Now that the dreaded midseason hiatus is upon us, we’re looking back at all of the shocking storylines that rocked our favorite shows during their fall finales.

From a death no one expected on Arrow to the kidnapping of a major Scandal character to the death that has fans up in arms on The Walking Dead, these midseason finales shocked us to the point where this month-plus hiatus is going to be nearly unbearable.

Here are the 10 biggest shockers from midseason finales that we’re still talking about:

1. The Death of Oliver Queen, “Arrow”

The folks at Arrow have made it their life’s mission to deliver the most season-finale worthy midseason finales that leave the audience literally asking “What the f&ck?” We have to admit that the decision to “kill” their main character, Oliver Queen, still has us crying, screaming and swearing just thinking about it. We know that Oliver won’t stay dead (rumor has it he’ll return in present day in episode 13), but the fact of it is that Arrow killed its main character. In a midseason finale. And the aftereffects of his “death” will be felt hard and forever alter the show as we know it. Not only does it take balls to kill your main character but to do it in a brutal way and expect fans to calmly wait six weeks to see what happens next is just downright sadistic.

2. Killing off Beth, “The Walking Dead”

While we’re no strangers to crying or saying goodbye to people on The Walking Dead, we have to admit that the show’s decision to kill off Beth still pisses us off. We get the whole impact of Beth’s death – because it was a huge one that will loom over our group in the second half of the season – but why kill off the “light” of your show when there are characters like Father Gabriel and Eugene still breathing? But despite our disagreeing with the decision, Beth’s death hit us right in the gut. We’ve never cried so much over a death on this show, and there have been a lot of deaths. It didn’t feel like a midseason finale cliffhanger but a season finale one.

3. Annalise’s Involvement in Murder Cover-Up, “How to Get Away With Murder”

One of our favorite new shows of the year delivered its best in the midseason finale. While we got to see the entire night of Sam’s murder and cover-up play out, it wasn’t the reveal of Sam’s killer or the shocking hookups that left us with our mouths open, but the involvement of Annalise Keating. As we watched Annalise go from irate to mournful as she took Sam’s disappearance as something gone wrong, color us shocked to learn that not only did she know that Sam was dead or that Wes was involved or that she was thankful but that she is suddenly somehow working with Wes to cover it all up. We have to wonder what the plan is between Annalise and Wes? It feels like a whole new chapter is about to begin in this scintillating drama.

4. Reverse Flash’s Identity Revealed, “The Flash”

You know that feeling when you think you know something but it turns out to be wrong. But just when you think you had it figured out, you didn’t. That was the Reverse Flash reveal in a nutshell. While we had a sneaking suspicion that Harrison Wells might be Reverse Flash, we found ourselves doubting that during “The Man in the Yellow Suit” only to have it thrown right back in our face as the hour’s final minute. As if Barry Allen coming face-to-face and battling the man in yellow that killed his mother wasn’t enough of a shock then we actually learn the man’s identity. That was the shock. Learning that Wells is Reverse Flash so soon in the series. But this only gives the writers more room to play in the back half of the season.

5. Clarke Kills Finn, “The 100”

Blood must have blood. That’s what the midseason finale of The 100 preached as Lexa demanded retribution for the murders of 18 Grounders, who were killed by Finn. While the hour focused on The Arkers attempts to save Finn from death, in the end he couldn’t escape death’s grasp. But it came through a gentle hand. Clarke made a difficult and heartbreaking decision that showed just how strong her character is when she professed her love to Finn before killing him in a quick and painless way so that he wouldn’t die “the pain of 18 deaths” at the hands of Lexa. It was the death that shocked the fandom and proved that nobody is safe on this show. And in case you were thinking there might still be some chance of Finn’s survival, yeah, well the producers squashed those hopes.

6. Skye’s Origin Revealed, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

We finally got an answer to the long-awaited question: Who is Skye? Well, for starters, she’s not Skye. She’s Daisy Johnson aka Marvel comics hero Quake. Who would have thought an innocent-enough introduction during the show’s pilot would lead to this moment over a year later? We’re glad to finally have some answers and cannot wait to see where this journey takes Skye aka Daisy aka Quake aka BAMF.

7. Olivia Pope Kidnapped, “Scandal”

Scandal is known for its shocking revelations and cliffhangers especially when it comes to its finales. The midseason finale up until the final couple of minutes was shocking enough but then something even juicier rocked the fandom to its core. Not only was Andrew (our dotting vice president) plotting for Fitz to wage war against West Angola, but he had Olivia Pope kidnapped as a means to get President Grant to bend to his will. What happened to Olivia? Will Fitz declare U.S. war against West Angola? The drama is only just beginning.

8. Rebekah Gets A New Body, “The Originals”

There were plenty of twists in the midseason finale of The Originals but none more so twisty than that of Rebekah accepting Esther’s offer – as a means to also help her family – to leave her immortal body behind for a new one. But the biggest twist of all came from Kol, who revealed to Davina that he hadn’t prepared the body he said that he did. In fact, he exacted a nearly century’s old revenge by preparing a body for Rebekah that is stuck in the Dowager house, from which no one can ever leave. What’s next for Rebekah? Will Klaus and Elijah find out what Kol really did? How will Rebekah adjust to living in a human body? Will we get Claire Holt back? (Pretty please!) So many questions, too many days to ponder them.

9. Thea Queen Killed Sara Lance, “Arrow”

While we knew it was too obvious for Sara Lance’s killer to be Malcolm Merlyn or Ra’s al Ghul, we never expected that it would used-to-be-innocent-but-now-dark-manipulated-by-her-father Thea Queen. When Felicity revealed that initially that Oliver’s DNA matched that of Sara’s killer my mind immediately began to wonder if it could be Thea as they share similar genetic markers. But like Oliver I couldn’t believe it until I actually saw it with my own eyes. While Thea didn’t kill Sara under her own volition it doesn’t change the fact that she killed Sara. And that set up perhaps the biggest shocker of the midseason finale sweeps

10. Juliette and Avery Get Married, “Nashville”

As the Nashville fandom prepared for the wedding between Rayna and Luke it was another wedding that left us shocked and at the same time feeling all warm inside. While the former couple called it quits (after Rayna was having second thoughts with the face of Deacon), a couple that has been drifting apart finally found their way back to each other. After Avery initially decided that he couldn’t be in a relationship with Juliette even with a baby involved, he soon realized that he had to look past his pride and embrace what he truly wants: a family. So Avery paid Juliette a visit where he confessed that he couldn’t be friends. It just didn’t work. So what did he want? Well to marry her, of course. Could Juliette finally have found her happy ending?

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