The Bold Type 2×07 Recap: Betsy

By now we’re used to The Bold Type tackling the Big Issues right in real time and them being scarily timely all in all. So it should come as no surprise that this week’s episode features a topic that’s been at the forefront of news stations for a long while now: gun control.

With that serious topic in mind, let’s discuss what happened this week on The Bold Type.


I’m combining these two this week because they’re plots play off each other. They’re roommates and best friends but still have secrets from each other. Or at least Sutton does. And it involves a gun named Betsy.

Quick overview of what else happens in Sutton’s storyline this week though because Other Things happen:

  • Her weird party friend, Brooke (the one who called her Slutton), ghosts on her even though she promised to help get a bag for Sutton.
  • Then when Sutton tracks her down, she makes up some lame excuse about the dude being on a retreat or whatever
  • (Something fishy is going on)
  • Sutton has to tell Oliver she fucked up.
  • Oliver handles it — makes sure she remembers that they are A Team!

Okay back to the gun.

Tiny Jane finds this huge, heavy “clarinet” case in their apartment closet and wonders why Sutton still has it. Sutton, knowing it’s not a clarinet, tries to deflect and distract by offering Jane pieces of clothes for her to try on. Very tricky, veeerrrryyy tricky. It doesn’t work and Sutton ends up telling Jane that it’s not her clarinet but her gun. Which causes Jane to freak the fuck out.

shocked oh no GIF

This revelation/reaction causes a huge fight to start between the apparent two BFFs and it just gets worse because Jane decides to write a piece about it! Write what you know, right? Except Jane only knows her feelings about keeping a gun in the apartment — ignoring Sutton’s and basically going on a rant in her piece about gun laws. Jacqueline calls her out on it and Jane has to revisit the situation at hand.

Sutton only has the gun — it’s a shotgun btw, because she was on the skeet shooting team in high school. It’s nothing TOO out there but definitely something surprising. At least to Jane. Sutton’s from Central PA which is….a barren wasteland tbh. And it’s the most Southern part of PA, like if all the Southern states moved to PA. This is what people did and still do so it’s totally normal for Sutton.

I Totally Get That Annie Murphy GIF by Schitt's Creek

Jane, on the other hand, can only see the chaos and destruction guns, like the shotgun Sutton has, have caused. The show later reveals that Jane went to an elementary school that was only a few blocks from where Columbine happened. She refuses to let Sutton keep the gun in the apartment and even thinks about moving out (she doesn’t).

Quick pause.

This season, Jane has been playing the victim role a lot. First with her Incite firing, next with her struggles with unemployment, then during her conversation with Kat about her privilege and again, Jane’s playing the victim in this episode as well. And frankly? I’m tired of it. Give her some happiness. Get her into some therapy for God’s sake, or make her accept that she’s been playing the victim! Fix it! Don’t make her play the victim again in the love triangle that’s so clearly brewing between her, Pinstripe and Dr. Ben.


After all’s said and done, Jane finds out that Sutton kept the gun around because it was something she could count on, something she could control. Sutton had a rough childhood and the skeet shooting team and the gun itself was something she had control over. Jane helps her realize that she’s been leaning on it for support.

In the end, Sutton melts down Betsy into a nice pair of earrings and Jane writes her piece discussing how the issue of gun control is a lot more complicated and not as black-and-white as it once seemed to her.



Kat has been….struggling. Ever since admitting to Adena that she kissed another woman and had a sex dream about a different woman, Adena has been taking some time to process. This means talking through emails…even though they live together.

One email asks Kat to meet for lunch which Kat immediately thinks is a bad thing — and it just might be. Because at this lunch, Adena suggests that she and Kat have an open relationship. Meaning Kat can explore all she wants, as long as she comes home to Adena at the end of the night.

At first, Kat’s a little hesitant because hello? She loves Adena! But soon she opens up to the idea — even flirting with the Uber driver and then sliding into her DMs to score a lunch date (sexy time?)

car sliding GIF

She does end up sleeping with another woman, who wants Kat to be dominant which is something Kat’s never done before. Clearly this new open relationship thing is going to be opening her up in a many different ways. And while it’s nice to see a lesbian sex scene on Freeform of all places, it feels sort of wrong; technically it’s cheating.

When she returns back from her sexy times, she immediately wants to talk to Adena about it even though there’s a rule against it. Right now, it seems like Adena doesn’t mind hearing about Kat’s sexual adventures but I feel like this isn’t going to end well…


Tune in next week for a new The Bold Type!

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