‘Teen Wolf’: Happy Times At Howler Con

I had the pleasure of once again attending Howler Con, a Teen Wolf convention in Elizabeth, NJ. This year I decided to try my luck at Super Moon, a VIP package that allowed me the full experience of everything the convention had to offer. I want to share some of that experience with you, along with fellow Fangirlish writer Cade’s take on the convention.

Welcome Party

Howler Con officially started with a welcome party, complete with a photo booth and karaoke. I enjoyed the photo booth but didn’t have the liquid courage to participate in the karaoke. Cade and I, along with our friends, decided to reenact some popular Teen Wolf cast photos all in good fun. There was a writers roundtable for those who write fan fiction, a lovely tea party I attended hosted by the very talented Meg and an artist workshop hosted by the incredibly gifted Karina. All three of those events turned out marvelously and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves from my understanding. Then it was off to bed since I had a long, but immensely fun weekend ahead of me.

via Cade Taylor

via Cade Taylor

The Panels

Every panel was delightful, from the Hale Pack Brothers panel featuring Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman and Sinqua Walls, to the the Bold and the Beautiful panel featuring Shelley Hennig and Melissa Ponzio. The guys were obviously slightly rowdier than the girls, but it was all in the name of having a great time. The fan questions were great and gave us memorable moments such as Sinqua dancing on stage to “Trap Queen.” VIP also allowed me to have a front row seat to view all the panels, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, the cast seemed to embrace every question and focus on making every panel an unforgettable experience for us.

via Ryan Kelley IG

via Ryan Kelley IG

The Meet and Greets

Since I was VIP, I had a meet and greet with every cast member attending. I also splurged on getting Shelley, Daniel and Melissa and Linden Ashby’s non-VIP meet and greets. Let me tell you, it was definitely worth it. Every meet and greet was absolutely enjoyable and every single cast member was in good spirits. We also got fun moments like Shelley having two nervous attendees get up and dance while she joined them, all in hopes of everyone feeling more relaxed. I must add that Shelley was always a ball of sunshine throughout the convention considering she was feeling very sick, kudos to her! The cast was also good at engaging every single person in their meet and greet, especially Sinqua who singled out someone who had yet to speak. They never wanted anyone to feel left out and I thought that was wonderful. Meet and greets are perfect for getting that one-on-one time with a cast member and learning even more about them.

via howlercon

via @howlercon

The Photo Ops

The photo op room was like a well-oiled machine, thanks to the two volunteers that made sure everything ran smoothly. The cast was more than willing to accommodate our requests, as long as they were appropriate and safe. One of my favorite things about Howler Con is how quickly the line moves during photo op sessions. You have time to interact but you don’t spend hours in line like I have at other conventions. I was pleased with how my photo ops came out, although I always feel pretty plain standing next to someone like Shelley. I much preferred Cade’s photo with Shelley, as that is one of my favorite photos! Although I did love my photo with all the cast in attendance, which was one of the perks in my VIP package.

The entire weekend was filled with laughs, happy tears and unforgettable moments. When I attended Howler Con last year, it was my first Teen Wolf convention and I had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be one of the best weekends of my life and I left the convention with amazing new friends. This year felt like a reunion, like coming home. I highly recommend attending this convention if you can, not just for the cast, but for the chance to make lasting memories and share your passion with other incredible fans. Cade and I met because of Howler Con and now I consider him one of my closest friends. Teen Wolf has made such a powerful impact on my life, and Howler Con is a large part of that. Can’t wait to create more lasting memories at the third edition of Howler Con in June!

Just a girl who fangirls too much and decided to channel that into her writing ;)