‘Teen Wolf’ at SDCC: Jeff Davis Talks Endgame, Stydia, and That Spin-Off

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There’s a lot to talk about in the Teen Wolf world. We’re only a few days away from the final season premiere, so not only do we have the excitement of new villains and a fresh story, but also hopes and questions about how we’ll leave off with our favorite characters. There’s also already news of a potential spin-off podcast and eventual TV reboot, which definitely has fans talking. We spoke to the man in charge, Executive Producer Jeff Davis, about all of this and more at San Diego Comic-Con.

In many ways, it seems like Season 6B will bring Teen Wolf full circle. With the Hunters and Gerard taking centerstage once again, the show is throwing it back to elements of Season 1 and bringing the nostalgia. Davis said that there will be “a number of throwbacks” to Teen Wolf‘s beginnings throughout 6B, but that – at least where the Hunters are concerned – we’ll also see new threats from this seemingly familiar territory.

“It was the idea of the rise of new Hunters,” Davis said, teasing a “season of fear” that will see Scott and his pack become outsiders. “The real villain of the Hunter side of the story is played by Sibongile Mlambo, who is phenomenal. She plays Monroe, and you really understand her motivation. Gerard sort of takes her under his wing and sees some natural talent there.” Jeff also teased the presence of a new creature, shown briefly in the trailer, and said the mythology will be explained as the season progresses.

Beyond the immediate threats presented by Monroe, Gerard, and this mysterious creature, one of the biggest questions regarding this final season is what to expect from the series’ endgame. Davis and the writers “worked [their] asses off on the last few episodes in particular, to make sure they were satisfying” – and we have no doubt that their dedication will pay off.

When it came to crafting the finale, the team worked to balance arcs for the returning characters – including Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek, Colton Haynes’ Jackson, and Charlie Carver’s Ethan – with the ongoing storylines of the series regulars. But as it should be, the focus was first and foremost on one Scott McCall for the show’s final hours.

“The first question we asked was, How do we want Scott’s storyline to end? That was kind of the most important,” Davis said. “6A was very much a story about Stiles, so for 6B we said, Okay, let’s bring it back to Scott McCall – the teen wolf – and let’s end the show on the teen wolf.” Fear not for your other faves, though. Davis added, “Mostly, what I wanted to do was give everyone their moment.”

“6A was very much a story about Stiles, so for 6B we said, Okay, let’s bring it back to Scott McCall – the teen wolf – and let’s end the show on the teen wolf.”

One of those moments that many fans are hoping to see is a substantive Stydia scene. After the kiss Lydia and Stiles shared in the 6A finale, can you blame us for wanting to see what happens next? When asked what he could tease about Stiles and Lydia in 6B, Davis coyly replied, “They’re both in 6B.” Thankfully, he threw in a little teaser: “One of my favorite scenes is when Stiles and Lydia and Jackson all meet up again. It makes for a very awkward moment, so that’ll be fun.”

Considering that Jackson and Lydia were together at the start of the series – and that Jackson and Stiles had a rather antagonistic relationship – we can’t wait to see how this plays out. (We also asked Colton Haynes about his take on the scenario, so stay tuned for that!)

Lastly, as much as we hate to think about the end of Teen Wolf as we know it, we already have a potential reboot to look forward to. Jeff expanded on how the concept of a spin-off podcast and possible anthology reboot (with a largely new cast) came to be, crediting MTV president Chris McCarthy with the drive to make it happen. “He has a real love of Teen Wolf. […] He’s a great guy and really smart, and he said that he doesn’t want to see this end just yet.”

Though Davis is currently focused on developing War of the Worlds at MTV rather than the possible reboot – “It’s too hard for me to see Teen Wolf as anything other than Tyler Posey just yet,” he admitted – he does think that the podcast could be “something really cool.” We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about the next phase of Teen Wolf.

Watch our full interview with Jeff Davis below for more talk about the returning characters for 6B, an easter egg from the 5B finale, and other good stuff.

Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday, July 30 at 8pm on MTV. Don’t miss our spoiler-free review of the premiere episode, “Said the Spider to the Fly” – and stay tuned for the rest of our interviews with Beacon Hills’ best from SDCC!

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