Teen Wolf: 15 Swoon-Worthy Stydia Moments

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so there’s no better time to celebrate our favorite ships. There are endless pairings worthy of a little extra love this week (keep an eye out for pieces on couples from Arrow and more), but my favorite has always been Teen Wolf‘s Stiles and Lydia.

It was the love story many Teen Wolf fans hoped and prayed for for years, never quite knowing if it would actually happen. Stiles’ longtime crush on Lydia was introduced in the pilot episode, but it wasn’t until the end of Season 6A last month that we finally (FINALLY!) got confirmation that Lydia had fallen for him, too – not to mention their first real kiss. Needless to say, Teen Wolf‘s writers and Stydia fans know how to play the long game. But thanks to Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden, it’s definitely been worth the wait.

Here are 15 moments that made us swoon and fall in love with all things Stydia:

1. The moment Stydia was born.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Yeah, this was kind of an “ouch” moment for Stiles. But everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? An unrequited crush (with a ten-year plan, no less) was the perfect baseline for all the moments to come.

2. The moment they danced.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Speaking of unrequited crushes, the winter formal showed us just how serious Stiles was about his. Stiles’ attraction to Lydia was never purely based on her looks or her popularity. From the very beginning, he paid attention to her and noticed things most people didn’t – like just how smart she really was. He took her by surprise and was rewarded with a dance.

3. The moment when he comforted her.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

“Because I think you look really beautiful when you cry.” Have purer words ever been spoken?

4. The moment when he almost went out of his freaking mind.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

This was another one of the first times that Stiles showed Lydia his feelings were more than just a schoolboy crush. Lydia was dealing with a lot and not getting much support from Jackson (who was contending with his lizard problems), so Stiles reminding her that she matters was so important.

5. The moment she started paying attention to him.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Sure, Stiles may have piqued her interest before this, but the big lacrosse game was when we really saw Lydia start paying attention to him. That smile and applause are all for Stiles – he finally got her undivided attention.

6. The moment they kissed.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

I think the Stydia fandom as a whole held its breath along with Stiles when Lydia kissed him to stop his panic attack. This scene caused all the feels, both in the moment and when it was revisited during Season 6A (more on that later).

7. The moment they shared with the red string.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Beyond the symbolism of the red string of fate, this scene reinforced how Stiles and Lydia believe in each other. She felt bad for getting him in trouble, but he encouraged her to keep following her instincts – and reminded her that he’d follow right along, too.

 8. The moment they faced danger in the woods.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

When Stiles kept Lydia from losing her foot to a bear trap in the woods, it wasn’t just his smarts that saved the day – it was her words of encouragement. Teamwork makes the dream work.

9. The moment their connection was clearer than ever.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Stiles and Lydia’s emotional tether had been referenced before on Teen Wolf, but her subconsciously tuning in with his MRI was one of the first times we really saw it in action.

10. The moment he saved her life.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Lydia endured hell in Eichen House, and Valack’s efforts to weaponize her banshee abilities put her friends and her entire town in danger. When Stiles finally found her, she tried to get him to run and save himself, but he put his foot down. He wasn’t going anywhere without her.

11. The moment he almost lost her.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Remember that time Lydia was basically dead for a hot second?! Stiles was there, begging her to come back to the living – to him – and was the first thing she saw when she came to. “Stiles saved me.” Talk about a beautiful (albeit hella stressful) moment.

12. The moment we’d never forget.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Between Stiles’ relationship with Malia and Lydia’s flirtation with Parrish (not to mention past flings), Stydia’s future was uncertain for a while. Stiles reminding Lydia that he still loved her in his final moments before being erased from reality by the Ghost Riders? Pretty damn good confirmation that this ship is endgame.

13. The moment she started to realize how she felt.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Since Stydia’s beginning, one of the main obstacles for the ship has been whether Lydia had feelings for Stiles, too. In a classic case of you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, it took Stiles being literally erased from our world for her to realize and acknowledge just how much he meant to her.

14. The moment everything changed.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

Lydia’s memories of Stiles were the final push the pack needed to open the Rift and bring their friend home. Specifically, her memory of the time they kissed (see #6) – which was also the final piece she needed to remember just when she started falling for him. It doesn’t get much more star-crossed than that.

15. The moment to end all moments.

teen wolf stydia valentine's day

“I didn’t say it back.” “You don’t have to.” I don’t think we need to spell out what makes this moment special, either. We knew all along.

What are some of your favorite Stydia moments?

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