The Bold Type 2×06 Recap: The Domino Effect

Another week, another Bold Type episode! We’ve got looooooads of drama in this one! Let’s break it down…


Sutton has been not only riding the hangover train but also trying her best to conduct it. She’s been going out alot after seeing Richard with his new boo. And to add insult to injury, Oliver tasks her with fitting the new boo for the award show.

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Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, she has to help the new boo into the dresses and clothes AT THE OFFICE and be PROFESSIONAL! Ugh! Sutton is not having fun.

She deals with these new changes by drinking and clubbing all under the guise of “making connections” which both of her friends know is a lie. Slowly but surely Sutton comes to realize this as well — knowing she was the one who broke up with Richard so she can’t be sad or feel bad when he’s moved on. It’s a shitty lesson to learn but an important one.

So instead of moping on the couch or going out to the clubs, she goes to the award show with Kat to support her other bestie Jane. Because friendship is most important.

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Avoiding going to sleep because she doesn’t want to have another sex dream, Kat has been staying up all night and learning new skills!

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Clearly she misses her bae, which is awh so sweet, but it leads her to doing some things that are well…not so sweet. She goes out to a lesbian bar with Lelia and gets free drinks galore because she’s a new face (and a hot face at that).

The drinks are flowing and the music is loud and Kat ends up dancing with another girl. One thing leads to another and…Kat is KISSING. ANOTHER. WOMAN.

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Not wanting to hide this from Adena, she tells her as soon as she gets home; lying will make it worse. At first, Adena does not take it well — hello? They just exchanged ILYs to each other!! And Kat completely understands and feels horrible about all of what happened, even the dream.

When Adena finally does come around, she and Kat have a serious talk about everything. Adenda realizes that Kat’s never really gotten to explore her sexuality and have the same experiences that Adena has had. They don’t break up right then and there, but the way things ended leave me feeling like a break up is coming and I DO. NOT. LIKE IT.



SO MUCH happened for Tiny Jane in this episode! First off, she was nominated for an award because of her amazing piece called Carry the Weight that was on Jacqueline’s sexual assault. At first she was a little salty about it because it was something she had done while at Scarlet but she wasn’t there anymore — a bit of a painful reminder if you will.

Though Dr. Hottie was quick to advise that maybe she use her nomination to her advantage because Jane is still unemployed 🙁 so she takes his advice and starts to reach out to her connections. Then she lands a lunch with someone!

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At the lunch, the editor asks Jane if she can do a follow-up piece to the story that got her nominated. Remember, this story came out before the #MeToo era and the show talks about how Jacqueline was sort of the push for others to feel safe enough to tell their stories too.

Jane finds this out as she starts her follow-up piece — many women and men contact her so they can tell their story as well, crediting Jacqueline as the push they needed to be brave enough to do so. But one woman doesn’t just praise Jacqueline — sort of actually being a little mad at Jacqueline; the same man who assaulted her assaulted the other woman five years later.

The story of a survivor is tough to hear regardless, but when there might have been a way to prevent it from even happening is…heartbreaking. She struggles with telling Jacqueline about the woman who approached her and even struggles with putting it in her story. In the end, Jane does tell Jacqueline and also puts the woman’s story in her piece.

On a happier note, Jane not only wins the award, but also gets her job back at Scarlet!

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Our girls are reunited and it feels so good.

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