Lucifer: The Devil’s mother is getting a longer visit….


Per TVLine actress Tricia Helfer recently cast to play “Charlotte” the apparently terrifying mother of Lucifer and Amenadiel has come onboard for a much more prominent “visit” than we thought. Yes indeed, Lucifer fans, the Devil’s mom is going to be a series regular in the upcoming second season of Fox’s Lucifer. 

Charlotte, fresh off her recent promotion, is first dropping by on Monday September 19 9/8c in Lucifer’s second season premiere and while the mystery of why she broke out of Hell has been hanging over Lucifans all summer, according to Helfer, won’t remain a mystery past that date and will be bringing some answers.

And yes that does include why she looks similarly aged next to her handsome angelic (and devilish sons) per the exclusive image TVLine premiered with this news.

While I am looking forward to being enlightened on those particular topics, it does make me wonder what other mysteries she’ll be bringing with her to Earth.

Who can resist spending some time with the Devil’s mama? I certainly can’t wait and am so excited to see Helfer at work besides Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel) and our whole ensemble come fall.

How about you Lucifer fans? Are you excited that we are going to be getting a lot of quality mother-son time with our favorite Devil in a Suit?

Lucifer returns Monday September 19 at 9/8c on Fox.


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