Thankful Week: 10 Things We’re Thankful For on #TeenWolf

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re celebrating all the wonderful things that our favorite shows have given us. There are so many things to be thankful for on MTV’s Teen Wolf, from the characters we love (and the ones we love to hate) to the thrilling supernatural encounters and mind-blowing reveals.

So as we prepare to feast on turkey surrounded by friends and family on Thursday, we’re spending some time with our Teen Wolf family. Here are 10 things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving on Teen Wolf:

1. Scott & Stiles’ Bromance


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There are so many reasons to be thankful for Teen Wolf‘s title Alpha–in fact, we shared a few of the reasons why Scott McCall is our hero just last week. And there are also plenty of reasons to appreciate Stiles Stilinski, Scott’s loyal, sarcastic sidekick. Put the two of them together? Magic. Teen Wolf may only be named for Scott, but Scott and Stiles’ friendship is truly the core of the show. They have always been there for each other–through Scott’s first full moon and breakup, Stiles’ possession by the Nogitsune, Scott’s struggles with his Alpha powers and temporarily becoming a Berserker, you name it–and it has been a privilege watching the two of them grow into true leaders among their group, all while maintaining their loyalty to and support of each other.

2. Badass Ladies


The ladies of Teen Wolf are our icons not only because of their enviable style (see #8), but also because of their strength of character. Whether they fight with arrows, claws, electricity, or intellect, one thing is certain: these are not damsels in distress. They have faced heartbreak, kidnapping, attempted murder, and so much more, pulling through stronger than ever. We can’t wait to see more of Lydia and Kira mastering their powers, Malia taking control of the shift, and Mama McCall being both encouraging and badass in the episodes to come.

3. The Ships

Oh, the ships. Whether your favorites are canon or you live for fan fiction and edits on Tumblr, when it comes to Teen Wolf, it’s a bit like that Willy Wonka meme: everything in this show is shippable. You’ve got the all-consuming first love that is Scallison. The unrequited slow burn that is Stydia. The adorableness of Scira. The even slower burn and seemingly universally agreed upon ship of Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski. Then there’s Sterek, the ship that makes dissecting the subtext so delightful. And, of course, you’ve got the platonic friend, family, and mentor relationships… TL;DR: Be prepared for ALL THE FEELS. To quote Ron Weasley, “You’re gonna suffer, but you’re gonna be happy about it.”

4. The Humor

juiceWith ships and supernatural twists and turns galore, our hearts always appreciate the moments when Teen Wolf lightens the tone. Another thing this show has no shortage of? Sarcasm.  Glorious sarcasm. Stiles and Coach are obviously comedy goldmines, but many other characters have their moments, even when (like Isaac), they don’t consider themselves particularly witty. There are so many quotable Teen Wolf one-liners to be thankful for.

5. Secondary Characters Who Play Second Fiddle to No One

As much as we love Teen Wolf‘s core four–Scott, Stiles, Derek, and Lydia–and new additions like Kira, Malia, and Liam, the secondary characters can certainly hold their own. Coach never fails to make us crack up, the Sheriff is by turns hilarious and heartwarming (or heartbreaking–Stilinski family feels are not to be messed with), Mama McCall is always a source of advice and support, and Argent is cool and capable. Since Teen Wolf is presumably intended for, well, teens, it’s especially great to have so many supportive, well-rounded adult characters in addition to the awesome adolescents.

6. A Crash Course in the Paranormal

One of the coolest things about Teen Wolf is how the show delves into a wide variety of mythology. Each season adds new (and often terrifying) supernatural creatures into the mix–and we’re not talking the vampires and zombies that seem to be, well, everywhere these days. Kanimas, banshees, darachs, wendigos… Even the central werewolf mythology is rich and complex, with a hierarchy of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas and the distinction of the True Alpha. With the reveal that Eichen House is Beacon Hills’ own “Arkham Asylum” of sorts for the supernatural, we can’t wait to see which creatures will be featured on the show (and in our nightmares, probably) next season.

7. The Abs


As riveting as the plot of Teen Wolf is, let’s be honest–we could fill up this entire list with ab appreciation. Shirtless scenes are included in Wolf Watch‘s weekly “Wolf Stats” for a reason: there are a lot of them. Not that we’re complaining. A highlight of any Teen Wolf re-watch is enjoying the hard work that Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, Max and Charlie Carver, Daniel Sharman, & Co. put into maintaining their flawless physique. There is so much eye candy to be thankful for.

8. The Fashion


While we never know which supernatural creatures and high school drama our favorite Beacon Hills residents will be facing next, there’s one thing we can always count on: they’ll look fabulous doing it. From Lydia’s flawless dresses and wedges and Kira’s sometimes sporty, sometimes geek-chic, always cute style to Stiles’ endless plaid and clever tees and Derek’s staple leather jacket (and the thumbhole sweater!), Teen Wolf‘s wardrobe truly offers something for all fashion tastes. Even better? Many of the pieces worn on the show are actually pretty reasonably priced–as long as you can find them before they sell out. Luckily, we talked with some Teen Wolf fashion bloggers last month who can help you do just that.

9. Live-Tweeting

Okay, so it’s not technically part of the show, but we are definitely thankful for how many cast members take the time to live-tweet and talk to fans on social media during each episode of Teen Wolf (not to mention the often hilarious tweets from the show’s official account). Behind-the-scenes photos, answers to fan questions, funny stories from set… If you aren’t tuning in to Twitter on Moondays, you’re missing out. In case you need to update your Twitter notification settings for next season, Melissa Ponzio, Linden Ashby, and Meagan Tandy typically live-tweet every week… But you never know who else will decide to weigh in on the latest episode!

10. New Mysteries


What is Parrish? Where is Danny? Who is the Desert Wolf? What else are they keeping locked up in Eichen House? Where is Danny? It wouldn’t be Teen Wolf if the end of each season didn’t leave us dying for more. So while we wait out the hiatus and think longingly of the time when Mondays will become MOONdays again, we are thankful for the many mysteries that will keep us theorizing and blogging for hours on end in the meantime.

What are you thankful for on Teen Wolf?

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