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Teen Wolf Season 6 to Premiere This Fall, Plus Scott’s Relationship Status Revealed

Let’s be real: we’re all rabid for any and all news about Teen Wolf Season 6. While the MTV show’s return to San Diego Comic-Con later this month should bring some long-awaited answers, we’re thrilled to have a few tidbits of Teen Wolf news to share right now – including when to expect new episodes and what to expect from True Alpha Scott McCall when that day comes.

Speculation about when MTV will bless us with Season 6 has been running wild, especially with Dylan O’Brien presumably still on the mend. Though we still don’t have an exact date, the Teen Wolf Twitter revealed yesterday that the show will return this fall. The premiere date will likely be revealed at SDCC, along with the official first look at the upcoming season.

While an approximation of when to expect new Teen Wolf episodes isn’t much to go off of, Tyler Posey and Executive Producer Jeff Davis did reveal something more specific about what lies ahead for Scott McCall: his relationship status. While the title teen wolf has pretty much always had romance in his life – from his epic first love with Allison to more of a “romantic comedy” dynamic (as Jeff Davis puts it) with Kira – in Season 6, Scott will be a true lone wolf.

“This season sees Scott as a single guy just trying to graduate and be there for his friends while facing yet another supernatural crisis,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly. “This is something that we the writers have talked to Tyler [Posey] about. He’s alternately said that he loves the romance and then he also wonders what Scott would be like if he’s single and just out on his own and more of the lone wolf this season.”

Tyler Posey is excited about exploring this new, single Scott – especially because it’s an experience he personally relates to. “This is the first two years I’m really single, so I relate to it with Scott and I thought it was something that every person has to go through in their life, grow on their own and really figure out who they are,” he said. “That’s kind of what’s going on with Scott.”

With Arden Cho’s (Kira Yukimura) departure from the show, having Scott take some time for himself (and “[keep] his eyes on the prize,” as Posey puts it) seems like a smart move for Teen Wolf. It will be interesting to see Scott focusing on himself and his pack – much more interesting than seeing him jump into a new relationship with a character fans are unfamiliar with. This tweet sums it up pretty nicely:

That said, with romance being an integral element of Teen Wolf, one does have to wonder which relationship will now take center stage. Liam and Hayden? Stiles and Malia? Stiles and Lydia, even? We’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for more Teen Wolf Season 6 news, as well as our coverage from Comic-Con.

What are your thoughts on Scott’s new relationship status?

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