The Best #SuperBowl50 Advertisements of 2016

[lead]Super Bowl 50 brought us some of the most unexpected (Pokemon) and strangest (Mountain Dew) TV spots of all time. With every Super Bowl comes a winning team (the Bronco’s). So in honor of SB50, here are the Super Bowl Ad Winners (according to Fangirlish) of 2016.[/lead]

Domestic Violence Ad: “Text talk”

If you missed this ad you need to watch it RIGHT NOW. This year the super bowl brought us one of the best domestic violence ads of all time. This ad intended to remind us that sometimes domestic violence isn’t as obvious as you would think.


In a bold move by PayPal, this “new money” commercial is turning heads. The digital banking app is coming back with a vengeance. “old money is these people, new money is all people.”

 Jeep “Portraits”

This powerful advertisement for the 75th anniversary of the legendary car brand has us feeling one with humanity. “We don’t make Jeep, you do.”

The Bud Light Party

What’s better then Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen running for office? The answer: literally nothing (even if there just quoting independence day). This Bud Light ad really did bring the party. “We’ve got the biggest caucus in the country”

Plus: We’re digging their new tagline “raise one to right now”

Super Bowl Babies

Who knew that there were so many babies born after the super bowl? This commercial brought heart and SEAL to our screens!

Honda: A New Truck To Love

Singing Sheep! We were loving this Honda commercial! Plus, it was our first glimpse at a puppy in any of the commercials (besides that weird puppy/monkey thing.)

 Ram “Farmer”

“I need a caretaker, I need a farmer.” I don’t know about you but by the end of this commercial, we wanted to become farmers. Ram is talking about the small town Americans, the ones who farm our food and raise the land. America was built on the ingenuity and dedication of the farmer. “To the farmer in all of us.”

Alice Through the Looking Glass

“You’ve been gone too long, Alice.” This advert was tantalizingly great, every moment brought a new thrill of excitement. But what do you expect? It’s Disney.

And then there was whatever this was….

Mountain Dew “PuppyMonkeyBaby”

The PuppyMonkeyBaby is not only going to haunt our dreams but probably also our screens for the next few weeks.


Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.