“The Bold Type” 2×03 Recap: The Scarlet Letter

After a double header of a premiere, the third episode of The Bold Type proves that it’s not losing it’s stride at all. We’ve got a whoooole bunch of stuff to talk about so why am I still typing this intro?? Let’s get to the recap!!


Sutton has moved onward and upward, taking the high road after she was slut-shamed. And now she’s in charge of her very own photoshoot!

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With Oliver gone for the weekend, he puts Sutton in charge of a jewelry shoot for the magazine’s next issue. She’s been after a pretty dope photographer on Instagram — and uses a pair of Yankees tickets to sweeten the deal, but she runs into some trouble.

Kat really wants Sutton to hire Adena; she needs proof for her visa that she has a job so she can stay in America.  The problem? Adena has a very…different style than what Scarlet usually does. Sutton really wants this photoshoot to be Perfect because it could literally make or break her career so she’s struggling with her decision — should she hire Adena? Or just go with the Instagram photographer?

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Enter Jacqueline. Over the past two episodes, Jacqueline’s been able to give Sutton some pretty stellar advice. When Sutton asks for her opinion on working with friends and taking a chance on an unknown, Jacqueline tells her to trust her gut and take the leap of faith.

So, Sutton hires Adena for her shoot.

Things get off to a rocky start with the two of them. Adena has a totally different vision for the shoot and completely ignores any direction Sutton gives her — even though Sutton is in charge…

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Sutton expresses her feelings to Kat and unfortunately Adena overhears her. She immediately begins to go back to Sutton’s original plan, which — much to Sutton’s dismay, doesn’t turn out as good as she hoped it would.

Deciding to make an executive decision, Sutton changes the whole theme of the photoshoot. What’s her plan? Getting naked!

In theme with Scarlet’s body positivity magazine, the girls (Sutton, Kat and Jane) all display the jewelry in up close shots that show off all their freckles, moles and stretch marks. It’s real beauty. And it was a daring move.

A daring move that paid off! Oliver loved the shoot. Thank God.

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Using her charm and the company’s credit card, Kat has scored Tess Holliday (a beautiful, awesome plus sized model) to take over Scarlet’s Snapchat for their body positivity issue. While things seem to be going great at work, Kat’s romantic life is stressing her out a little. Not that anything’s wrong! Kat and Adena are still super happy and in love, but it’s Adena’s visa that is causing some stress for Kat. She doesn’t want to lose her again after getting her back so quickly.

We don’t want Adena to leave either tbh!

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Kat comes up with a Plan: have Sutton hire Adena for a photoshoot so she can prove that she has found some work in the States. This way she can stay and everyone can be happy!

Although it’s great to use your connections and try to get your friend — or girlfriend a job, it can also be kinda awkward. And Kat doesn’t seem to realize this. Even when Sutton plainly says that she already has another photographer in mind, Kat refuses to let it go. She really pressures Sutton to hire Adena, which doesn’t bode well for either of them. The two have a small fight about it and Kat ends up stomping off — a little angry at Sutton for not automatically going with Adena.

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Eventually, Kat realizes how much pressure she put on Sutton to hire Adena and does apologize for it. Luckily, Adena does a fantastic job at the shoot — don’t even think about what would’ve happened if Adena hadn’t done a good job…   


Since being fired from Incite, Tiny Jane has aaaaaaaloooootttttt of time on her hands. But never fear! She’s 100% prepared to jump right into the job search — complete with a printed out list of contacts and a lil shot of liquid courage.

But it’s kinda hard to find a job when you’re both fired and an internet meme (though, Sutton’s right, it is a rite of passage these days) Jane struggles to find something, anything and ends up trying not to spiral by cleaning the entire apartment — which in itself is kinda spiraling, right?

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Still, Jane does get an interview at some sort of finance magazine? I’m not sure what the magazine is, but just from the look of it, Jane immediately stands out among the bland white and cubicles. It seems like the interview is going well, until the interviewer recognizes Jane from tv — where she blasted Incite. No one wants that risk.

Jane tries her hardest to secure a freelance position at least and even though she wasn’t told to write a piece — she promises one. Oh that’s our Tiny Jane.

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Writing her piece leads her to following around the Hot Doc from Sutton’s Hot Guy shoot. She finds that he decided to open his own clinic while also being a baby doctor because he loves his job and he wants to help people. This makes Jane think about how she used to love her job…at Scarlet.

Every time Kat and Sutton see Jane, they beg her to come back to Scarlet and finally, after her day with Hot Doc, she begins to consider it. After her naked photoshoot with her girls, she realizes that she really does miss Scarlet and wants to go back.

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She schedules a meeting with Jacqueline and things seem to be going well…until they don’t. Jacqueline tells her that her salary had been repurposed for something else so they didn’t have the money to bring Jane back.

This is a good lesson for Jane; it gives her time to figure out her life without Scarlet. We just hope she doesn’t crash and burn in the process.

That’s all for this week’s episode of The Bold Type. Let’s see what happens next week!