Moonday Fandom Fix: On Location at ‘Teen Wolf’s Eichen House + Motel Glen Capri

Happy Moonday, Teen Wolf fans! We’re back with another installment of our new feature, the Moonday Fandom Fix. We will be highlighting some of the awesome, creative members of the Teen Wolf fandom – artists, cosplayers, you name it – on Moondays during the hiatus. Each week, we will check in with new fans and talk about what they’re doing in the fandom, why they love Teen Wolf, and what they’re looking forward to in Season 5B. We will also be including some special editions relating to interesting topics in the fandom.

This week is our first special edition of the Moonday Fandom Fix. Earlier this month, after attending a special screening of Meet the Patels with Holland Roden and Max Carver in Los Angeles, I took a late night trip over to two of Teen Wolf’s most iconic locations with Bren and Katrina of BGeeky Blog. Here’s the breakdown on the sets and how you can visit them the next time you’re in LA.

Motel Glen Capri


First, we headed across town to Motel Glen Capri – the iconic motel from one of Teen Wolf‘s most popular episodes, “Motel California.” After accidentally ending up at a second Motel Glen Capri a few miles away (what are the odds?), we soon found ourselves pulling up under the familiar red and blue neon sign.

Though the motel was slightly less creepy since it’s not in the middle of nowhere, as it appears on the show, you still won’t catch me staying there any time soon. We walked around the parking lot – which didn’t seem to phase the guy on night desk duty, who’s likely used to Teen Wolf fans showing up by now – looked up at the signs and rooms easily recognizable from the show, and snapped some photos. I happened to be wearing my “Motel California” Lydia outfit, which made for an extra fun photo op.


Important Scenes: The entirety of “Motel California” – but as far as areas accessible to the general public go, the pack’s arrival outside the motel and Scott and Stiles’ heartbreaking “You’re my brother” scene in the parking lot.

What is It, Really?: A working motel by the same name given in the show. Stay there if you dare!

Where to Find It: You can visit the Motel Glen Capri in Glendale, CA (near Burbank). The address is: 6700 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA. Stop by at night for screen-accurate photo ops!

Worth a Visit?: Absolutely! This is one of Teen Wolf‘s creepiest and most recognizable locations, and it offers some great photo opportunities. If you can muster up the courage to stay there for a night, you’ll have a truly one-of-a-kind connection to the show. (Just watch out for wolfsbane.)

Eichen House


After visiting the motel, we decided to hit up one more iconic Teen Wolf set located about 20 minutes away: Eichen House, a.k.a. the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Residence. Eichen House has played a significant role in the lives of the pack since Season 3B, when Stiles (under the influence of the Nogitsune) was committed there. As he – and viewers – soon found out, the negligent (and often sadistic) staff make this mental health facility far from a place of healing. As we learn more about Lydia’s upcoming stay there during Season 5 (which seems to be coming full circle after the 5A finale) and the supernatural prison located underneath the main quarters, there’s no denying that Eichen House is one of the most important places in Beacon Hills right now.

Though we couldn’t go inside the gates, we were still able to get a great look at the familiar exterior, including a view of the courtyard area where the Eichen House residents – including Stiles and Malia, at one time – spend their afternoons. Again, the location is slightly less forbidding IRL than it is on the show (thankfully), but it was still really cool to see this significant Teen Wolf set for myself.


Important Scenes: Too many for comfort, given what goes on inside. Void Stiles, Malia, and Lydia have all done their time at Eichen House – and the way Season 5A ended, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lydia’s stay there very soon. From the outside, you can see the gate (which Teen Wolf modifies to create the creepy Eichen House entrance) and the courtyard where Malia punches Stiles in Season 3B.

What is It, Really?: IRL, Eichen House is the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Residence, a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It “was built by former U.S. Senator and Montana copper magnate William A. Clark, ‘as a perpetual memorial’ to his mother, who died in Los Angeles,” according to Wikipedia.

Where to Find It: You can visit the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Residence just west of downtown LA, between MacArthur Park and Echo Park. The address is: 306 Loma Drive, Los Angeles, CA. Again, this is a great one to visit at night – but you may get better photos during the day.

Worth a Visit?: Definitely! It’s a little less accessible than the motel, but the exterior is still easily recognizable – and it looks like Eichen House’s importance will only increase in Season 5B.

That’s it for this week’s special edition of the Moonday Fandom Fix! Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you the inside scoop on more Teen Wolf locations in the future. Check back next week for another interview with a creative member of the fandom.

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