‘Teen Wolf’ Roundtable: Season 6B Hopes and Predictions

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The final season of Teen Wolf kicks off tonight, and to say we’re feeling emotional would be an understatement. This show has meant to much to us and countless other fans – and as sad as we are to see the adventures of Scott McCall & Co. come to an end, we’re just as excited to see what happens in these last ten episodes.

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills. We’re kicking things off early with a special roundtable on Season 6B hopes and predictions before tonight’s premiere. Let’s get right to it.

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teen wolf roundtable



teen wolf roundtable



teen wolf roundtable



teen wolf roundtable



teen wolf roundtable



teen wolf roundtable


Let’s talk predictions. Do you have any hot takes or interesting theories for Season 6B?

Chloe: I think that as far as the conflict in this season, we’ll see Beacon Hills finally (FINALLY!) start to notice that something weird is going on in town, which could put Scott and the pack in danger. I’m also wondering if we’ll see some kind of alternate dimension along the lines of the Upside Down, which could open up some really interesting possibilities for new creatures and even character returns. (Allison, anyone?) I think we’ll see the final passing of the torch to Liam and the Beta pack at the end of the season, and probably not as much Stiles as we want.

Liz: Here’s my hot take: Overall, I’m pretty sure that for some reason the town has found out about Scott and his pack and how they’re supernatural. And I think Gerard is the reason why the town starts to freak the f out and start hunting them down. (TBH F Gerard.) A part of me also believes this is still some sort of alternate universe or dream or something. But that’s just me being dramatic.

Caryn: I enjoyed the ending of Teen Wolf 6A and thought that it was a good way for the show to go out, but it seems as if Beacon Hills is not out of stories. It will be interesting to see what brings people back to town, but it also seems as if this is going to be the make-or-break for Beacon Hills. So my prediction will be either the town will be completely destroyed or the supernatural element will be preserved or removed.

Gwen: For once, I have no predictions… I honestly have no idea. In my gut, I do feel like someone important is going to die – and that really scares me since literally EVERYONE is coming back.

Nora: Honestly, I don’t have any immediate predictions for Teen Wolf 6B. 6A wrapped up so nicely – I think that’s allowed me to not freak out over what’s to come in 6B, but enjoy saying goodbye. I’m excited to see all the new characters to come back, but it of course makes me nervous about who is going to make it out of the remaining ten episodes alive. This is Teen Wolf, and someone important is probably not going to make it out alive – it’s just a question of who.

Lyra: With Stiles off at the FBI Academy and only in a handful of episodes, I’m predicting that it’s summer. His courses are intense and he won’t be back for a while. (Everything I know about the FBI came from The X-Files.) But everyone else is back home and the kids are about to go on break. Things go to hell when a cute high schooler stabs Corey. That starts a chain reaction that brings crazy Gerard Argent and his groupies back to Beacon Hills. Basically Beacon Hills will become the Hellmouth of this ‘verse and things will spiral before the OGs return to kick ass and save the day.

Getting into specifics, what are your thoughts on the villains this season – at least from what we’ve seen so far? We’ve got the Hunters, Gerard, and some other mysterious creepy thing from the trailers…

Chloe: With the Hunters and Gerard as a main focus this season, it really feels like Teen Wolf has come full circle. This makes me curious about what other throwbacks we might see to earlier seasons. I’m not sure why new Hunters would be coming for Scott since he and his pack have been the ones to take out every other supernatural threat and save the town – but maybe that in itself makes him a target. Plus, Gerard’s involvement can only mean bad news.

The other villain teased in the trailers – which looks like it’s missing all its skin, ew – seems like it might come from the “door” the pack opened. Again, I’m getting serious Stranger Things vibes. I’m guessing that creature’s purpose pretty much amounts to chaos and destruction – but if it can be controlled, the pack could definitely be in trouble. Gerard has experience in that department.

Liz: This is all Gerard’s fault and no one can tell me any different. I always thought the town was like super chill with the supernatural going-ons because it’s been happening for years, but APPARENTLY I was wrong. But I just…how can you be scared of Scott McCall?? We need to have a srs talk Beacon Hills. I saw something in the trailer that looked like a man without any of his skin so THAT’S slightly terrifying. I don’t even wanna touch that with a five-foot pole.

Caryn: Listen, I don’t think one measly villain will do once Scott’s pack has dealt with the likes of the Alpha pack and the Dread Doctors and those horsemen people. The only thing that could truly make us believe that this is the end is a whole lot villains crash-landing in Beacon Hills and Scott and Co. having to come back to truly defeat them.

Gwen: I feel like it’s been a long time coming. We’ve only ever seen these events from the perspective of the pack. We’ve never gotten a chance to really explore everything that’s happened in the show from the POV of essentially “everyone else” in Beacon Hills. So the Hunters being (I’m assuming) residents or “normies” as the big threat doesn’t come as a shock to me. I also guess Gerard is still a salty old man and despite everything is most likely gonna go head to head with Chris and Kate (pretty sure I saw her in the trailer?). Not sure what the other creepy thing is – but knowing Jeff and the way he writes supernatural beings, it’s gonna be creepy.

Nora: It’s about time that people in Beacon Hills started questioning what the heck was happening, and of course Gerard is involved. Gerard definitely pokes the fire and causes everyone in Beacon Hills to wake up and realize something strange is going on and Scott and his pack are the ones to blame. God damn it Gerard, can’t we all just have nice things!!

Lyra: I’m angry. Can’t these guys catch a break? And I know that would mean the end the series, but can’t they battle something a little less violent or despicable than Gerard Argent? Fairies? Cute bunnies who end up like the ones from Xena. You know which episode I’m talking about!

We can’t talk Teen Wolf without touching on the characters and relationships. Which announced character return are you most excited for? What ship are you rooting for?

Chloe: I’m so excited for all the character returns, and it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite – but I think I’m most intrigued to see how Jackson fits into the events of this season. It’s been so long since we saw him last, and he was such an asshole. I’m betting we’ll see a very different Jackson now, but still with the snark we love. Jackson’s return also allows for us to see his reaction to Stydia – which I’m sure will be everything. Speaking of, I’m here for every Stydia moment the writers will give us. We waited years for Stiles and Lydia to get together, so I’d like to see them actually be together before it’s all over.

Liz: Something that I’m super SUPER excited about is Scalia rising. That little sexy shower scene with them made my heart soar. I really hope it wasn’t a dream and is actually gonna happen, ’cause they’ve been my crackship ever since Scott roared and changed her back. And I’m sososoSO excited for the LOML Derek to return to Beacon Hills. God, I’ve missed him so much and can’t wait to see what he’s been up to in the past year(s).

Caryn: Dude Derek, I’ve been waiting for him to grace with his presence since he left. Is Danny back? I hope so. Also I’m absolute Stydia trash – I’m here for the couple moments, give me the fruit! Melissa and Chris better have some sort of hot scene – can’t wait to hear the rest of the Argent family’s opinion on that.

Gwen: DEREK! Holy CRAP, I have been waiting for this for forever it feels like. When he popped up in the trailer, I just about died. My second pick is Jackson. Him and Lydia I think still need some closure, and I *really* hope they get it. As for ships, I am seriously rooting for Chris and Melissa. I don’t actually ship any of the characters anymore except them, which is insane to think about.

Nora: I am so excited for Derek and Jackson to make comebacks in the final ten episodes. It feels like forever since we’ve seen these two, and I’m not only happy to see the characters return but also Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes. It wouldn’t be the end of Teen Wolf without them. I’m also with Liz on the Scalia train. I’m actually super excited to see that potential relationship blossom, and I hope it actually goes somewhere. I’ve always been a Stydia shipper, but LOVED Malia and I’m glad her and Scott possibly get a chance.

Lyra: Look… Stydia is gonna happen. That’s inevitable. But I wish MTV was brave enough to jump on the Sterek train. It’d be beautiful, and you know they teased Stiles and Derek because plenty of people still ship it. Until then I’ll cry over Sterek getting together in fics and cry over Stydia on-screen. Note: Both are happy tears.

What’s ONE thing you want to see happen before it’s all over?

Chloe: There’s so much I’d like to see out of these last ten episodes, but what will make my heart the happiest is anything and everything Stydia. It doesn’t have to be a sex scene – though, wouldn’t say no – but as I said above, I want to see the payoff now that Stiles and Lydia are actually together.

Liz: I really need a Stiles/Malia scene, cause I feel like we never got closure with them! We just had to figure out that they broke up. It was a kind of shitty move on the writers’ part to just never bring up their relationship ever again and pretend like it never happened. I don’t even need them to talk about the breakup; I just need them to interact and be friends again.

Caryn: Is it too much to ask for a Stydia sex scene? Well in that case, I agree with Nora – I can’t wait to see Jackson’s reaction to the couple. I would love to see all the old and new characters interacting for a final time as well.

Gwen: I HAVE to see Jackson in his wolf form again. In action. Like, we got such a tease from his last episode in the show and that literally has been on my mind since. What can he do? How does he fight? What does he look like in all his glory!? Also, I want Danny and Isaac. Just round off the show by bringing *everyone* back with no fatalities and everyone living their best life.

Nora: I need some more classic Jackson lines, and I also can’t wait to see the upcoming scene with Jackson and Stydia that Colton teased at SDCC. I’m just really excited to see everyone again, but one big wish would be for us to see Allison in some way, some form again! I just miss her!

Lyra: I want Jackson to ask Scott where he got his juice. Classics are classics for a reason, and I need to see this line again.

Teen Wolf Season 6B premieres tonight, July 30, at 8:00pm on MTV. Stay tuned each week for a new installment of our Teen Wolf Roundtable. 

What’s one thing you’re hoping to see from Season 6B?

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