#TeenWolf’s Senior Year: 5 Things We’d Like to See

In case you missed it, Jeff Davis revealed that Teen Wolf‘s fifth season will cover senior year at Beacon Hills High during an interview at MCM London Comic Con. The next 20 episodes will offer plenty of opportunities for the show’s signature twists and turns (including one overarching story arc, most likely with a big cliffhanger in the middle), shirtless scenes, hook-ups, and humor… But let’s be real, what we’re dying to know is which senior year traditions we’ll be seeing on-screen next season. Here are five things we would love to see Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, & Co. experience during their senior year:

1. Senior Spirit Week


Though our favorite Beacon Hills High students have never shown an overabundance of school spirit off the lacrosse field, we have to hope that at least some of them would participate in a Senior Spirit Week. Here are a few of our ideas for spirit days:

  • Dress for the Job You Want – Stiles borrowing a police uniform from his dad? Lydia wearing a lab coat and still looking fab? Yes please.
  • Beacon Hills Spirit – Beyond lacrosse uniforms, we haven’t really seen students dressing to represent their school. As much as we love Teen Wolf‘s wardrobe, the lack of high school spirit-wear is a little unrealistic. Plus, seeing the group all together in BHHS hoodies and t-shirts would be totally adorable (and, yes, we’d love some official designs for this apparel). This would also be a great opportunity for a tie-in to a lacrosse match.
  • College Gear – Similarly, the Beacon Hills High students going the college route should get a chance to show off their school of choice via their wardrobe.

Do you have more Spirit Week ideas? Let us know in the comments.

2. Senior Prank


Considering that Scott and Stiles were able to rig everything in Coach’s office to collapse when he opened his birthday present on Mischief Night, you just know that they would come up with something epic for the Beacon Hills High senior prank. What form would this prank take? We’ll leave that to the masterminds. But hiring a mariachi band to follow Coach around does sound right up Scott and Stiles’ alley, just saying.

3. Senior Trip


Bringing the seniors from Beacon Hills to, say, a retreat similar to Lydia’s lake house would provide an interesting episode set-up by creating new scenarios both for the traveling group and those left at home. An iconic trip to a city like San Francisco or even Washington, D.C. would also be really cool, but a more remote location provides more opportunities for conversation and plot development (and it’s easier on the budget). A senior trip would be a great chance for some of the core group–Scott, Stiles, and Lydia–to share some meaningful scenes again (something that we missed in Season 4) while still allowing the newer characters development. With Liam, Mason, Derek, and Peter (to name a few) left behind, there would be plenty of opportunities for a second plot back in Beacon Hills within the episode. Teenagers plus travel also tends to equal hook-ups, so we could hopefully look forward to some romantic moments, too–Scira, Stalia, or maybe even Stydia? Either way, a senior trip episode could be an awesome addition to Season 5, especially if it were pulled off as well as “Motel California” (which also took Teen Wolf on the road).

4. College Applications


And now for a more traditional staple of senior year–college applications. We’ll be seriously surprised if these don’t play a role in Season 5, even with questions of what would happen to Beacon Hills if Scott & Co. left for college and what splitting the group up would mean for the show. However, on a more lighthearted note, college applications would also provide plenty of fodder for the plot. Considering the fact that supernatural struggles have taken up much of the seniors’ time for the past few years, we could definitely see some of them panicking about not having enough extracurriculars or trying to fit in some last-minute community service before application deadlines. This could be hilarious–think Stiles having to convince Malia to join a few clubs to pad her applications or Coach writing letters of recommendation, for example–but could also have significant implications for the season’s story arc. Will writing personal statements and applying for scholarships keep some of the group too busy to join in the fight against the big bad? Only time will tell.

5. Graduation


Of course, Teen Wolf‘s senior year wouldn’t be complete without graduation. While we have to hope that Scott & Co.’s commencement from Beacon Hills High wouldn’t mean the end of the show (Undergrad Wolf just doesn’t have the same ring to it), graduation is an important milestone that we definitely want to see on-screen. Just think of the possibilities: Lydia’s valedictorian speech, everyone getting their diplomas (with cuts to Mama McCall and the Sheriff proud and teary-eyed in the audience), maybe finally putting a face to Greenberg… It’s going to be beautiful (and maybe a little cheesy), and we’re going to love every minute of it. And if the season’s big bad should happen to interrupt the ceremony instead? That would be awesome, too.

What senior year traditions and experiences are you hoping to see in Season 5? Let us know in the comments!

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