‘Teen Wolf’ Trailer Reveals Who’s Coming Back to Fight for Beacon Hills

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Mondays are always tough. We know this. And you know who just wanted to make it a LITTLE bit better? Teen Wolf. They JUST released the new trailer for the final season of Teen Wolf and while part of me is excited, another part of me is terrified. My brain is a mess right now so I’m sorry if NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. But I’ll try to explain what is going on and who’s coming back.

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The trailer provides some insight as to what the holy hell is going to go down in this final season and it doesn’t look good. We’ve got some voice-overs telling us that this is the end and that there’s a war brewing. There’s a BUNCH of dead bodies and lots of action going on. It seems like the town of Beacon Hills is turning on the McCall pack and everyone’s at risk.

We see Scott and his pack being hunted down, being surrounded by sniper’s and being shot at and electrocuted and whole lot of other stuff that isn’t great. It’s different than all the other times because it’s their town that’s turning on them, it’s personal.

Scott decides to fight back. But of course, he can’t do it without some friendly faces. I literally screamed when Stiles rolled up in his Jeep like “didn’t think you could do it without me.” and then DEREK popped up like “without us.”

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THE FRIENDLY FACES DON’T STOP THERE. I caught a glimpse of Jackson and Ethan walking through the halls — I’m not sure if they’re actually friendly, but they’re nice to look at.

Speaking of unfriendly faces, GERARD IS STILL ALIVE FOR SOME FCKING REASON!!!! I’m pissed, he better die. And Kate’s back too.

Moving on. There’s TONS of new faces in this trailer from hunters to new supernatural creatures. I’m already preparing for how these white boys will hurt me. I’m also preparing to throw myself in front of those new hunters who are locked and ready to go, so that they don’t shoot the light of my life, aka Scott McCall.

Besides the obvious war going on, there’s bound to be some romance because c’mon this IS Teen Wolf. And I spied with my little eye Scott McCall and Malia Tate in the shower together, looking all sexy and wet.

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Okay, what else? OH: Stiles is in his FBI uniform (because that’s a thing) Someone, for some reason, wrote Beacon Hills in blood on the side of a building. The McCall Pack is still #PACKGOALS. Lydia is still having crazy nightmares and sounding cryptic as hell. SO many dead bodies. Guns, guns and more guns. Scott’s reaction to Derek warmed my heart. And of course, Scott McCall being the Alpha that he is.

Overall, the trailer shows that this season is going to hurt while also making us feel nostalgic — but when does Teen Wolf not punch you in the feels?

There’s probably a TON more I missed in this jam packed trailer, but all I know is that I’m HYPED to see what goes down in the final season of Teen Wolf. Leave us your reaction and let us know your thoughts! BRB gonna go watch this trailer a bajillion more times.

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