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‘Teen Wolf’ at SDCC: Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver Tease Their Return to Beacon Hills

When we learned that Teen Wolf was coming to an end, one of the major questions on fans’ minds was whether we’d see any familiar faces return to Beacon Hills before it’s all over. MTV has not disappointed in that department, with the trailer for the upcoming season teasing appearances by Tyler Hoechlin (Derek), Colton Haynes (Jackson), and Charlie Carver (Ethan). During San Diego Comic-Con, we had the chance to chat with two of these fan favorites – Charlie and Colton – about coming back to the show and what being a part of Teen Wolf has meant to them.

From the fans to the cast and creators, Teen Wolf really is a pack. This was made clear once again in just how these familiar faces made their way back onto the show. “This cast really loves one another so much,” Charlie Carver said. “Even if we didn’t get to work together before, we all know each other and hang out all the time. So when the proposition of coming back for 6B happened, we all called each other up and said, Are you doing it? You better do it, you better do it, you better do it. Okay, we’re all doing it. We’re all coming back.

“When the proposition of coming back for 6B happened, we all called each other up and said, Are you doing it? You better do it, you better do it, you better do it. Okay, we’re all doing it. We’re all coming back.” – Charlie Carver

We’ll be very interested to see exactly where we pick up with Ethan and Jackson, especially because it’s been years since they last appeared on Teen Wolf. We last saw Ethan during Season 3B, when he left boyfriend Danny and Beacon Hills itself behind after the death of his brother Aiden. Jackson hasn’t appeared since the end of Season 2, when he successfully transforms into a werewolf (after spending the season out of control as a Kanima) and subsequently moves to London.

With all of the time that has passed, it’s understandable that we’ll see a different side of both of these characters when they return – particularly Jackson, who had a very antagonistic relationship with Scott and Stiles at the beginning of the series. “He’s grown a lot,” Colton Haynes said. “Maybe it’s because he’s been in Europe forever. He’s still a little arrogant. There are a bunch of scenes were people go, Oh my god, you’re Jackson Whittemore, and it kind of reminds him like, Oh, I am Jackson Whittemore. He forgot that he had that influence.”

We saw one such moment in action during a clip that was aired during Teen Wolf‘s SDCC panel, which showed Jackson and Ethan returning to Beacon Hills High. Many fans were thrilled to see Jackson seeming to check out both a girl and a guy in the hallway. When asked about that aspect of the scene, Colton threw it back to an old-school quote: “Jackson is everyone’s type. He likes the attention – I can say that.”

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As for Ethan, Charlie is looking forward to revisiting this character after he made the shift from a villain to one of the good guys over the course of Season 3. “I think [Ethan] had to go figure out who he was,” Carver said. “He lost his brother, so [we’re back] three years later on the other side of grief, with some new, exciting things happening in his life.”

One thing that has us very curious is the fact that Jackson and Ethan never actually met during their prior time on the show. Since Jackson was in Europe, we had to ask Colton and Charlie what we should expect from their dynamic. “They have formed a very strong bond,” Haynes teased. “The story’s such a big story between the two of them – and also with the four main original cast. I will say that certain characters helped other people get ahold of me [as Jackson] so that we could bring me back.”

Charlie hinted that a major conflict in Beacon Hills may be what ultimately brings Ethan and Jackson back to town. “There’s a full-on war going on in this season, and Scott’s gonna need everybody back,” he said. “Ethan and Jackson spend a lot of time trying to help out.”

While we’re excited to see the relationships between these two characters and all of our Teen Wolf favorites develop during 6B, there was one dynamic in particular that we were dying to know about. Given that Jackson used to date Lydia and, well, hate Stiles, what will a Jackson / Stydia reunion look like?

“That’s a really fun scene that we shot. It’s really awkward,” Colton said. While he confirmed that there won’t be jealousy from Jackson’s end, he added, “There is a very awkward tone to the scene. Some stuff’s revealed.”

Watch our full interviews with Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver below for more fun Teen Wolf insight – including how Colton pranked Holland Roden about the potential reboot and whether Jackson misses Danny.

Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday, July 30 at 8pm on MTV. Don’t miss our spoiler-free review of the premiere episode, “Said the Spider to the Fly” – and stay tuned for the rest of our interviews with Beacon Hills’ best from SDCC!

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