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Teen Wolf at NYCC: Linden Ashby Previews Sheriff Stilinski without Stiles

From Teen Wolf‘s pilot episode, Sheriff Stilinski – Stiles’ dad, played by Linden Ashby – has been one of the core adult characters that Scott & Co. can always count on. Though initially reluctant to believe in the supernatural, Stilinski has played a key role in recent seasons – providing resources, helping to crack cases, and providing support for Stiles and the pack. But when Teen Wolf‘s sixth and final season commences next month, we may be seeing a very different Sheriff: one with no memory of his son, who will be erased by new villains the Ghost Riders.

“It will be a different person,” Linden Ashby explained during our New York Comic Con interview. “Like any of us, if there was a family member or a best friend and they never existed, how would your life be different? You have no idea. It’s a universe of infinite realities occurring at the same time. It’s pretty heady stuff that you get into.”

What the Sheriff’s new reality, sans Stiles will look like remains to be seen – but there will still be threads of his old life drawing him toward remembering his son. “It’s a season of loss,” Ashby said, admitting that it was difficult to film scenes in which Stilinski was forgetting his son. “You know someone’s missing. You don’t know what, but your life is different – and it’s how do you compensate for that? How do you fill this void that you can’t really understand why it’s there, but you know it’s there? It’s tough stuff.”

“It’s a season of loss. You know someone’s missing. You don’t know what, but your life is different – how do you compensate for that?” – Linden Ashby

Tougher still is the looming end of Teen Wolf, which will bow out after Season 6’s 20-episode run. Fans are of course anxiously waiting to see how the show will end – but thankfully, Linden promises that they’ll be doing it justice. “I really think we’re sending the show out the way we want to, on our terms,” he said. “We’re gonna honor this little show that we did – that no one gave a shot in hell to this thing making it and becoming the thing that it has. It’s gone out into the universe and really touched people’s lives in amazing ways that I never anticipated. I think we’re gonna end it on a high note.”

Here’s hoping that that “high note” includes some positive developments for the fan favorite ship of Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall. On that note, Ashby would only say, “I can’t say a lot. If I told you, I’d get in trouble.” Off the hook for now, Sheriff.

As for what Linden’s looking forward to fans seeing from Season 6? “There’s some pretty fun stuff that I can’t talk about. When you see it, you’ll know.”

Watch the full interview with Linden Ashby below:

Teen Wolf premieres Tuesday, November 15 on MTV.

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