‘Teen Wolf’: Handling Female Relationships With Care

I must admit, when I first started Teen Wolf, I was expecting mildly cheesy female characters – and even worse, feuds over a guy. To my surprise, the show delivered on neither – and even went a step further by never pitting the females against each other over a male. In its five (soon to be six) seasons, Teen Wolf hasn’t had a single occurrence of a cat fight or tearing down of other female characters, and that’s something that deserves to be discussed.

When we first joined the show back in Season 1, it was hard to deny the chemistry between Scott McCall and Allison Argent, as well as the obvious crush Stiles Stilinski had on Lydia Martin. Even when Lydia put the moves on Scott and he responded, mostly in the heat of the moment due to the impending full moon, this hardly disrupted Allison’s friendship with Lydia. Obviously Allison reacted, but quickly moved on from it knowing full well their friendship was far too important to let a man come between them. (Especially knowing it was a one-off thing and Allison and Scott had a deeper connection.)

Unfortunately, come the end of Season 2, Allison and Scott ended their relationship due to extenuating circumstances. The second part of Season 3 saw Scott strike up a relationship with Kira Yukimura, while Allison was being pursued by Isaac Lahey. We only saw a brief moment of jealousy between Scott and Isaac, which was quickly resolved out of the respect they had for one another. When Scott and Kira became more public, Allison literally gave her the nod of approval on the relationship – and soon afterward, Allison and Kira would be fighting side by side.

When Malia Tate was introduced in second half of Season 3 and began to form a connection with Stiles, there was no tension between her and Lydia, despite Stiles' lingering crush on the Banshee. Lydia had clearly never reciprocated those feelings, and there was no need to create a love triangle that was never there to begin with. Instead, Lydia helped Malia with her schoolwork and quickly accepted her as part of the pack.

Fast forward to the second half of Season 5 to the most recent episode of Teen Wolf, entitled "The Sword and the Spirit," and we see that the female relationships are stronger than ever. Even though Allison may no longer be with the pack, she's never forgotten - and they continue to honor her memory by fighting to keep one another safe. Lydia recently broke out of her catatonic state when she realized Malia's life might be in danger and she was possibly the only person who could save her. Now the whole pack will work together to break Lydia out of Eichen House, Malia and Kira included.

Teen Wolf has consistently been rich with strong, empowering female characters, and it's refreshing to see among shows that pride themselves on their love triangles or girl drama. Their representation of non-combative female interaction - unless said character is labeled a villain - proves it's possible to show the ladies' worth and strength without resorting to battling it out over a man. I have no doubt Teen Wolf will continue to do this for as long as the show is on the air.

Just a girl who fangirls too much and decided to channel that into her writing ;)