#TheFlash 1×10 Recap: Central City, Meet The Flash

Well if Central City didn’t know The Flash existed, they certainly do now.

The Flash returned from its winter hiatus with an episode that brought a whole new meaning to the term hot-and-cold. “Revenge of the Rogues” featured the return of Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and the introduction of Mick Rory aka Heat Wave as the pair teamed up to f&ck shit up and, oh yeah, take out The Flash as to ensure their criminal livelihood for the foreseeable future.

It seems as if Snart’s feelings regarding The Flash have changed since we last saw him in episode 4 (where he just shook him off). But we soon see that Snart has become obsessed with ridding Central City of The Flash, doing — excuse the pun — flashy things to draw him out. It isn’t so much that once The Flash is gone that Snart can prosper so much as it is a Captain Cold vs. The Flash thing where Snart not hopes but needs to come out. That’s what nemeses are made of, right?

Well, when we last left Snart we saw that he turned to an old friend (from Prison Break) in Mick Rory in teaming up for bad guy stuff. The two returned to Central City with a little fire and ice. Captain Cold and Heat Wave make a couple of plays to draw out The Flash but to no avail as Barry’s attention is being occupied by intense training so he’ll be ready for the Reverse Flash the next time he shows up (spoiler alert, Barry: He’s the one in the wheelchair aiming those rocket launcher thingys at you).

When Barry doesn’t take the bait Captain Cold makes things personal by kidnapping Caitlin and using her to draw him out. It works. And soon Barry finds himself going toe-to-toe with Captain Cold and Heat Wave in the streets of Central City with the police force backing him up. (BTW love that Eddie is like The Flash’s No. 1 fan now).

But how does one defeat both Captain Cold and Heat Wave? Thanks to Cisco I can tell you in science terms without completely understanding what I’m talking about (science isn’t exactly my forte). We know that the cold gun that Cisco designed reached Absolute Zero. And the heat gun that Heat Wave uses reaches the highest temperature possible for heat. So therefore (somehow. I honestly have no idea) that means they should cancel each other out.

Are you still with me? So basically Barry has to get their guns to cross paths in order to stop them. Easier said than done, as our hero so adorably points out. But Barry soon realizes that it’s not his super speed that is key to making this happen but slowing down. By slowing down (and taking some hits from both guns) he’s able to cause the two to cross and blow Captain Cold and Heat Wave off their feet just long enough for The Flash’s No. 1 fan to cuff them. (But their imprisonment doesn’t even happen as during their transport they’re broken out by Snart’s sister. What now?)

Speaking of Reverse Flash, I was seriously confused and intrigued by how much Wells was pushing Barry to train harder, faster (stronger) so he could go toe-to-toe with Reverse Flash. It makes me wonder if my theory about Wells is correct — that he not only needs The Flash to exist but to be a viable nemesis for him. He doesn’t exist without The Flash, so he needs to ensure that Barry not only survive these ordeals but that he be at his strongest when these two eventually meet (again). I’m hoping this whole thing will be sorted out when the time travel thing is addressed later this season.

When we last saw Robbie Amell Ronnie Raymond he was flying away in a ball of fire after saving Barry’s ass from Reverse Flash. Since then, Caitlin has been doing some research on Firestorm but come up empty. It’s with Barry’s help that she learns that Firestorm is actually an acronym: F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. Don’t make me spell the whole thing out. Caitlin uses the research paper she found to track down someone who was involved. He reveals that the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project was run by Martin Stein (who has since disappeared) and was commandeered by the Army. Yeah, that’s some messy stuff.

When we last left Barry and Iris, Barry had just confessed his love for his best friend in the sweetest way possible. Only Iris didn’t reciprocate. Iris didn’t shoot him down she just didn’t respond. As you might’ve guessed this makes for some awkwardness between the two as Iris preps for her big move-in with Eddie and Barry is left powerless. Kinda ironic for someone who possesses super speed, right? “Guys like us don’t get the girl.” (Dammit, Oliver, get out of my recap).

One of the great things that’s been teased by Grant Gustin is now that Barry has confessed his feelings for Iris, the pressure falls on her to acknowledge the situation. She may not have reciprocated Barry’s feelings, but now she’s forced to acknowledge the possibility that feelings not of platonic origin exist. Iris, your move babe.

Bonus: Barry and Joe are roomies again. These two seriously give me life. They are too cute. And what does a girl have to do to get in on this living arrangement? I happen to know Iris just vacated her room.

The Flash‘s midseason return reminded me why I love this show so much and why I missed it so bad. The hero; his team; the Rogues; the relationships; the character growth; the cast. And the promise that the best is still yet to come with this show.



  • Prison Break reunion with Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave).
  • Barry and Joe are roomies (file under list of things I didn’t know I needed but know realize I do).
  • Barry being happy for Iris and Eddie despite it internally gutting him.
  • Cisco completely taking over Central City P.D. and saving the day.
  • Martin Stein sighting (well, mention).
  • The foreshadowing of Caitlin as Killer Frost.
  • Eddie has become The Flash’s No. 1 fan. Bless.
  • The visual effects. Always the visual effects. Stunning.


  • Barry being gutted from the inside as he watched Iris with Eddie.
  • That’s it.
  • No really, that’s it.
  • Okay, maybe that the episode had to come to an end?
  • No, but there’s nothing that I didn’t like about this episode.
  • Sinceriously.


  • Early in the episode while Barry is hardcore training, there’s a moment where Wells is so awed that he almost stands up from his wheelchair. He catches himself before he stands, but the foot was in place and ready for liftoff. I was literally like, “Whoa, buddy, whatcha doing?” He’s the bad guy so I really should be encouraging him to do something dumb.


Episode 1×11 “The Sound and the Fury”

Airing: Tuesday, Jan. 27, 8/7c on The CW

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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