The Carrie Diaries, episode 3 recap

The episode starts with a looking back, narrated by Carrie. We see what’s happened in the previous episodes.

Episode 3 is called “Read before use”. Because “life is easier if you read the labels”. Everything has labels, objects, but also people. Carrie put her jeans in the dryer (they shrink, hello!!), she ate yoghurt that was well past its expiration date and she meets.. the boy of her dreams. Sebastian. They share some dreamy glances while we hear eighties music in the background. But, her father’s put the label “poison” on Sebastian.

Jill, Maggie and Carrie discuss what the perfect kid is. Jill worries she may not be (hey, come on, straight A student) one. Carrie and Jill think Maggie is a drama queen, but she still lets them hang out with Walt, even though they’ve just broken up.

Larissa and Carrie meet up again and Larissa shares her sex life, which makes Carrie blush. Carrie asks Larissa what she thinks of her dating the bad guy.

In the next scene, Carrie’s father is grocery shopping. And picking out tampons. Of course it’s the awkward scene and when he finds a lady who can help him, it’s also helping him pick her up. But he leaves the box of tampons with her number on it in the store.

Sebastian and Carrie are talking about going out tomorrow. They’re going out for dinner, but Carrie says she has to check with her dad before she can commit. When Carrie put on the headphones, I thought about how lucky we are (or maybe.. we’re not) to have the weird headphones that you can only listen to alone and not share. And then.. they shared the headphones! Very oldskool. Carrie decides she has to convince her father of the fact that Sebastian is not a bad person at all.

When Carrie and her father unpack the groceries, they have to have the awkward conversation about the tampons. Carrie offers to buy them herself the next time and her father is in mock shock that there’s a next time. Carrie says her father is doing a great job. But that’s all a**kissing because she wants to talk to her dad about Sebastian. He doesn’t want to give Carrie a reason about why he doesn’t want Carrie to date him. She says that it sounds like Sebastian’s one of his clients.

Dorrit interrupts the conversation and thinks there’s something wrong with the groceries and so she gets upset and leaves the house. Dorrit says she’s going to a friends house, but really she’s going to the petstore and falls in love with a hamster.

Carrie’s sneaking out of her bedroom to peek into her fathers’ confidential files to see if there’s a file on Sebastian in there. Of course there is, so she takes it out and has little doubt to reading it. And then.. nothing. ARGH. Carrie’s in a diner with Maggie and Jill, and she tells what Sebastian did. Apparently he had sex with his art history teacher from his last school and got kicked out. They discuss if it’s a bad or a good thing.

Jill is also meeting up with her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, I don’t know. I don’t think she knows what he is. They don’t have a date, but they do meet up. Hey, at least they’re eating.

Maggie is taking down and putting away everything that reminds her of Walt and Jill thinks she should keep some stuff. But Maggie is also lending Jill a dress for her non-date. Nothing fits Jill, so they ring Carrie to ask if she has something. While looking for a dress for Jill, Carrie thinks she’s found the shoes that go with it.. but nope! When she opens the box, there is the little cute hamster Dorrit fell in love with at the pet store.

Dorrit explains to Carrie that their mum promised Dorrit a hamster, but when Dorrit asked their father, he said no. Turns out, Dorrit shoplifted the hamster. Somehow, I thought this was hilarious. And no, I do not condone shoplifting!!

Carrie tells Dorrit that she has to take the hamster back or she will tell her father. Dorrit says she won’t. Carrie has to leave and then Dorrit comes up with a plan. If Carrie meets up with Sebastian, she will tell her father. But if Carrie doesn’t tell their dad about the hamster, Dorrit won’t tell their dad Carrie’s met up with Sebastian. And so she gets to keep the hamster and Carrie gets to meet up with Sebastian. Not for dinner, though.

And ooh, he’s brought a sack of potato chips and he’s got a special walkman that’s got two headphone outputs! And so they sit and listen to music and make out in the park. Carrie gives Sebastian a compliment on how he’s a good kisser and his reply makes her think of his mistakes. The teacher! She leaves him. She runs all the way to Manhattan to meet up with Jill.

Seth shows up and they’re all going to a party with Larissa. Seth thinks the performer at the club looks familiar. You’re gonna have to watch it yourself to see why he thinks that ;-) The club is kind of a weird art club and I’m not describing that.

In the meantime, Dorrit is decorating her box. Well, the hamster’s box. Of course, when she puts the lid back on the box, the hamster is missing. Sometimes things are so predictable! Maggie is trying to get rid of her Walt stuff and she decides to be a drama queen and destroy the bear she got from him.

OH MY DEAR. MAX. From the Gilmore Girls! Is in this episode! Major spazz attack. Excuse me while I get back to breathing. He’s a friend of Carrie’s father. And he’s also the one responsible for Carrie’s internship. They’re going to a singles bar.

Meanwhile, Carrie, Jill, Larissa and Seth are still at the “art” show, where some lady is showing off her.. for want of a better word, box. Jill doesn’t want to see it, but Carrie is a way, does. She is then being called on stage with the “artist”. The lady sees her younger self in Carrie. And then of course, she has to show her box, too.

Carrie’s father is at a single’s bar and he’s trying to chat up a woman. She’s not really interested until he says that he’s a widower and not divorced. He’s kind of offended and declines her offer to go somewhere else. Women are sooo mean! Oh man, I just love Max.

Dorrit is still looking for her hamster, and then Maggie comes barging in. With the destroyed bear, which is making me laugh hysterically. The destroyed bear is evidence that Maggie is a drama queen. Dorrit offers to help Maggie save the bear, if Maggie helps to find the hamster. And she tries it with peanut butter. From the FRIDGE?! Hello? That’s the worst place to store your peanut butter!

Seth and Jill are standing outside the art club, discussing the party and what Jill really wanted to do and how things turned out different from what she’s hoped to.They’re getting ice cream, which was what Jill wanted to do in the first place.

Carrie is still on the stage, now people are chanting for her to take the throne. I would just run away if I were her! And that’s exactly what she does! Go Carrie! Larissa is just disappointed and says she thought Carrie would one day make it. To the side of a bus (Hello Sex and the City reference!). Carrie is owning her power and all is well between Larissa and Carrie. What Carrie wants is Sebastian and she’s not letting anyone stop her!

Dorrit has fixed the bear, but Maggie’s not found the hamster. When Carrie gets home, Maggie admits to spending time with “your cool sister”. Carrie and Maggie agree that they’re both gonna be okay.

Jill and Seth are still on their date, having fun and Seth’s called Jill her girlfriend. They decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend and make up. Maggie adopts the label Drama Queen.

When Carrie’s father comes home, he and Carrie try to have another conversation about Sebastian, but I’m majorly distracted because OMG Carrie’s outfit!! Dang her. The sweater!! Perfect! Anyways, Carrie admits she’s read her father’s file on Sebastian, but also says that she will make her own decisions and that he can’t write him off because he’s made one mistake. Carrie’s father says that Sebastian’s the cause for all of Carrie’s reckless behavior and that he could get fired because of what Carrie did. He expects Carrie to make mistakes, but he’s still not convinced that she’s the Carrie Bradshaw he used to know.

The hamster’s been found by dad and he brings it back to Dorrit, saying she should at least consult him before getting an animal. Dorrit says she’ll take it back to the store, and that mum trusted her and she doesn’t understand why. Dad says that if her mother wanted her to have a hamster, she should keep it. Dad makes up with Dorrit.

Carrie and Sebastian meet up in the park again. Carrie tells Sebastian she knows about the teacher and that she’s fine with it. Sebastian doesn’t know Carrie’s father was his lawyer. They argue and Sebastian says Carrie’s always overanalysing things. He thinks the talking is way too complicated and leaves Carrie alone.

The show ends with that a label is just a word or two put on people, but that it’s not the whole story. The whole family goes on an outing to the pet store and Dorrit gets things for Morrissey. Carrie apologises to her father. And he says that he always believes in her and will always be there for her.

The labels only matter if you let them stick. Now get me a sick bucket. No I’m just kidding, Carrie’s right and I loved this episode. I really hope this show will last a while and that I’m not the only one watching!