‘The Flash’ Comic-Con Interviews: Grant Gustin and Candice Patton Preview Season 2

Last season of The Flash ended on the brutalist of cliffhangers as we watched a massive blackhole threaten to envelope Central City. The hour ended with the singularity still looming overhead as Barry raced inside of it. So what happens next for Barry and Team Flash when we pick up with season 2?

We spoke to Grant Gustin at San Diego Comic-Con and got some teases about what lies in store for season 2, including the multiverse concept, the introduction of Jay Garrick, a new mentor for Barry, and a tease that we haven’t seen the last of Rick Cosnett on the show.

During season 1 of The Flash, Iris West found herself immersed in The Flash’s world. Throughout the season she dealt with hardships. But her strength helped her navigate the many blows life dealt at her, from the lies to losing the man she loved. So what does season 2 hold in store for Iris?

We spoke to Candice Patton at San Diego Comic-Con and got some teases about what lies in store for Iris in season 2, including her new role on Team Flash, her journalism future, dealing with Eddie’s death and an emphasis on family dynamics within the West household.


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