‘The 100’: The Rise of Octavia Blake

There’s nothing more important to me than empowering female characters. So it’s no surprise that I completely fell in love with Octavia Blake from The 100. Watching her character development over the past three seasons – and Marie Avgeropoulos brilliant portrayal – it’s fair to say Octavia has come a long way since the pilot.

When we first met Octavia, she was a free spirit with an outgoing personality who wanted nothing more than to experience everything her new surroundings had to offer. Having spent her entire life in hiding, living in fear of being discovered which would cause her family to be floated, it’s understandable she would want to embrace her newfound freedom. As we’ve come to know on this show, freedom comes with a price.

Through the trials and tribulations experienced on the ground, Octavia was forced to dig deep and find her inner warrior. Her instant connection with Lincoln – a Grounder who falls in love with her – helped her do just that. Through Lincoln, Octavia learned the necessary skills to not only survive, but become a force to be reckoned with. Octavia undoubtedly had that inner strength from the beginning, Lincoln just helped cultivate it.

In season one, she took over the efforts to protect the camp from the impending Grounder attack when her brother Bellamy – a pseudo Chancellor of the camp – sacrificed himself to Murphy in exchange for Jasper’s safety. Without her, more lives would have been lost when the Grounders infiltrated the camp. Octavia spent the better part of that season trying to understand the Grounders motives and how to better coexist with them.

In season two, Octavia went to great lengths to rescue her friends – and ultimately her brother – from Mount Weather. She even proved to be tough enough to earn the title as Indra’s number two, an intense Grounder leader of her own clan. She deemed Octavia worthy of her training and viewed her as an ally, an important step in the truce amongst the Sky People and the Grounders.

As far as the current season goes, Octavia is fierce and more formidable than ever. She continues to fight for what she believes in and never sacrifices who she is in the name of survival. She isn’t afraid to question Pike’s narrow-minded views of the Grounders – he sees them all as the enemy – and is prepared at all times to defend herself against anyone who challenges her. All of this is done while maintaining her relationship with Lincoln, who continues to support and encourage her.

Octavia Blake could have easily been the damsel in distress who is reduced to a love interest, which is often the case when it comes to female characters. Thanks to great writing and an amazing actress, she has turned Octavia into a role model for women everywhere. So here’s to Octavia Blake: a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who was never defined by the men in her life and proves we’re all capable of finding our inner warrior!

Just a girl who fangirls too much and decided to channel that into her writing ;)