The First Poster For ‘Shazam’ Is Here

I don’t know shit about comics, superheroes, or what the hell Shazam is. BUT, I do know the name Zachary Levi.

And I do know that seeing the new poster for Shazam today, I knew that I didn’t give a fuck what it was about. I knew one thing: my body was screaming yes as my head was going WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SCREAMING ABOUT?

I just wanted to say shut up brain, let my body have its moment.

The poster was revealed via Levi’s Instagram page letting us know that a trailer was coming in the new year. And a quick twitter exploration made me learn what the tagline meant.

Just Say The Word.

Apparently it references Shazam’s ability to transform from a child to an adult by just saying the word, Shazam.

Ya, mind take over – cause that makes my body feel creepy.


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