‘The 100’: There’s a new threat coming in season 2

One thing is guaranteed when it comes to The 100: you’re never safe. Just when you’ve defeated one enemy, a new threat emerges.

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg chatted with Zap2It to divulge details about “other things” — besides the Grounders and the Reapers — that the 100 should be afraid of, and where some of our favorite characters begin season 2.

Are we going to see the show change drastically from episode 1 to the finale again in Season 2 like you did with Season 1?
Well, I think the tone has been set now. In our best episodes of last year, which was 4 and 7 and 10 and the finale, that’s where we live. But the show is going to change because we’re introducing new worlds and new characters. It’s not just the Reapers and Grounders and the Ark and the 100. There are other groups — and I was actually about to give a big reveal but I won’t! — and we will quickly establish that there are other things to be afraid of out there.

Will Octavia and Lincoln be the first ones to come across this new threat since they’re traveling away from the 100?
They do come through their story. Lincoln is taking Octavia, theoretically, to the sea and his friends Luna at the Sea. They won’t make it that far. That’s a long f***ing way. Stuff will happen along the way to divert them. This season is about reunions. Bellamy and Octavia are separated … although Bellamy might not be alive [laughs]. Abby is on the ground, but Clarke is in Mount Weather. Clarke thinks Abby is dead, so that’s a reunion that you could probably assume will happen at some point if Clarke can get out of there. So this season is about reunions and bringing people back together, finding their way back home.

The 100 returns for its second season on Wednesday, October 22 at 9/8c on The CW.

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