The Extended Promo for ‘The Originals’, “They Asked For You”


Can someone explain to me the need for all these hiatuses? Cause I really don’t understand why it is that we keep having to be punished with these long waits in between shows.

I mean did I do something to you CW? Did I not devote enough time to watching your channel? Have I not filled my head with enough useless knowledge about the world of The Originals? Arrow? I admit I ignore Heart of Dixie, but that’s because it’s a horrible TV show.

Here’s the promo for the next all-new episode of The Originals, titled “They Ask For You.”

1 – When did Hayley’s hair get so damn long?
2 – When is Jackson gonna man up and take Klaus down? Or vice versa?
3 – Did you see that flash of Michael? Damnit is that crazy SOB coming back?
4 – I wanna like Freya, but she’s obviously lost her mind by siding with Finn.
5 – Why the hell couldn’t Finn have died instead of Kol?

The Originals returns with all-new episodes beginning Monday, March 9!

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