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#Thankful Week: 10 Things We’re Thankful for from #TheOriginals

#Thankful Week: 10 Things We’re Thankful for from #TheOriginals

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve thought about all of the wonderful things that Warner Bros. and The CW have given us with The Originals There are so many things to be thankful for on The CW’s hit show, beyond just celebrating the glorious Joseph Morgan.

So as we prepare to feast on turkey surrounded by friends and family on Thursday, we’re spending some time with our Originals family. Here are 10 things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving about The Originals:

1. The obvious – Klaus. 


As much as you want to hate Klaus, you can’t help but love him. One thing that we have grown to see this season is that Klaus has definitely regained his humanity – which we believe is brought on by his love for his daughter. Either way, we’ll take it – because he draws you in, sinks his teeth in your neck, and doesn’t let you go. Klaus Mikaelson is one of the best written characters on television.

2. New Orleans


We get bored sometimes – with where television is set that is. But the great thing, you never know what kind of beauty that you will see in this show. Whether you are watching the cast in the bayou or in the center of New Orleans, you know that you are going to see a beautiful city. It draws you in just as much as the characters, and one can’t help but love that.

3. The Magic. 


Now, we have our issues with some witches – nobody likes that cray cray Esther, but we can all agree – I hope – that at the very least we aren’t dealing with some of the boring ass witches from the first season. Not gonna lie – I miss a cray cray Monique, but I am loving how eloquently the magic is weaved into the story.

4. Josh. 


Whomever came up with the character of Josh needs to be hugged and given a bonus. Because we are telling you right now, WE LOVE HIM! He’s strong and yet vulnerable. He’s full of life and willing to take on whatever he needs to in order to be there for his friends. We’re also thankful that Josh has gotten a boy toy – even if he is a werewolf. Everyone needs love and no one more than Josh.

5. Hayley Being a Hybrid. 


Don’t get us wrong, we love us some Pheobe Tonkin. She’s super sweet in real life (we met her at the Warm Bodies premiere where she talked to us and was way kind) – but as for Hayley – we were aching for that moment of strength that we knew was yet to come. Being a hybrid and loosing her daughter – well, that showed us Hayley’s strength and we’re so thankful that her kick ass-dom has come out.

6. Elijah. 


Don’t you ever, ever fuck with Elijah. Cause we are telling you this, he’s our favorite vampire on this show. He’s sexy in and out of a suit (well we’re guessing out of a suit, cause we don’t see that too often) – and his honor is such an asset to that show. He’s the one who never gives up on anyone and that is what makes us love him. We’re not pleased with what Esther has done to him. We aren’t thankful for her.

7. Davina and Kol’s relationship. 

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We’re pretty sure that Davina is so high strung because she’s not getting enough loving. So even though Kol is a player, we’ll take it in the form of Daniel Sharman. Hell, we’ll sell our souls for Daniel Sharman. But on the serious, Davina and Kol working together, the way that they are stronger together than apart – we’re into this. We feel like it’s nice to see the side of Davina that isn’t so high strung and miserable,  because sometimes with Kol you can see her vulnerability.

8. Cami. 


God, we are going to regret this one – because a lot of the time, we’re wanting to jump through the computer, slap the shit out of Cami, and tell her to stop whining. BUT – we also know that this season, Cami’s developing a sense of strength that she hasn’t had before. And that’s a welcome thing to see. She’s taking life by the balls – which we’re glad about.

9. Hope. 


No one can ever say that Hope doesn’t bring Hope. Cause that’s what she does. Her being alive has changed so many people and we’re stoked. There is a whole bunch of people that will move heaven and earth in order to make sure that she is taken care of and that we appreciate like no other. But Hope’s life also brought us hope as the viewer. Hope that the complexity of this show will continue and we’re loving that.

10. The Originals Writers. 


We know, we know – they aren’t on the show – but one can admit that we wouldn’t have such a kick ass show if it wasn’t for them. So thank you, because without you, we wouldn’t have the show we love so much.


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