‘Teen Wolf’: The ABCs of Stydia

teen wolf stydia

We’re still eagerly waiting to see Teen Wolf‘s final ten episodes, but thanks to Season 6A, we already have plenty to be thankful for – particularly in the shipping department. Fans of Stydia (the ship pairing resident human Stiles with banshee queen Lydia) have been waiting for their two faves to get together since Season 1 – something that at times seemed like it would never happen. The hit MTV show’s midseason finale put fears that they wouldn’t get together to rest, with Stiles and Lydia sharing their first real kiss.

As Stydia fans know, that kiss was a major moment – but there’s so much more to celebrate from past episodes of Teen Wolf. The moments that gave us hope, and the moments that kept us holding on.

While we could go on forever about our favorite Beacon Hills couple, we’ll start with the letters of the alphabet. Read on for a list of ABCs that breaks down all the things we love about Stydia.

A is for Always

teen wolf stydia

We’ve had Stydia on our radar since Teen Wolf‘s pilot episode, when we meet Stiles – and learn that he’s had a crush on Lydia, who barely knows he exists, since they were kids. While each of them had other relationships before they ever shared a real kiss, we knew from the start that this ship was the always kind.

B is for Bear Traps

teen wolf stydia

We can’t say we ever thought bear traps could be considered romantic, but Teen Wolf is full of surprises. Stiles saved Lydia from losing her foot to a bear trap, thanks not only to his smarts but also her words of encouragement. Teamwork makes the dream work.

C is for Crying

teen wolf stydia

We hate to see our Beacon Hills babes in distress, but it doesn’t get much better than hearing the words “I think you look really beautiful when you cry.” I think Stiles’ jacket is made of boyfriend material.

D is for Detective Work

teen wolf stydia

Over the years, the pack has faced more than their fair share of mysteries – and seeing Stiles and Lydia develop into a dynamic detective duo became one of our greatest joys. We could watch them follow clues and solve problems all day, every day.

E is for Endgame

We’ll just leave this here.

F is for Figuring It Out

As Lydia points out on multiple occasions, Stiles is the one who always figures it out. And she’s not so bad at that herself, either. They’re both brilliant (and much smarter than most people initially gave them credit for), and we love to see them working together to find the answers no one else can.

G is for Ghost Riders

teen wolf stydia

We’ll be honest: we have kind of a love/hate relationship with the Ghost Riders. On the one hand, the creeptastic villains introduced in Season 6A literally erased Stiles from existence. On the other, that’s what ultimately brought Stiles and Lydia together. I guess we’ll call it even?

H is for Holding Hands

teen wolf stydia

Three words: sign me up.

I is for “I Think I Loved Him”

teen wolf stydia

This line took my breath away – and I don’t think I’m alone in that. Since Stydia’s beginning, one of the main obstacles for the ship has been whether Lydia had feelings for Stiles, too. In a classic case of you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, it took Stiles being literally erased from our world for her to realize and acknowledge just how much he meant to her.

J is for (More Than) Just Friends

We love a good friends-to-lovers story, and Teen Wolf gave us a beautiful long game with Stydia. The wait wasn’t always easy, but it sure was worth it.

K is for Kissing

teen wolf stydia

Their first kiss was the one that ultimately brought Stiles back from the ghost realm. And their second was the one that sent all of us there. #DEAD.

L is for Lacrosse Games

teen wolf stydia

Lacrosse has played a significant role over Teen Wolf‘s six seasons, from being a source of rivalry to introducing new characters (including our bby Liam). One of our favorite lacrosse moments was Stiles’ big game early on – the one when Lydia finally started paying attention. Her applause and proud eyes say it all.

M is for Memories

teen wolf stydia

Does it get any more epic than the memory of Stiles and Lydia’s (at that point) one kiss – not even a real, romantic kiss, but one meant to stop Stiles’ panic attack – being the final push needed to open the Rift and bring him back into existence? We didn’t think so.

N is for “No!”

teen wolf stydia

A.K.A. The moment when Lydia literally tackled Stiles to save him from an explosion. Talk about badass.

O is for OTP

There are so many couples to love on Teen Wolf – from the tragic love story of Scott and Allison to the unexpected but oh-so-perfect pairing of Argent and Mama McCall. But Stydia always has been and always will be our favorite. Seeing Stiles and Lydia’s relationship evolve over the years to a point where they both truly understand and complete each other has been everything.

P is for Panic Attack

teen wolf stydia

When Lydia kissed Stiles to stop his panic attack, he held his breath – as did the Stydia fandom as a whole. It was an incredibly powerful scene in the moment, and one that became even more important during Season 6A (see the letter “M”).

Q is for Quality Time

For some reason, during various points in the show – particularly during Seasons 1 and 2 – Stiles and Lydia ended up spending a lot of time on their own, disregarded by the rest of the pack. While this was a bummer, it ultimately led to them spending more time together. Stiles comforted Lydia when she was crying alone, showed up at her birthday party, and waited for her in the hospital. Lydia really paired up with Stiles from Season 3 on, working on the mystery of the Darach’s sacrifices with him. These moments brought them so much closer together and proved to fans just how great of a pairing they really are.

R is for “Remember I Love You”

teen wolf stydia

There have been moments in Stydia’s history when it seemed like they might never end up together. Stiles had a relationship with Malia, and Lydia had several boyfriends over the course of the show, not to mention a flirtation with Parrish. Stiles reminding Lydia that he still loved her in his final moments before being erased from reality by the Ghost Riders? Pretty damn good confirmation that this ship is endgame.

Bonus mention: Reese’s, the original perfect combination.

S is for Six Seasons

As in, how long it took for Stiles and Lydia to become (what seems like) an official couple. Talk about playing the long game. It wasn’t an easy wait, but it was undeniably worth it. Here’s hoping that Season 6B brings us more to love.

T is for Ten-Year Plans

Imagine someone being so sure of their feelings for you that they created a ten-year plan to win you over. Maybe an iffy idea in some circumstances, but when it comes to Stiles and Lydia? Swoon. Stiles was patient, dedicated, and willing to prove himself – and it paid off in a big way.

U is for Unspoken Connection

teen wolf stydia

This is one of those lines that comes up again and again, and hits right in the feels a little harder each time. Maybe Stiles was stretching a bit when he first said it, but when the time came for the ice bath sacrifices? There was no denying the truth behind the statement. Stiles and Lydia’s connection was unmistakable.

V is for Valack

What is it with villains bringing Stiles and Lydia closer together? Dr. Valack was a real asshole, but his evil scheme to weaponize Lydia’s banshee powers resulted in a rescue mission that melted our hearts. Stiles found Lydia in the depths of the tunnels beneath Beacon Hills and saved her life when she almost succumbed to her powers. Our hearts still haven’t recovered.

W is for Winter Formal

teen wolf stydia

When Lydia first gave Stiles a chance, and when he first showed her just how much she really meant to him. She’s not just a pretty face – and at that point, he was maybe the only person who knew it.

X is for X’s and O’s

So far, we’ve had two perfect Stiles and Lydia kisses – not to mention some swoon-worthy hugs. Here’s to many more before the series finale airs.

Y is for “You Don’t Have To”

teen wolf stydia

When the time finally came for Lydia to reveal her newly realized feelings to Stiles, he found that he didn’t need to hear it. He knew it all along.

Z is for Zero Chill

As in, us when we first saw the Stydia kiss from “Riders on the Storm.” No regrets.

teen wolf stydia

Have your own ABCs of Stydia? Let us know in the comments!

Teen Wolf will return to MTV for its final episodes this summer.

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