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‘The Flash’ Midseason Finale Theories: Reverse Flash, Barry-Iris and Wells

‘The Flash’ Midseason Finale Theories: Reverse Flash, Barry-Iris and Wells

As we head into the second worst time of a television fandom’s season – the dreaded midseason break – we’re emotionally preparing to be gutted and left trying to survive for the next five weeks as we struggle to deal with not seeing the adorkable Barry Allen on our television screens.

With the midseason finale comes one of the most shocking things to date: Barry’s encounter with the man that murdered his mother aka Reverse Flash. We figured this meeting would happen eventually — especially when they brought Eddie Thawne, who in the comics is Reverse Flash, to the show — but we never thought we’d have to mentally prepare for this so soon in the game.

If there’s anything we love besides fangirling it’s theorizing. So as we prepare for The Flash’s midseason finale, here are three theories we have about what we could see happening in the season’s ninth hour.

1. Barry learns something significant about Reverse Flash

You want to play in the big leagues? Just look to The Flash for inspiration as they’ve dialed up one of the biggest bads for its freshman midseason finale in Reverse Flash. We’ve known this confrontation was coming for a while, but we didn’t expect it this soon. That’s right, Barry will come face to face with the person that murdered his mother when he was 11 years old – Reverse Flash. Since we’ll be getting to see some sort of interaction between the two, I’m guessing that Reverse Flash will drop a huge bomb that will forever change Barry and us. What kind of bombshell could that be? Maybe a clue as to who Reverse Flash is? Or perhaps what Reverse Flash has in store for Barry?

2. Barry comes close or does reveal himself to Iris

There’s been an interesting parallel this season about both Barry and The Flash’s relationships with Iris. While Barry and Iris were having some trouble a few episodes ago, The Flash and Iris’ relationship was thriving. Now that The Flash and Iris are on the outs, Barry and Iris are back to being BFFs. Barry has struggled since the beginning about telling Iris his secret. Unlike with its counter show Arrow, Barry hasn’t shied away from wanting to tell Iris the truth. In fact, it’s the first thing he wanted to do. It was Joe that begged Barry not to get her involved. I’m thinking that, because it’s the midseason finale, Barry will come close or will tell Iris either about his identity as The Flash or his non-platonic, totally romantic feelings for her. Not only do I think one or the other will happen, I hope they do.

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3. We learn something big about Wells

I don’t know if I actually heard a rumor about some big Harrison Wells bombshell going down or if it’s merely me speculating, but regardless I want to know everything I can about this man. I don’t trust him and yet I do to a degree. He knows so much and yet doesn’t. He clearly has a significant reason that The Flash needs to live. Whether that’s for good or bad we don’t know. That’s the intrigue of it all. A midseason finale would be the perfect time to drop a major bomb about Wells perhaps clueing us in to who he really is or what he’s really after.

The Flash midseason finale airs Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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