The 100: Season 4 Premiere – “Echoes” Photos

With Season 4 of The 100 a little over two weeks away, The CW had released a dozen photos of the season premiere entitled, Echoes, which likely refers both to the character Echo from the Ice Nation and also perhaps to the echoes of their pasts as the new season begins.

Just a little speculation, because half the fun of watching The 100 is speculation! It looks like these pictures all take place in the same location and probably at around the same time. If I had to guess, based on the costumes and the apparent tension, all of these pics are within the first few minutes of the episode. As a show notorious for wanting to keep spoilers at bay, only releasing pictures from the first few scenes is a great way to whet the fandom’s appetite without giving anything away, not to mention make our shipper hearts flutter with joy as Bellarke and Kabby stand together in one of the photos!

Jennifer Iacopelli is a New York based writer who watches way too much genre TV, reads way too many Pride and Prejudice retellings and obsesses over way too many sports. She is most happy when she's doing all three at once.