The Fosters 3×15 Recap: ‘Minor Offenses’

The Fosters’ “Minor Offenses” put Stef’s cancer issues on hold for the other kids to showcase their own problems. Callie and Rita (yes, Rosie O’Donnell’s back!) go head-to-head in a battle for Justina’s reform bill for the privatization of foster homes. AJ finally comes home, much to the chagrin of Stef, but Ty is still in a heap of legal trouble. Mariana, Lexi, Jesus almost get into another car accident, thanks to Nick. At least Brandon seems to hold it together with Cortney, and he meets little Mason! Ups and downs live and breathe on The Fosters, but it’s what makes it so enjoyable.

We love the Fosters Mamas ?

Ten days after Stef’s surgery, she comes home and Lena feels guilty for still having intact breasts. She resorts to shielding her body from her wife while changing, which makes Stef even more curious. Lena confesses, but Stef assures her, “You’re not what makes me feel worse, you’re what makes me feel better.” Cue the tears!! I love that the mamas have finally started to move on, from both the surgery and Monte.

Stef, however, has not moved on from Ty’s involvement in the hit and run. Justina puts Callie in an ad to support a foster-care reform bill. It’s cute but it’s not enough to assure that Callie knows what it takes to go to Washington, DC for a foster care symposium. The mamas tell her to hold off on the trip until they read the bill.

Callie seeks console from Rita, but even she doesn’t agree with the bill. Having read it, Rita warns that while these private homes are needed, it takes a lot of the foster care’s budget to put them forward. Also, those were the same homes that put Callie’s friends Jack and Kiara in danger. So why would Callie want to side with something like this, on a global scale?

In Justina vs. Rita, whose side is Callie really on? 

Callie talks to Justina, who manages to spin a story about the benefits of privatization. Justina says that the system is broken, and with this bill, people can finally be held accountable. And while this sounds great in theory, it doesn’t seem realistic enough for all of those kids in the system. Too many stories are different and there is a chance the bill won’t save everyone.

AJ is back! 

Hopefully, AJ will be able to talk some sense into her. I for one am so glad AJ is home and okay after juvenile detention. He explains to Callie that he avoided her because he was embarrassed to see her. But she reassures him (with a nice kiss!) that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

OMG!! What does this mean?! 

Ty, on the other hand, is still under legal problems, charged with both grand theft auto and a hit and run. Even worse, he’s served five years in jail. Mike begs for Stef to do something, but she’s so mad at Ty that she almost turns away. Luckily, Callie pushes that when she needed help, Stef didn’t think she was “disposable”. So why is Ty? Also, case in point, I really think she’s doing it because of AJ. AJ really didn’t do anything wrong but stick up for his brother. Stef changes her mind though, and tries to show mercy at court. She also shows evidence that he didn’t steal the car on the incident. The judge lets Ty off with an 18 month sentence, instead of five years. It’s still bad, but it could have been worse.

What a *memorable* first date ??

Speaking of accidents, Mariana, Jesus, Nick and Lexi get into it!! For starters, after Mariana tells Jesus about their birth father on the sex offender list, Jesus gets upset and quits his job at the construction site. Mariana on the other hand, sees this as a way to tell the mamas about the discovery. The mamas are not happy, and Stef makes the twins swear not to go near him again.

So it’s a double date now, Jesus? ?

To get back at his sister, Jesus plans to join on Mariana and Nick’s date, also bringing ex-BFF Lexi for the ride. Nick just goes along with it, but he’s wayyy older so he don’t know better. Hilarious!! The date starts off hella awkward (you didn’t know Mariana was a vegetarian, and you take her to a fast food place?!) and just ends up bad (Jesus convinces Nick to get into a drag race with some fool across the street). Thankfully, no one gets hurt this time, but Mariana is pissed that Nick would stoop to that level.

Wait, what?! ?

But before Jesus can truly feel badly, Stef has Ana come over to explain more about Gabe. As I suspected, she was younger when they’d met — Ana was 15 to Nick’s 18. When they’d ran away to be together, her parents called the police, and he’s ended up on the sex offender registry. Jesus finds Gabe the next day and apologizes for freaking out, but Gabe still stays away. At this point, if Gabe wants nothing to do with him, at least Jesus has his mamas who love him.

Minor family details:

It’s not all bad ?

  • I think Brandon is in way above his head with Cortney and Mason, but seeing him with a baby is too adorable! Cortney’s baby daddy isn’t too happy, but since he’s not around that much, I don’t think his opinion is of anyone’s business. Maybe Brandon can make this work? We’ll see.
  • Monte, you’re chastising Lena for giving special treatment towards a student. But you’ve been giving Lena special treatment by coming on to her for half of a season. Who really needs the chastising here?

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Also, check out the new promo for next week’s “EQ”. 

After a student objects to Brandon and Mat’s Romeo and Juliet musical, Lena has to tell Brandon that he might not be able to put the production up at school on an all-new episode of “The Fosters,” airing Monday, February 29th on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. Brandon’s senior thesis is in jeopardy when a student raises concerns about the play glorifying suicide, leaving the school honor board to vote on whether or not his Romeo and Juliet musical can be performed at Anchor Beach. Rita’s (guest star Rosie O’Donnell) daughter Chloe reaches out to Callie after Rita refuses to take her calls. Meanwhile, Stef teaches a class on handling emotion as part of a Youth Outreach Program.


Freeform’s The Fosters airs on Mondays at 8/7c.

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