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Teen Wolf Roundtable: Season 6 Hopes, Dreams, and Predictions

Teen Wolf is back this week, and with it, our Teen Wolf Roundtable. Every week, Fangirlish writers Chloe, Madison, Liz, Caryn, and Gwen will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

We’re kicking the fun off early before tomorrow’s premiere with some hopes, dreams, and predictions for Season 6.

We’re only a day out from Teen Wolf‘s final season premiere. Let’s start things off with a gif showing how you’re feeling.


teen wolf roundtableMadison: 

teen wolf roundtable


teen wolf roundtable(Tbh I’m very nervous/excited/scared for this season. Drinking will help, right? Right.)


teen wolf roundtableGwen:

teen wolf roundtable

A new season means new villains. What are your initial thoughts on the Ghost Riders?

Chloe: For starters, I’m ready to expect the unexpected. It’s rare that we know as much as we do about a new villain at the start of the season, so I’m interested to see how the writers will play off of fan expectations. Beyond that, I’m definitely intrigued by the Ghost Riders – they look cool and scary; their aesthetic, if you will, adds something unique and visually dynamic to the show; and their powers are something we’ve never seen before. If anything, I would love for the writers to use the Ghost Riders to slyly acknowledge past characters who have “fallen through the cracks” after departing the show.

Madison: I’m not going to lie, they seemed incredibly cheesy at first. When they announced these headless horseman prototypes I was incredibly underwhelmed. I will, however, say that after seeing them in the trailer they don’t seem that bad. I’ll have to wait to see them doin’ their thang before I can decide.

Liz: Whenever I hear the phrase “Ghost Riders,” I just think about that Nicholas Cage movie where he played a ghost rider and drove around on motorcycle while on fire. So like, there’s that. All in all, I’m nervous for whatever the Ghost Riders will bring cause it sure as hell isn’t going to be great.

Caryn: I am so intrigued by the Ghost Riders, I love the mystery of them, and I hope they are able to sustain the threat-level and eeriness that we got from the trailer. I think the fact that they make characters forgettable (especially Stiles) will be poignant both physically and emotionally with the characters, and that is what Teen Wolf does so well. It makes us scared, it makes us sad, it makes us love, and it feels right that these should be the villains to end the show.

Gwen: I’m always happy that the show brings in new things for me to learn about. I didn’t know of half of the things they brought in as villains in the past, and I’m very much looking forward to the new baddies. I hope that they’re less physical though…that they cause as little physical harm as possible because I’m really tired of seeing my babies hurt haha.

From the promos MTV has released, it looks like Stiles may well be spending much of this season off-screen. How do you think that will affect the pack dynamic and the show in general?

Chloe: Honestly, at this point I’m just feeling #blessed that Dylan O’Brien is still on the show. His schedule has to be insane, and I’m so glad that he’s sticking it out to the end as much as he can. I don’t like the prospect of a “Stiles-lite” season, but if we’ve learned anything from 3B, it’s that Teen Wolf thrives when Stiles is in danger (as much as that emotionally pains me). I am very interested to see how his absence – not just physically, but his very memory – affects each member of the pack, not to mention Stilinski.

Madison: It’s no surprise that we won’t be seeing a lot of Dylan O’Brien this season. We all expected it. I do hope they find a way to entangle his spirit into the show – because he was one of the big forms of comedic element that was constant for all of us ongoing fans. Might I suggest voiceovers? Maybe Stiles’ voice communicates to Lydia through her brain? Banshee powers? Something? (This is a little bit me just saying I’m going to miss his face.)

Liz: I’m so tired of Stiles, guys. Like don’t get me wrong, he’s one of my favorites, but can this show please go back to being about THE teen wolf? Scott McCall deserves some major plots. But obviously, this is going to have a huge influence on the pack. It’s probably gonna hurt the pack dynamic which is like not super chill.

Caryn: Stiles (along with Scott) is the heart of the show. Him not being around will have a significant effect on the characters, and I think the loss of him will be felt dramatically. It is a great plot device (just like making him the villain was) and just shows how much the character of Stiles has progressed – from a comedic device to the emotional crux of the show. Everyone will feel the loss of Stiles, and god I hope he won’t be off-screen for too long.

Gwen: I’m sad we won’t be getting as much Stiles this season and I’m sad of the possibility of his character potentially not having a big final farewell scene. I think the pack benefits from having Stiles. To reference last week’s Supergirl when Winn told James that essentially guys like them help fight with knowledge and there’s no shame in that. Without Stiles I feel like the pack is always missing that element of knowledge. They might struggle with what to do and know they can do something and will probably be really close to figuring it out but can’t quite get there without him. And with the idea of Stiles becoming completely forgotten, there might be moments where a sliver of What Would Stiles Do peeks through in the form of remembering him.

Let’s talk relationships. With Kira out of the picture, Scott is single for the first time in a few seasons. What do you see happening there? Do you ultimately hope to see him single or in a relationship when the series ends?

Chloe: I loved Allison and I loved Kira, but I’m happy to see Scott on his own right now. He needs to grow and step up now more than ever to find what’s missing in his life (Stiles), groom Liam for Alpha status, and prepare the pack – and Beacon Hills – to survive without him. I wouldn’t mind seeing Scott finish out the series solo (maybe with a hint of a flirtation), heading off to college and the prospect of a (mostly) new life.

Madison: Scott needs to grow. I loved Kira and I loved Allison, but Scott needs some time to himself. I hope this season he explores himself and his leadership ability – and of course, y’know, finds his buddy.

Liz: I hope Scott stays single to be honest. I don’t want any new relationship to feel rushed or forced. Let the boy be by himself for a bit. He’s got a lot to deal with.

Caryn: I don’t even know who Scott would be with at this point. Malia? If the writing is convincing enough I could probably ship it. I really loved Scott and Allison and her death left me heartbroken, but even if they end the season with Scott single, I could believe it. As long as Scott is being a badass and a cute puppy at the same time, he could date all the girls in Beacon Hills and I would not mind.

Gwen: I feel that Kira was a part of the healing process for Scott. He lost the love of his life and needed that person to re-ground him. To become his new anchor. Not saying she was the rebound, but he needed her. Now that he doesn’t, I figure this is a new beginning for Scott. I hope he can realize the potential he has and that love comes and goes but it doesn’t make or break you. I basically want him to be single for the remainder of the show. I want to see what he can do.

Of course, there’s also the question of Stydia. Are they going for it? Should they go for it?

Chloe: I’ve said this before, admittedly, but I think it’s finally time. And I am beyond here for it. Stydia is basically my hope for the season.

Madison: YES. YES. YES. YES. YES.

Liz: I’m not a Stydia shipper, so honestly, I don’t think they should get together.

Caryn: They should! I have been waiting 84 years for these two to get together, but I always figured it would happen towards the end. And it’s the end now. So the payday is coming. But seriously, I feel like the time is right, they both have grown so much since Season 1 and they have learnt to love and respect each other on a deeper level. Plus the Season 6 promos make it seem that my wish might become a reality. Brb just praying for Stydia again quickly.

Gwen: Stydia has been a slow, painful burn. I personally have nothing against the ship, but I feel like giving it to us at the end would be a cop out in a way..maybe even a slap in the face? Some of us have waited so long and sure in the recent seasons there seemed to have been hints at their ever growing relationship, but we never got it. I truly believe that these two were meant to be best friends, though. They belong together but thrive better platonically. I’ll be happy either way though…if they end up in a relationship I hope the progression is lovely and not just rushed for the sake of giving us resolution. Or who knows, it could be a time skip and they start off the season already together!

What’s one thing you’d like to see from the season premiere?

Chloe: Aside from some solid Stydia moments, I agree with Madison’s thoughts below. It’s the final season, so it’s time to really buckle down and focus on the established characters. I think the season will be more impactful without a ton of exposition.

Madison: I need Jeff Davis to stop focusing on new characters. I get that he thinks along the lines of, “Let me introduce a new set of people. It’ll be like a breath of fresh air.” But honestly – HONESTLY – we don’t need any more newbies. I’d love for some focus on our core and established pack.


Caryn: I hope that we can get some closure as to Kira’s exit. We’ve seen so many characters leave throughout the years without any form of explanation or just a brush aside. I hope that they can at least offer Kira some respect and give her character a good explanation as to her exit from the show.

Gwen: I have nothing I hope to see from the premiere because I’m sure they’re going to just set us up for the season. However, I can’t be the only one who hopes for better Derek closure. If he doesn’t pop up at all this season I will be super upset.

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres Tuesday, November 15 at 9:00pm ET on MTV. Stay tuned each week for our Teen Wolf Roundtable.

What are your hopes and/or predictions for Teen Wolf Season 6?

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