Teen Wolf SDCC 2016 Interview: Jeff Davis

teen wolf sdcc jeff davis

As much fun as it is to catch up with our Beacon Hills favorites, talking with the man behind Teen Wolf is always a privilege. Executive Producer Jeff Davis is an incredible source of knowledge and enthusiasm for the show, and the Season 6 teasers he offered at San Diego Comic-Con did not disappoint.

Going into SDCC, we knew very little about the upcoming season of Teen Wolf. Since Season 5B wrapped up many of the show’s ongoing storylines quite neatly – from Theo and the Beast to Kira’s struggles with her powers and even the lingering influence of Allison Argent (RIP) – it was hard to even begin to speculate what might be in-store going forward. If you thought that the 5B finale felt like a final sendoff, you weren’t alone. “I kind of thought 5×20 was going to be a series finale,” Davis said. “We’ve written a few season finales that actually felt like series finales – partly because we treat each season like it’s its own book. I feel like [each season] should have its own ending. Cliffhangers are usually there just to throw a good question or a good teaser for the next season.”

With the only major cliffhanger from last season being the wet footprints of the Nazi werewolf, we had to wonder how Jeff and the writers decided where the story would head next. “A lot of times, these seasons get dictated by, ‘What’s the new mythology we feel like pursuing?'” Davis said. “The Wild Hunt and the Ghost Riders lent themselves to a lot of things that we needed to do in this new season. But you’ll see. The jumping off point was the mythology and this new mystery we’ve come up with.”

“The Wild Hunt and the Ghost Riders lent themselves to a lot of things that we needed to do this season.” – Jeff Davis

Though the Nazi werewolf will certainly have a part to play in Season 6 (“You’re going to see who [those footprints] belong to, and you’re going to see the moment of breaking out,” Jeff teased), it seems that the central mystery will be influenced by the Ghost Riders. “We tie the Ghost Riders into the real-world mythology of mass disappearances,” Davis said. “You’ll see how this affects things in a bit of a global way. Our Beacon Hills kids do actually venture well out of Beacon Hills in this season.” You know how we love a good road trip in the Jeep – though with Stiles apparently in the most direct danger from these new villains, we’re not sure how pleasant this one will turn out to be.

“Our Beacon Hills kids do actually venture well out of Beacon Hills in this season.” – Jeff Davis

As much as the mystery and action will take center stage this season, we of course also had to touch on the relationship aspect of Teen Wolf. Though Jeff couldn’t expand on the “definitive” Stydia moment he has previously teased for the Season 6 premiere, he did touch on what we can expect to see in the romance department overall. “We’re building the romances that we’ve been concentrating on in Season 5 and throughout the seasons. I think it’s an interesting season for Scott to go it alone, actually. The writers have been concentrating on Liam and Hayden and Mason and Corey – I like seeing where those two relationships head,” he said.

While we hope to see some major developments for our favorite couples this season, the threat of the Ghost Riders and what they can do has certainly captured our attention. “We really went for mystery, the kind of ghost story this season, and I give great credit to the writers for taking the reins and really running with it – reins, pun intended,” Jeff said.

Watch our interview with Jeff Davis below, in which he talks about representation on Teen Wolf and taking a step back for Season 6.

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres Tuesday, November 15 on MTV.

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