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‘The Flash’ Midseason Finale Preview Guide: ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’

‘The Flash’ Midseason Finale Preview Guide: ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’

The Flash is all-new tonight with its midseason finale and with the showdown between The Flash and Reverse Flash, we’re gearing up for an epic episode that will surely leave us on life support. (Read some of our theories for the midseason finale here!)

We’re getting you ready for tonight’s midseason finale with sneak peeks, photos and three things we want to know.



Tuesday, Dec. 9, 8pm, The CW

3 Things We Want to Know:

  1. What prompts this encounter between Barry and Reverse Flash?

    We know that Barry will come face-to-face with the man that killed his mother in the midseason finale, but we’re wondering why? What prompted Reverse Flash to make himself known especially to Barry? Could it have something to do with Barry further investigating his mother’s murder? The last time Joe came close to something, Reverse Flash stole all the files and left a threatening warning about Iris.

  2. What happens when Caitlin reunites with Ronnie?

    It’s the reunion we’ve been waiting for since Ronnie Raymond made his first appearance in episode three. Ronnie made his fiery return in the closing scene of last week’s episode and will play a role in the midseason finale. We know that Caitlin will come face-to-face with her not-so-dead-but-definitely-different fiancé. But what will happen? Will Ronnie even recognize her?

  3. Will Barry come any closer to revealing his secret to Iris?

    With each passing episode, Barry surely comes closer to revealing his secret identity as The Flash to Iris. From the start he hasn’t been shy about the fact that he wants to let her in on his secret. And there’s said to be a significant moment between Barry and Iris in this midseason finale. Will Barry come any closer to revealing himself to her? Or will he actually go through with it?


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BARRY COMES FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE MAN IN THE YELLOW SUIT/AMANDA PAYS RETURNS TO THE FLASH — Barry (Grant Gustin) finds himself face-to-face with his nemesis, the man in the yellow suit, a.k.a. Reverse Flash, who killed his mother. Barry is frustrated when the Reverse Flash escapes, but Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) come up with a plan to trap him. All they need is bait, so they turn to Dr. Tina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays) from Mercury Labs to help. Meanwhile, it’s Christmas at The West household and Iris (Candice Patton) is in full holiday cheer. Eddie (Rick Cosnett) gives her a surprising gift but also leaves her with a question that could change her life. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) joins the search for the man in yellow and ends up in the crossfire. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) finds Ronnie (Robbie Amell). Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing (#109). Original airdate 12/9/2014.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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