

What can we expect from the other Teen Wolf ships this season? Arden Cho teased that a lot of Scira relationship building is in the works and talked specifically about filming a kiss in the rain (which wasn’t romantic at all, because she and Tyler Posey had to keep spitting out water between takes). She also shared that we can look forward to a funny scene with Scott and Stiles talking about girls, which is “so like real life” with the boys just not getting it. Arden has asked for a Scira/Stalia double date scene, so we’ll see if that ends up happening, too!

7. Friends is Teen Wolf Cast-Approved


We’ll just leave this here.


Here are some other fun tidbits the cast revealed at the convention:

  • Tyler Posey and Orny Adams wanted to create a Teen Wolf “Before Show” with Dylan O’Brien. Ian Bohen and Tyler Hoechlin had also discussed wanting to make a spin-off about the Hale family. We’re so here for those, just saying.
  • Orny Adams thinks Coach has a cupcake tattoo on his shoulder.
  • Coach lets Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) hang around the locker room because it’s good for ratings.
  • What is Peter doing in Eichen House? Ian Bohen speculates (not spoils!) that he is building a network of residents with certain skills and will use them to eventually escape. Oh, and his favorite Peter line? “I’m the spark that lit your fire, sweetheart.”
  • Linden Ashby thinks Claudia Stilinski would approve of Melissa. Also, he would want to take Stiles’ Jeep if Teen Wolf ends.
  • Dylan Sprayberry was nervous to meet Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien during his chemistry read, but once he realized they were just regular guys like him, he wasn’t nervous to go on set or anything. His favorite episode to film was the Season 4 finale–he especially likes the scene when Mason and Liam are in the basement with the bat.
  • Arden Cho guest starred on Castle–she had to jump on Nathan Fillion and make out with him, but accidentally kneed him in the balls instead.
  • If Coach became a supernatural creature, Orny would want him to be a were-monkey: fun and cute, but then unexpectedly vicious.
  • Once Scott graduates, Tyler Posey thinks it would be cool if he follows his veterinary career and spends the rest of his life saving animals.
  • Peter wouldn’t want Stiles to become a werewolf–he respects him, and, out of anyone his daughter could be with, is probably happiest that Malia is with Stiles. He thinks Stiles is worthy and would protect him like family–even though that isn’t saying a lot.
  • Tyler Posey would like his next tattoo to commemorate his mom.
  • Ian Bohen does a great Orny Adams impression:

Thanks to Creation Entertainment and all the Teen Wolf guests of honor for an amazing weekend! If you’re on the East Coast, don’t miss out on 2015’s remaining Days of the Wolf conventions in Whippany, New Jersey (April 25-26) and Chicago (June 27-28).

We’ll be back later this week with more Teen Wolf news from the show’s first-ever PaleyFest panel, happening tomorrow night!

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