The Bold Type 2×05: Stride of Pride

Oh hello my young bbs! Back again for another The Bold Type recap? Well, let’s get to it!


Moving on from Richard, Sutton has found herself a new man — or at least hookup. First off, I just need to say that any guy named Dylan is bad news. Okay, personal feelings aside, Dylan was extreeeeemmmllleeey attractive as well as nice? Odd, but ok.

In an attempt to be more open emotionally, Sutton invites him out to karaoke night where he meets Kat and Jane. Before the BFFs can really get to know him, all three girls are called up to sing karaoke. What do they choose? ABBA of course! And they’re absolutely slaying it (this is the closest thing we’ll get to a musical episode and it felt like a TEASE because each girl is so good at singing???)

tonight show karaoke GIF

Though when the lyrics screen freezes, Dylan helpfully offers his phone with the lyrics on it. But mid-ABBA, a text from another girl comes across his phone. And in front of everyone at the bar, Sutton finds out that Dylan’s been cheating on his wife with her.

real housewives of new york city gasp GIF

Wanting to be open — and honestly feeling terrible for his wife, Sutton decides it’s best to tell her that her husband is cheating. So she gets in contact with Allison, his wife, and they meet up for a drink. Sutton’s a little nervous because lbr, she might be blamed for this and his wife might hate her for it. But instead, Allison is very nice? And doesn’t blame her? She just seems super sad and I wish Sutton gave her a hug — but she did get a little pep talk from the older woman about finding a good guy who loves her no matter what.

Ring any bells?

This convo leads her to re-thinking her decision about breaking up with Richard. Sutton heads to his apartment to do I don’t know what — probably apologize. But once she gets there, she sees his car dropping him off…with another woman.

Looks like Sutton is gonna have to figure out how to move on again.



Our Jane is struggling. Her keyboard is broken, she’s still jobless, BUT! she is having a great time with Dr. Hottie. And! Pinstripe gets her an interview at YesGirl! If you’re a fan of Sweet/Vicious you might remember that Kennedy gets an internship at YesGirl at the end of season one and now….I need a crossover episode.

So maybe things are looking up. But maybe they aren’t either; our Tiny Jane doesn’t get the job. Even though she’s totally qualified, it’s because the magazine is pushing for more diversity. Which is great! But Jane doesn’t see it that way. She sees it as she didn’t get the job because she’s white.

She makes this comment in front of Kat — Kat, who points out her white privilege, only to have Jane become super defensive about it. Later, this causes the two of them to have a tough and serious conversation about Jane’s white privilege.

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It’s an important conversation to have as a white woman because even though we believe we have our white privilege in check, it’s always good to recheck it. Pushes for diversity are something to be celebrated because finally. And as white women, we should be supporting it and helping those who don’t have an equal chance based on their skin color, which means stepping back so others can shine.  



In charge of hiring a new social media department, Kat is having a hard time; all the resumes look like hers did. (Honestly, what I would give for a job at Scarlet…) Luckily, she gets a little pep talk from Oliver (during their Black People Snack Time) to go an alternative route. So, she does what she does best and puts a call out on Twitter so she can find a new, young, hip and fresh voice.

Enter: Angie. She fits perfectly with what Kat is looking for and her engagement rate is higher than Scarlet’s…so she’s def getting the job, right? Wrong. HR doesn’t approve the hire because Angie doesn’t have a college degree.

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

Kat really thinks that Angie is the best option out of all the resumes she’s gotten so she decides to make a case for Angie. Enlisting in Jane’s help, Kat presents Angie in front of the board and points out all the great things she could do for the magazine. In the end, Kat gets approval to hire Angie!

That’s not all that happens with Kat this week…she also has a little bit of a sex dream. But it’s not about Adena…it’s about her friend, Lelia. SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! UGH GUESS WE’LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT!!

Tune in next week for another glorious episode of The Bold Type!


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