New #TeenWolf Season 5 Teaser Warns to “Watch Your Pack”

It’s that time of year again… The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the teasers for the new season of Teen Wolf are starting to roll in! Forget spring; we have too much to fangirl about! We got our first look at Teen Wolf Season 5 during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (April 12). Another short teaser was released yesterday, giving us a very ominous message…

“Watch your pack.” The short but chilling message gives us plenty to think about, especially as the last word morphs, changing the words to “Watch your back.” While the supernatural humans of Beacon Hills and their friends and family have faced off against plenty of terrifying adversaries, they haven’t had to deal with too much internal tension. Sure, friends fight–there have been episodes in which Stiles refuses to speak to Scott or Lydia and Allison snapped at each other–but we’ve always been able to count on the pack having each other’s backs. This new teaser seems to indicate that that may not be the case anymore, especially when combined with this tidbit from Jeff Davis’ interview with BuzzFeed last month:

This is very much a season of secrets and how secrets can break a group of friends apart, and how people can lose faith in each other.

Jeff specifically mentions that “it’ll be interesting to see when Stiles loses faith in Scott, where his relationship with Malia is tested and broken.” But with the new video–one of the first sneak peeks released for Season 5–entirely dedicated to the theme of watching your pack/back, we have to think that the McCall pack as a whole will be in for some major internal conflict. Whether this will be due to supernatural influences (think the fireflies possessing people in 3B) or entirely human tension remains to be seen.

As much as it will hurt our fangirl hearts if we have to see Scott and Stiles (or any of the pack, for that matter) turn against each other, this is one storyline that will definitely take Teen Wolf in a very new and intriguing direction. As Jeff Davis and MTV must have learned with Void Stiles in 3B, taking the core characters to dark places really hits the fandom where it hurts–and makes it impossible to stop watching. Along with the terrifying first look at “The Doctors Will See You Now” teaser, this pretty much sums up what we’re expecting from Season 5 thus far:

ronWe can’t wait to experience it with you, and we’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the new season!

What do you make of the “Watch Your Pack” teaser?

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