‘The Defenders’ 1x06 Review: Good Things Come in Pairs

‘The Defenders’ 1×06 Review: Good Things Come in Pairs

Here we are again with another review for the show that is currently consuming my life, and I ain’t even mad about it, The Defenders. We’re getting to the nitty gritty and winding up for the finale. “Ashes, Ashes,” the title of this episode, definitely burnt some things down. Continue on for all the spoilerz. And hold on tight, this ones a ride and a half, full of our characters split into amazing pairs!

This episode, as they all have been so far, is full of amazing character interactions, quotable lines, and more eye rolls and scoffs than I can count. If I was much younger I could turn this show into a drinking game (Not that, that’s ever happened…fine! It has! Give me a break, Canada can be cold and boring in the winter.)

“Ashes, Ashes” had Alexandra go through some things and then some things went through her (too soon?) We really got to see the cracks in her smooth foundations and the hits kept coming after that. Like this can not be the first time in her extremely long life that her emotional manipulations have backfired, right? Unfortunately, she used Matt a few too many times for Elektra’s liking and paid for it. Her arrogance got the best of her in the end. And honestly, anyone who knows Elektra’s character knows you don’t fuck with Matty.

Another relationship I’m glad they’re starting to touch more on is Jessica and Luke. If you’ve watched the Jessica Jones series you know there’s some history there. Throughout The Defenders series it’s only been hinted at. This episode really showed more of it. They still obviously care about each other but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re in love with each other.

I know they’re a couple in the comics, a very happy couple. But the way that Netflix is going about their relationship leaves me feeling unsure about where they’re going with it. Whether it’s secret eye conversations behind people’s backs or checking on each other after big fights; they’re so sweet my teeth hurt, they have a connection. A complicated one and that’s saying something for Jessica.

Keeping all that in mind I loved the interaction between Luke and Danny. The fond look on Luke’s face when he’s talking to Danny about Jess was pure magic.


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While Luke and Danny were tied up with their conversation we got some more amazing Jess and Matt moments. Matt is another character that seems able to get Jess to show her true bleeding heart. I’m not sure why he was surprised at this point that she had looked into his Dad and that she’s an actual marshmallow. Like Matt I had a really hard time containing the feels when she was telling Lexi the story of her friend. As much as these two butt heads and are reluctant allies, you can tell there’s a real friendship starting to form.

The Hand is starting to remind me of a bunch of 13 year old girls fighting over the cute boy in school. Just so much back stabbing (heehee) and drama. They hint at past transgressions, but never fully explain, while giving me the feeling that they’ve probably tried to kill the others at least once. They are shady as shit and their reaction to Elektra taking over was priceless. They’ve been doubting her loyalty all along and they’re actually surprised when she kills one of them? Silly old folks.

The flashback/dream Elektra had at Matt’s apartment, before all the killing, straight up broke my heart. I love getting to see the softer side of her as we haven’t really seen it in this series and we only just glimpsed it occasionally on Daredevil. It’s clear she’s sick of being treated like this weapon her whole life and emotionally manipulated over and over again. Alexandra telling her to kill Matt was the final straw that made her pause and think “no more.”


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Overall I really enjoyed the character development and pairings of “Ashes, Ashes.” This show is good at humanizing it’s heroes and villains, something we sometimes miss in the bigger Marvel movies.

Which is your favourite team up this episode? Did you see that final scene coming?

The Defenders is streaming worldwide on Netflix now.

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