‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Human Trials’

Stuff got really serious this week on The 100. This show keeps getting better and better every week. What I love is that it gets darker and darker, but it doesn’t get so dark that you can’t appreciate the moments.

Here’s the synopsis of this weeks episode –

FINN REACHES A BREAKING POINT Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders. Meanwhile, Jasper (Devon Bostick) agrees to participate in a risky experiment, Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) enters a world of pain and President Dante Wallace (guest star Raymond Barry) issues a warning. Finally, Finn’s (Thomas McDonell) search for Clarke (Eliza Taylor) takes a violent turn. Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick also star. Ed Fraiman directed the episode written by Charlie Craig (#205). Original air date 11/19/2014.

Here’s what you need to know –

Clarke Is Reunited With Her Mom

While Clarke and her mother have a lot to talk out (you know that whole thing about her Mom being the reason that her Dad is dead), we’re happy that Clarke finally has the people to help her. What makes us even more excited is that Clarke finally learns that Finn and Bellamy are alive. Her tears made us tear up. Clarke has been forced to be strong, when she has every right to be a child. She’s a teenager, and has been forced to grow up quickly. But what we love is that Clarke wants to protect her friends as she should.

What is hard to watch is that Clarke’s Mom makes the decision to let Finn and Murphy on their own – and tells Clarke and Bellamy that they can’t go after them. What she doesn’t realize is that is just going to alienate her father even more. I knew that Clarke wouldn’t sit back and just let her friends die or cause more trouble which is a testament to how strong she is.

Mount Weather Are Still A Bunch of Crazies

Jasper has been the biggest advocate of Mount Weather – and we think that’s partly because of the cake. The President is manipulating the situation, and using Jasper’s fear of the world to his advantage. Though he’s giving Jasper the option to go after Clarke – we have to realize that the President is not who he says he is. Jasper knows that Clarke would not desert them willingly. We can’t figure out why they are doing all this testing on the people there. Is it that they want to figure out how to extract Vitamin D so that they can go outside?

Jasper has been blinded by the manipulation and his fear of the grounders. But Monty is all for heading out after Clarke. I think that girl that’s been trying to get with Jasper gets radiation poison or whatever it is as further manipulation. This is a chance for them to keep Jasper their – by using his blood to heal her. Murphy tries to stop him, but Jasper’s been fed the crazy pills. He’s in.

We’re Torn If We’re Team Belarke or Team Clinn.

While Clarke is reunited with Bellamy and he looks happy to see her – we’ve always been Team Clarke and Finn. Bellamy has returned to camp, while Finn is at the Grounders camp trying to rescue Clarke. That’s the thing that sucks about this – where are some good walkie talkies when you need them.

Clarke isn’t willing to give up on Finn. We all know that they love each other. But one can’t help feel that Bellamy deserves a chance – especially with the way he looks at her. Bellamy warns Clarke how Finn has changed, and I don’t think that was to manipulate her into feeling for him – it was out of love and concern for her.

Shit’s Getting Intense as Finn and Murphy Take On The Grounders

The 100 are bonded. There is no doubt about that. We can tell that Finn has changed, and we know that love can drive a person to do crazy things. But he’s going into the camp half assed. What we don’t get is how he trusts the word of the Grounder that he killed. The 100 have not gotten along with the Grounders – so why do they automatically assume that he’s telling the truth. Finn’s started a war by killing the Grounders, and even Murphy can’t stop him. My heart breaks for him – but more for the Grounders. I never thought I would say it – but I may not like Finn.

Raven’s Not Afraid to Help Her Friends

I get that Abby is Chancellor, but it doesn’t give her the right to slap Raven. I wanted to jump through the TV and slap Clarke’s mommy. The truth is Raven see’s Clarke for what she is and it’s hard to convince someone’s Mama of that. No one wants to see their kid grow up – but Raven was right – Clarke stopped being a child the day she went to earth.

What we love is that Raven’s spirit has returned. She is strong and she is fierce. She knows that the adults don’t have a clue, but she knows that the kids do. Raven hasn’t been there since day one, but if the adults stop being stubborn, they will realize that Raven, as well as the rest of the kids can help them.

Chancellor Jaha Is Alive

We knew he made it to earth but seeing him held captive is another testament to why the adults need to listen. That’s part of the thing that we can appreciate about this show – it’s a testament to how everyone is important.

What We Liked

  • Clarkes reunion with her Mom. It’s always good to see strength and vulnerability in one person, and we are able to see that in Clarke.
  • Finn’s development. I know, I know – he’s become kinda cray cray, but he’s become a man. That we love. We can see that he’s not the little boy who first came to earth. He’s a man. But he becomes a crazy man – and that’s why he makes our what we didn’t like too. We’re torn. We’re mad.
  • Clarke and Bellamy’s reunion. While we’re torn between who we want her with, we do believe that Bellamy forces her to be strong, and that is a good thing.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cray cray people at Mount Weather. Yes, we know, that’s part of what keeps everyone on their toes for this show – but until we figure them out – we don’t like them.
  • The Grounder kicking the Chancellor’s ass. Here’s the thing – we have little sense of hope for the people from the Aark surviving, and that bothers us. Holding the Chancellor captive is something we are confused by, but we’re sure that it will make an interesting story later.
  • Finn’s development. As much as we love it, we hate it. Because he is blinded by rage. Who would have known that Murphy could be the voice of reason? We are hoping that Finn finds his sanity – cause he needs it.

WTF Moment

Does the lack of Vitamin D make the people in Mount Weather crazy? Cause we’re sitting here watching whatever they are injecting them with and the noise – and we’re confused. Whoever the crazy doctor is conducting the experiment needs to be shot. And then when they make them compete for the dose of the drug. These are some seriously fucked up people.

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