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‘Teen Wolf’ at SDCC: Tyler Posey & Melissa Ponzio Bring the McCall Family Feels

As much as we love the whole pack, from the very beginning, Teen Wolf has first and foremost been a story about Scott McCall. We’ve watched the teen wolf grow from an inexperienced Beta to a True Alpha – a wise, respected leader with his own pack. And of course, he had Mama McCall to provide support, badassery, and unbeatable pep talks along the way. As we enter Teen Wolf‘s final ten episodes, we were thrilled to have the chance to speak with both Tyler Posey and Melissa Ponzio at San Diego Comic-Con for one last dose of McCall family feels.

Fans who have followed Scott’s journey from the beginning are understandably anxious – and excited – to see how it ends. Executive Producer Jeff Davis said that the question of Scott’s arc was the first one raised as the writers went about crafting the finale – and according to Posey, Scott’s ending in one word is “complete.” “When we first meet [Scott], he’s this troubled kid – all he wants to do is be noticed, be popular in school, and be good at sports. And he gets all that, but he’s also a werewolf now, so he has to deal with the consequences – survival, and trying to save his friends’ lives and himself,” Posey said. “He has a whirlwind of shit around him, and you finally kind of see him smile and relax. It’s really cool.”

teen wolf tyler posey melissa ponzio

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As for what these next ten episodes will hold for Scott? Tyler didn’t offer too many specifics, but Melissa Ponzio revealed that the prospect of a Mama McCall / Argent relationship will definitely be addressed by the McCall family. (Melissa and Argent shared a passionate kiss towards the end of Season 6A.) So just how will Scott react to his mom and his dead ex-girlfriend’s father maybe getting together?

“I think he explores that [a lot] in the next ten episodes, so we’ll see where it goes,” Ponzio teased. “I like to say, once you land a big kiss on somebody like that, you’ve gotta talk about it. You can’t just blow that over. So we’ll have to see where that takes us as a family.”

This is also a big season behind the camera for Posey in particular, who will make his directorial debut with Episode 6×13. Though he couldn’t say too much about what fans should expect, Tyler had nothing but good things to say about the experience. “When I got an episode, I knew that in Teen Wolf fashion, there would be some crazy shit that’s gonna happen,” he said. “I was excited to see what it was going to be, and then I finally read it and figured it out and was nervous, excited, and honored […] to pull it off.”

Putting his own artistic take on the Beacon Hills world was something Tyler was eager to do. “When I read a script of Teen Wolf, I always kind of envision it in my head. It was always somewhat similar to the way it turns out, but there are certain things that I would like to see with the show, which is why I wanted to direct – to get my vision across. What I see in the script when I first get it,” he said. “So you guys are in my head a little bit. […] I’m really excited to show everybody.”

If the prospect of a Tyler Posey-directed episode of Teen Wolf doesn’t feel like enough of a love letter to the fans, here are Posey’s own parting words for all of you: “I will always love and remember you guys. You’ve allowed me to be really open about myself and the things that I go through, and I really appreciate it.”

“I will always love and remember you guys. You’ve allowed me to be really open about myself and the things that I go through, and I really appreciate it.” – Tyler Posey


Melissa also shared some Mama McCall words of wisdom, just for fans of the show: “Thank you for being there through thick and thin. Thank you for supporting and loving us even when maybe you didn’t like what was happening on the show. It’s a lot of responsibility to write well for established characters, and I think Jeff and all the writers have tried to do that over the seasons […] and I think that he’s done justice to Beacon Hills and what he created there. We’re all very honored and grateful to be a part of it.”

Watch our full interviews with Tyler Posey and Melissa Ponzio below for more reflection on the end of Teen Wolf – including Posey’s memories of working with Dylan O’Brien (“It was the greatest”) and whether Scalia breaks the bro code.

Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday, July 30 at 8pm on MTV. Don’t miss our spoiler-free review of the premiere episode, “Said the Spider to the Fly.”

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