MTV Reveals Super-Sized ‘Teen Wolf’ Finale Date

teen wolf finale

Teen Wolf‘s time may be limited, but it’s not going quietly. MTV is making the final few episodes extra special for fans, with multiple back-to-back episodes and a super-sized series finale.

MTV has released an updated air schedule for the remaining episodes of Season 6B, leading up to the 50-minute super finale (and 100th episode!) on September 24. Since the pack still needs to save Beacon Hills and say goodbye, we’re betting those extra ten minutes or so will be put to very good use.

Check out the full updated schedule below:

  • Sunday, 8/2: Episodes 614, 615 @ 8p, 9p
  • Sunday, 8/27: VMAs, NO Teen Wolf
  • Sunday, 9/3: Episode 616 @ 8p
  • Sunday, 9/10: Episode 617 @ 8p
  • Sunday, 9/17: Episodes 618, 619 @ 8p, 9p
  • Sunday, 9/24: SERIES FINALE AND 100TH Episode (50-minute SUPER FINALE) @ 8p

Featured Image: MTV

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