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Teen Wolf SDCC 2016 Interview: Dylan Sprayberry

Liam Dunbar has come a long way since his introduction as a young lacrosse star with some serious anger issues. We’ve seen him become a werewolf, embrace being a part of Scott’s pack, go head-to-head with his own Alpha, and then rejoin the fold, stronger than ever. Though Season 5B threatened those closest to Liam – namely, girlfriend Hayden and BFF Mason – we left off with everyone reunited and safe.

That said – where will we pick up with Liam in Season 6, and where does he go from here? “You can tell he’s grown up a little bit. All of these things that have happened the past couple seasons have made him who he is now,” Dylan Sprayberry said. “We pick up and see that Liam and Mason are still best friends – everything’s fine with them and they’re still partners in crime – and that his relationship with his girlfriend, Hayden, is much more adult-like. All the stuff they’ve been through has really brought them closer together and forced them to grow up.”

While Liam continues to mature, both as a person and a werewolf, it’s natural to wonder whether we may see this “baby Beta” become an Alpha in his own right. “That’s never gonna be a main storyline, I don’t think – at least for now,” Sprayberry shared. “But it’s always the underlying goal for Liam, and also for Scott. Scott wants to push him in the right direction so that one day he can be a leader, and they both know it’s an unspoken thing with them. That’s what they’re always striving for.”

Watch our interview with Dylan Sprayberry below, in which he discusses growing up on Teen Wolf and what he’s learned from his character.

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres Tuesday, November 15 on MTV.

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